Pricey but worth it

I have been suffering from atopic eczema on top of my left eye lid for past 5 years..Even prescription steroid ointments failed to make any difference.. I tried every possible supermarket and high end creams possible but nothing made any difference and over the years it turned into chronic blotchy patch..I eventually gave up until recently, when I started using this product along with the hydration masque from Dermalogica.. What a difference!! The blotchiness almost gone and no redness or inflammation, it is as if it was never there.. I usually don't like or have the patience to write reviews but I had to..So that all the women out there who are suffering from over sensitive inflamed skin conditions can give this a try.. You won't be disappointed :-)

My skin glowed!

The Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque actually makes my skin glow! I really like a hydrating mask that leaves skin feeling as though it needs nothing else applied after and for me this one does it. Its easy to apply, not messy to remove and gentle on the skin. Most skin types could use it.
Effective, hydrating


I love this mask as it leaves my skin very soft and smooth. I really think that it does a great job of cleasning my skin while being gentle at the same time
I have been using the multivitamin mask and I really like it. I use it twice a week and leave it on while I shower. I then gently massage my face and wash it off. It leaves my skin very soft and smooth feeling.
It is quite expensive, but I suppose that it is only recommended to be used twice a week. Plus you only need to use a small amount at a time.


overall i like the masks, the hydrating one is really good for my skin especially when its dry and tired, helps boost my hydration level very quickly and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft and smooth. i love the scent of all the masks, the only thing is that they are very expensive so its not my all the time masks
dermalogica have great masks, they are all gorgeous and i think there is one for everyone, my favourite is the skin hydrating masque, its great when your skin feels dry and tired, hydrates it well
very expensive but thats about all that is negative about it


I was recommended the Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask by a work colleague. It was easy to apply not sticky or gooey. After only 10 mins it left the skin feeling great. Gives it a nice boost. It will leave the skin soft and smoothe. Make up will glide on smoothly and look great for the whole day. It is a good product but i wont be buying it again due to the price tag. Although it will last you for quite some time as you only use a small amount and use it once or twice a week.
result you get from using it is great, smells nice, leaves skin feeling refreshed and smooth.
Very expensive


this is a great mask for skins with small monthly hormonal breakouts and also large pores and blackheads. it has helped dry out the small blemishes i have. This mask is great as it lasts a long time and only needs to be on the face for 10mins
i used the skin refining mask- i like masks that dry and this one dries on skin. Only need to leave it on for 10minutes. Leaves skin feeling very fresh and smooth, pores seem smaller the day after. only a small amount is needed for one application so a tube will last at least 6 months.
price= around $50 so shop around.


I have been lucky enough to try two of these skin care masques. The Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque and the AGE Smart Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque.
My thoughts on the first one are: A great professional product for dry and mature skin. It's a creamy masque and smells like orange. It makes skin feel great and reduces redness and makes pores smaller. Only need to use once a week. I tried the sample and think this is for people who are serious about their skin care regime, as it is pretty costly.
And the second: Great for dry and mature skin. It is a very professional product, for people who take their skin care regime seriously. Only needs to be used once a week and makes a noticeable difference but is too expensive for my budget.
A really professional at home masque.
It is too expensive for my budget.

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