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Downia Four Seasons Goose Down and Feather

Downia Four Seasons Goose Down and Feather

Double, King, Queen, Single and Super King
4.4 from 9 reviews

Very Warm-not practical

I love the idea of this product being adaptable all year round, very versatile and very warm in winter and cool in summer. The big drawback is that once the two doonas and buttoned together they don't really stay in place. Each time I shake the blankets to make the bed they unbutton making it uneven and bumpy needing to be readjusted. Great idea but not practical

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Two doonas in one...

We love the luxurious warmth of the two halves when clipped together. However for most of the year we keep both halves in separate covers....only needing one in most circumstances. Now five years later and used daily....it is still as new.

Date PurchasedJul 2012

Very very very warm

a great product...but be careful if you don't want an extremely warm doona. you will never need anything else in an average Melbourne winter. beautifully lofty with a lot of feathers/down per square centimetre

Date PurchasedMar 2017


Only utilise the summer doona through winter. Seems to trap heat well but doesn't breathe. Also its very noisy when moving about and constantly wakes myself and partner.
Doesn't compete with my previous queen sized dana dream doona.
Would've bought again if it was available.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Great Quilt for Summer and Winter

We recently bought our Downia Four Seasons goose down and feather quilt at Planet Linen online store, they seems having very good price compare to D.J's and Myers. We really like it, great for winters and breaths really well. It was 2 quilts in the package one for summer and one for winter.

Really happy

We've bought different brands of doonas for our family over the years but none are as good as the Downia 4 Seasons because they are so versatile. I can highly recommend them. Never had any negative issues.


We've had this a few weeks now with the thicker doona on only (middle weight), which is very comfortable even with the temperature reaching 15c in the bedroom.
The versatility between having the light for summer, medium for Autumn/Spring, and then both together for winter is great!
Initially I thought the japara cover had a bit of a plastic-y feel to it and was a bit noisy when ruffled, but it has already softened up a bit and hasn't been an issue. I would definitely recommend this if you can get it on sale - we got it for around $450 from Myer (normally $699) as we had a credit voucher. Otherwise if I had cash I would have purchased the Australian-made Puradown Four Seasons equivalent which can be bought for under $400.

Had this quilt four years and it's fantastic

The functionality of having a summer weight and medium weight quilt that clips to form winter weight is incredibly useful. We used it like that for a long time in winter but now just keep it separate and have one weight across the end of the bed looking great during the day but there at night when we need it.

I've just washed it (against 'dry clean only' instructions) for the first time and it washed up fabulously in the machine with a tiny bit of wool wash and two extra rinse cycles. Our dryer (with tennis balls in socks and out for a good shake every 30 minutes) had each quilt dry within 2.5 hours. We're about to get a new bed and it's great to not even be tempted to think about a new quilt!!

Pretty good

this is pretty good and I have done away with extra blankets that I constantly needed to adjust depending on the temperature that night. it keeps the heat in. the distribution of the down is pretty good and it doesn't bunch up. I would definitely recommend this product and will be using it for a long time
keeps the heat in, good to be able to vary doona options
its a bit pricey but the cheaper ones do not work

Questions & Answers

Are these machine washable?
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Oh, I haven't checked the instructions but regardless of what it says, I wouldn't machine wash. I've done it before and the feathers/down never recover. most smells & minor stains are removed simply by laying quilt flat in sun for 2-3 hours. once every 12-18 months, pay for professional clean. you can also get refills of feathers at specialist places

Wondering if Downia use humane goose down/feathers? Where do they source there feathers and are the from geese that are alive and have their feathers plucked out?
1 answer
I think they manufacture and farm in Thailand and China. Look up Siam Feather Products. Not sure about their animal welfare practices.

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