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Dometic Vacuum Sealer

Dometic Vacuum Sealer

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You’ll be disappointed

Purchased mine from Anaconda 6mths ago. Have been using weekly ever since, and it’s a nightmare every time. Doesn’t seal properly, it sucks all the air out, and then let’s the air back in before sealing. More than half the time, the seal doesn’t work and I have to do it over and over again on top of a partial seal which makes it more difficult. Sometimes I have to rebag and start from scratch.

I’ve given up and I’m going out to buy a sunbeam food saver, wish I’d done this in the first place. $230 down the drain!!!! Major disappointment from what I thought was a good brand. Tried to return it to Anaconda and they didn’t want to know, referred me to the manufacturer...I didn’t bother! I’ll never buy anything from this brand again.

Purchased in June 2018 at Anaconda Physical store for $230.00.

Do not waste your money.

Used it 3 times. Lost vacuum and would not work. Turns out the seals are rubbish and do not form an air tight seal. Had to use an alternate home made seal to make it work. Pretty average for the price you pay. Could have claimed warranty. Couldn't be bothered dealing with a company that can't make a decent product in the first place. Do not buy this!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Reasonable machine for the price.

Purchased our machine in 2014 for sealing fish, chocken and meat. Have been using it ever since with no issues.
You do need to ensure what you are sealing is free of excess liquid as the plastic bags will not seal correctly if wet. I would assume this applies to which ever brand of vacuum sealer you buy.
I am somewhat surprised to read the other reviews that this vacuum sealer is not by Dometic. I would think that this would be false and deceptive conduct in using that name to sell a product like this. I will check with the Dometic Company to find out if this is true.

Date PurchasedMay 2014
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I have now checked and the machine is in fact serviced by Outdoor Freshfield, NOT DOMETIC so beware if you are relying on the Dometic name

Absolutely terrible

Machine failed it would not heat up and seal only used a hand full of times and the customer service was a disgrace do not buy one of these items. It was not covered by any warranty because the said it was my fault which is total rubbish. Do not purchase.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Total Garbage!! - Nil Warranty Beware

My Husband purchased one of these for me for Christmas from Tentworld. It has been used 6 times, for less than 2 weeks.., and it has failed. Machine sucks air, but doesn't seal. I contacted Tentworld, who said I had to contact the manufacturer, they can't help me at all.
This machine is made by a company called "Outdoor Freshield" NOT Dometic.
Dometic have nothing to do with this product, .. Wish I'd known that before purchasing.
The very RUDE customer service/warranty woman at Outdoor Freshied, I'm not allowed to tell you her name, but she is the only one there.. informs me that the fault is likely to be my own, as it is commonly caused by getting any sort of liquid or damp in the machine when vacuum sealing. This is apparently "misuse" and voids the warranty. Any meat that you seal needs to be frozen first!
GIVE ME A BREAK - it has a drip tray, and pictures of raw meat on the box!
I've only sealed small amounts of sliced up chicken breast, fresh beef mince, rice, nuts and a slice of raw pumpkin. So nothing "liquidy".
Anyway, long story short - I have flushed $149 down the toilet, unless I want to spend an extra $25 posting the machine to Melbourne, so they can tell me it's my own fault, for using it as a vacuum sealer I guess.
Buy any machine OTHER than this one. Worst product I have ever brought, with the worst customer service to match. If you want to vacuum seal anything other than socks (make sure they are dry) do yourself a favour and buy a different machine.

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