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Donna Hay for Royal Doulton Modern Classic

Donna Hay for Royal Doulton Modern Classic

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What a load of rubbish.

These dinner plates are the worst crockery I have ever bought. They discolour, they look "oily", and I thought that I would be using them when entertaining guests - but no - they look revolting. I would be better off just cutting my losses and puting them in the bin. I'm sure Donna regrets her name being attached to them.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Expensive mistake

Purchased 8 white plates at $25 each all stain and have went dull in a matter of one year! Some are finer than others too. My Maxwell Williams have had for over 10years and still look better! Not impressed at all! everytime I look at them I'm annoyed!

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Donna hay plates stain.

I purchased the donna hay dinner set and have been using this set for a year. Beware that these plates stain easily. Stains easily from sauce, curries, soy sauce, vinegar etc. you must rinse straight away even by the time you finish your dinner the sauces would have stained by then.

Donna Hay Royal Doulton China---the worst China I have ever used

Last year we bought 4 sets of Donna Hay Nostalgia and 4 sets of Basic White China sets. I liked the design of the dishes but it turned out to be the worst china I have ever used...thats is including the cheap china I used to use when I was a students. These Donna Hay dishes are not evenly casted, some cups are wobbly on the table. It says on the back that the dishes are dish washer safe but after half a year of use, they are now looking stained and can not be scrubbed off. We have some other cheaper brand chinas like Maxwell Williams etc, they never have the same problems. Most awful experience is that: couples of sometimes the plates had tiny little mouldy spots even after they have been washed in dish washer and dried before stacking. I think the mould is due to the poor quality of the porcelain that the food particles hind in the porous china, can't be washed away. Now we can't even use them due to safety concern.
Poorly made, too porous, trapps food, easily stained

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