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MicroCloud Quilts

Latest review: Great quit, super light and it keeps it's shape. Interested to see jow it goes in winter. Would recommend to family and friends for sure. Nice and comfy feeling.

MiniJumbuk Luxus Quilt

Latest review: After reading all the negative reviews suggesting odour issues, I nearly avoided purchasing this quilt. Luckily a friendly staff member let us smell the product before buying. We did not smell any

Organature Organic Cotton

Latest review: Several years ago I purchased sheets and pillows from Organature. The medium pillows didn't take long to go as flat as a pancake and were totally unusable. The sheets are nice and I'm still using

Sheridan Deluxe Dream Quilt

Latest review: After putting up with a wool doona for about 12 years (which I purchased thinking it was hypoallergentic which it wasn't) I wanted to find a light-weight, fluffy, hypo replacement and this one is a

Downia Gold Collection Goose Down

Latest review: I had a look at the reviews here prior to purchasing my QS quilt (duvet/doona), and decided to get one from Planet Linen. Where to start...It is seriously the most snuggly quilt, perfectly

Aussie Wool Quilts

Latest review: Bought my first Aussie Wool Quilt 14 years ago from the owner of the business when we were at the Easter show. He explained how they are 100% pure wool from the sheep on his farm with nothing other

Temprakon Down Quilts

Latest review: I am a hottie in bed! I mean that I get very hot and kick the bed clothes off. After years of my hubby complaining and telling me to get off him because I am too hot, I found a cure! I discovered

EcoSleep Mulberry Silk

Latest review: I had done some research into Silk Quilts and came across this website and purchased a All year round Silk Quilt a few months ago.Now, I can tell you after being on holiday and sleeping under a

Halcyon Dreams 4 Seasons Splendour 500GSM

Latest review: What a superb local company to deal with, great product, very decent price and fast delivery. Most of the other doonas are either made in China or 4 times the price - bloody good stuff

Halcyon Dreams Pure Opulence 700GSM

Latest review: You could sleep naked in the snow with this doona and you'd be warm. It's also not too hot that you overheat unless of course you're covered in clothes and your heater is on full blast. The best

Zaanta Topper Pads

Latest review: Wow my husband had the best sleep ever since fitting Zaanta mattress topper yesterday. Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis he tissues and turns continually. Not last night though. Best investment

Abode Living Comfort Top Protector

Latest review: I prefer firm mattresses, however mine is a bit TOO firm. So I bought this, and i have the perfect balance of firmess, and softness- its like a cloud of comfort is sitting between me and the bed.

MiniJumbuk Luxus Underlay

Latest review: Well made and fits perfectly. The quality is excellent! Snug for winter. Cool in Summer. I already have a queen size which I have had for 3 years and is still

Ecosleep Coshee Quilt Cover

Latest review: My tall husband always kicked the sheet out at the end of the bed, this made for more work bed-making in the morning - now it tales me less than 5 mins to make our super king bed! I agree woth the

Downia Four Seasons Goose Down and Feather

Latest review: I love the idea of this product being adaptable all year round, very versatile and very warm in winter and cool in summer. The big drawback is that once the two doonas and buttoned together they

Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Classic

Latest review: Never had alpaca quilt before. It is amazing. Better than duck down quilts. It warms up instantly and feels like your fur. Soft but has a bit weight not like duck down

Sheridan Millennia

Latest review: These sheets are terrible! I cannot believe how bad the quality is compared to Millennia sheets I purchased years ago. When I bought Millennia 1200TC in 2009 I was very happy with my purchase, soft

My House St Anton Goose Down Quilt

Latest review: Bought the king size doona as a replacement for our last doona which shrunk after cleaning. It is warm and light weight the only difference to our other doona is that when you move it it is

Sheridan 700TC Lexington Quilt Cover Set

Latest review: This item looks stunning on my bed. Adds a touch of class to any room. When ironed, it is extremely soft and sumptuous to the touch. Sadly, like most 100% cotton products, it does need ironing as

MiniJumbuk Everyday

Latest review: It's alright. Didn't have any issues with it smelling. Good level of warmth. The only issue is that the wool is constantly piling up on all sides. If you fluff from one side to correct then the other

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