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Dux Prodigy 5

Dux Prodigy 5

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Hot water is really hot

Our 16 year old gas storage hot water system had become unreliable. Knew that at Bunnings I could arrange next day installation. Paid the extra $50 for this and was contacted later in the day that the installation would not be done the next day but the day after that. The extra $50 was refunded. Told that plumber would be in contact which he was, on the morning of installation. Installation went smoothly although there was an additional cost. This I had been warned about. Water is very hot, perhaps too hot.

Purchased at Bunnings Warehouse for $1,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 2 person(s)
Smells of GasNo
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed


Pilot light issues - like other reviewers I put this down to stronger winter winds .. but, my bad .. any strong wind !! Interior insulation has already started to fail within unit .. I've got someone coming over later today to replace it with a proper HWS .. very disappointing to relight a pilot light at 2.30 to 3 o'clock on a wintery morning (yes - I work early) and then having to go into work without being able to shower .. grr

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Good value at the time same unit as before i got 9years out of it.

Replaced the unit with the same one.good value for rental.i got 9years out of it.couldnt be bothered fixing it so i replaced it.never had a problem with it in the past till it stoped.pilot light would stay on and approx $500 to try and fix it.no guarantee. No thankyou.

Purchased at Bunnings Warehouse for $840.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 5 person(s)
Smells of GasNo
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed

Dont Buy DUX hot water units

I bought two units (One for my house & another investment property). Both units failed after twelve months. They provided replacement tanks but I had to pay for labour which was over $450 per tank. Had to get consumer affairs to speed up installation of new tanks. Terrible customer service.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Poor quality, poor service, crap warranty

A pilot light that stays on seems a fundamental aspect to a functioning hot water system. After 18 months, my unit seemed to be failing every week or two. I initially put this down to strong winter winds. Once summer rolled around, I was still experiencing the issue and rang Dux to report the issue. Apparently it is out of warranty because I didn't report within the two years (i'm out by 3 months). Terrible Dux, I'll not use this company for any of my future builds.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Hi Ess, Sorry for any delays, we are back on deck after the Holiday break and will get back to you asap. Best Regards, The Dux Team

Broke after 3 years!

My DUX Prodigy 5 Gas Hot Water System broke after 3 years of service. I previously had a Rheem which lasted me 10 years. It only broke because of a tank issue so I expected the DUX to last me until the tank warranty, this was not the case unfortunately.
The gas keeps cutting off after less than a minute of turning it on, I think the problem is the thermostat because I keep hearing a clicking sound whenever the flame cuts off. I contacted a plumber that will be looking at it tomorrow, am dreading the cost as these things can cost a lot. REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS PURCHASE.

Date PurchasedJun 2015
Update: I got a plumber to come in and he pointed out that the issue was due to the flue damper not opening. The cost of replacement is to the tune of 500 dollars. I had a look around the internet and that is half the cost of a new DUX Gas Heater supplied and installed! I have seen a lot of posts about this and it looks like this part not working is a common issue. The danger that it poses is that when the flue does not open, the flames spiral out of control and has burnt the foam insulation inside. To me this should be a warranty issue. Again, REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS PURCHASE.Hi Wally, Sorry for any delays, we are back on deck after the Holiday break and will get back to you asap. Best Regards, The Dux TeamIt's now the 16th of January and still no reply.


Absolutely useless. Had to re-light pilot 20 times I 2 days !!! HAs a manufacture dates of December 2014 and was installed in 2015. Spoke to Customer Care...this was a joke. Thermacouple ect only has a warranty for 2 YEARS !!!! Family member had exactly same problem and dumped the Dux....unfortunately it was after I installed my unit

Date PurchasedApr 2015
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Hi Jack, Sorry for any delays, we are back on deck after the Holiday break and will get back to you asap. Best Regards, The Dux Team

Excellent value for money

I previously had a Dux Hot Water 135litre system. It was installed back in 1997. No trouble with it. That is my main reason for purchasing one again. The updated version is perfect for 2 people. To date I have only used it a few times a day I could not be happier. No issues to report. In my opinion Dux is the best value for money on the market. PS I also have a Dux Air conditioning system. Excellent system.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Les, Thanks for your positive feedback - much appreciated! Regards, The Dux Team

Died after 5 Years - Pilot light won't turn on, sign of burn on the internal styrofoam insulator aro

The HWS (Dux Prodigy 5 135L) installed when the house was built in 2013. In the last one month the pilot light went out many-many times, almost everyday. On Monday this week, I found the HWS had shutdown again, I ignited the pilot light and it start the burner, however the burner (and the pilot light) shutdown after 2-3 minutes, while the water still cold.

Had it checked with a plumber the next day, he was able to lit the pilot light and the HWS on the first try and it did seems to work normally from afternoon until night. He mentioned the gas control valve or thermocouple maybe on the way out. The cost to replace the gas control valve and thermocouple are $550, but let's wait and see.

On Wednesday morning I found the HWS has shutdown (again!). But this time I can no longer turn on the pilot light, the igniter button does not seems to work as usual and does not lit any light (button didn't gave normal big click that will start the pilot light. Instead, it felt almost loose with only little click when I pressed it). This time I noticed some part of the internal Styrofoam insulator inside the HWS had been burnt around the burner tray.

I no longer feel safe with this HWS and currently looking to replace it with new brand. The HWS only last 5 years, far from my expectation.

Date PurchasedMay 2013
Dear Suryo, Thanks for providing your contact details. A job is booked in our system and we hope you are satisfied with this resolution. Best regards, The Dux TeamHello Dux Team, Thank you for reaching out to me and swiftly arranged the resolution. I am happy to inform that the HWS replacement had been completed today. Great to know that you are stand by your product and I am pleased with your customer support line's communication (Sandra and team) . Your support and prompt communication is much appreciated. Thanks and kind regards, Suryo

More efficient than the water heater that came with the house. Very happy with our choice

We have had no problems with this unit. So far we are happy with the unit we chose to replace our old one. It seems to be more efficient than our old unit and we get no overflow. We had to connect a garden hose to our old one and have it running into the garden as we always had water coming our of the overflow pipe

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Steve, Thanks for your positive feedback - much appreciated!! Regards, The Dux Team

What a load of garbage

This came with the house we built. Montgomery Homes, The house is 3 years old and we have to have relit approx. 30 times. The first sign of trouble was within 3 months and we are now up to 1 shower and it goes out. Would not recommend to anyone.

Date PurchasedJun 2015
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Dear Marz, Thanks for your feedback. This is certainly not how the unit is designed to operate, and we understand this would be really frustrating. We'd like to help. Are you able to email your details including you name, contact number, address where the water heater is installed, model number and serial number on the water heater to help@dux.com.au and we'll get in touch? Best Regards, The Dux Team

My $1250 Dux now DIES after 3 year of usage life!

My Dux 135D5N unit installed Dec 2015 and now it's got same problem as other reviews: Dux is rubbish.
Pilot continually went out, need to ignite very a few days, my local plumber replaced controller, however, the problem persists, Issue of pilot going out, and flames shooting up through face of unit and shut down itself.

My Dux now it DIES. The warranty is worth nothing as far as I'm concerned. It's a piece of junk if it only lasts 2 years. Most people expect their hot water system to last for 10 years at least.
Pilot light keeps going out. this is known product problem so should be covered by warranty or recalled. Dux said bad luck. shame on you dux.
Please take heed before you buy a water heater from dux as they are rubbish and will cost you $350 fortune with little chance to repair if possible. It will cost less to replace it with a decent unit in the long term. Never Dux again.

Decided to get my local plumber in to replace it with R… Continuous Flow Hot Water System. Would advise everyone to steer clear of all Dux products as the quality is non existent.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Sometimes you get done

What a piece of rubbish, same issue as others, the flap at the top stops working rendering the heater useless. This is a design flaw but instead of being helpful in fixing it you are told there is only a one year warranty and good luck. The tank may last 10 yrs but the flap seems to have a life of 2 to 3 yrs. Wow, what a rip-off.

Date PurchasedJan 2013
HI ZigF, We're sorry to hear about your Dux product experience. We understand this would be frustrating. We take product quality seriously at Dux, and have a proud history of manufacturing these models in Australia. Can you please send through your name, contact number, address where the water heater is installed, model and serial number to help@dux.com.au so we can review your service history. Best regards, The Dux TeamSo are you implying that because I didn't spend a few hundred dollars every few years to have my heater looked at, rather than a design flaw, is the reason I'm spending $2,000 dollars to replace a six yo water heater? Maybe spend money on a better design and building a better water heater rather than chasing people up on social media. As well your recommended tech wanted $180 just to come here regardless if he could fix it or not. We have now had two other non-DUX techs here and both said it was completely shot due to the design of the flue flap. As well the installation was crumbling in their hands as it had been badly burnt. Still, want me to contact you.

Garbage product terrible service in fact I would say arrogant

Do not buy this piece of junk... I got this with a new house build.. less than 2 years in the thermocouple has failed causing my gas bill to increase and also at some point the insulation has caught fire.... I called the builder who advised they no longer use that product due to reliability.... they shirked their responsibilities. Called dux.... stand behind 12 month warranty on a 1200 dollar product.
End result I’m out of pocket close three hundred dollars with my only option being to take them to court... fair trade are a toothless tiger and these mongrels know it... do not buy this piece of crap hot water system.... you will regret it... check all the reviews online.... they all say a similar thing.... I suspect someone’s hot water system will blow up , some poor soul will be severely injured and dux will get sued...

Date PurchasedSep 2016
Dear Dan, We're sorry to hear about your experience with our product and are keen to know how we can help resolve the situation. Can you please email your contact details, model number and serial number to help@dux.com.au so we can get in touch. Regards, The Dux TeamDear Dux , Fair trade has already been in contact with you. Your response to them was that my thermocouple was out of warranty and there for you will not cover. My only option is to take you to the tribunal. Are you suggesting you are now willing to change that decision? Or are you purely responding to this review to make it appear that you actually care to the public reading these reviews. If you are prepared to cover my expenses I’m happy to provide my details to you in a private message and update this post if you provide a refund.Update... I sent an email to the dux email address the same day the dux rep responded to the review with the details required. So far not a word from Dux.... if they actually do anything I will be sure to update this post

Dangerous Product - No After Sales Service

We had multiple issues with the unit when it was first installed back in 2015 but just recently we had a plumber come out because we could smell a burning smell whenever we used hot water. The plumber opened it up and all the insulation inside was melted and burnt. The plumber called Dux and established that it was a broken part that needed replacing. I sourced the new part but my plumber said he wouldn't touch it because he felt the unit was unsafe and that his company would be responsible for it if they did any work. Called Dux multiple times to see if I could get a Dux trained gas plumber to come and fix it (at my cost of course) but apparently there are absolutely none in the whole of Brisbane!!!! The two nearest they gave me were Caboolture (not Brisbane for those not from Queensland) or Deception Bay (also not Brisbane). Of those two, one was away for five weeks and the other had just had his gas bloke resign. When I called again they started listing ones in Townsville and Rockhampton. Those are a 2hr and 1.5hr flight from Brisbane!!! I don't think that's going to work. They then gave me the name of someone that was again outside Brisbane but at least within driving distance but when I spoke to them they said they no longer worked with Dux and that Dux had so thoroughly mistreated all the companies they had worked with that they had burnt all their bridges. So basically, if you live in Brisbane (the capital city of Queensland) you can not get a Dux registered plumber to come and fix your unit. I am now stuck with a hot water system that catches fire whenever I use it, and no one can or will fix it.

Date PurchasedMar 2015
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Hi Leah, We're sorry to hear about your experience with our Dux 5 star gas storage product. We're considering how best to resolve this issue for you. Can you please email your complete name, contact number, product model number & serial number through to help@dux.com.au so we can locate your records before we contact you? Best Regards, The Dux Team

Dangerous Product

I purchased this through bunnings on May 2014. Two days back it failed to work. The cost to replace the pilot valve is $400. I noticed the rigifoam packing surrounded the cylinder were melted. When I called them they said it's out of warranty. This is a manufacturing fault. not a wear and tear. They said they can provide the packing but we need to pay for the plumber to get it fixed. I decided to install a new aquamax heater.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Dangerous product.

Do not buy! Dangerous product. We purchased this product less than 3 years ago. Last week due to an internal fault with one of the parts, it caught fire. The pilot light would not stay lit, and our plumber has told us we were risking electrocution by attempting to relight it. When contacted Dux refused to offer any assistance.

Date PurchasedJan 2016
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Hi Rhee J, We would better like to understand your product experience in some more detail. Can you please provide your best email and phone contact details to help@dux.com.au?

Caught on fire.

This system caught on fire !!! We only built our house in 2015. We had no problems until one day it just caught on fire.
It only comes with 1 year warranty. There are several reviews the same. It’s disgusting.
I don’t know how these guys are still in business.

Gas TypeNatural Gas
Date PurchasedSep 2015
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Hi Sharrree, We would better like to understand your product experience in some more detail. Can you please provide your best email and phone contact details to help@dux.com.au?

Worst product in Australia. Waste of Money. Gemmill Homes should responsible for installing a worst

Just after 1 year moving to new home, worst problem ever had is no hot water because of this system. I had to call the plumber (who recommended by Dux) several times and spent lot of money on this. No point wasting further money and decided to remove totally and install a new system. Today also I spent $185 and the plumber told need to install another part cost more than $500. Just after the plumber left, it went off again. Sorry to everyone who got Dux HWS.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Worst thing I've ever had. Do not buy!!!!!!

W had the unit installed when we built the house in 2014.
All good for a year or so then the pilot light started going out every few days. Rang dux who said it's out of warranty but we can fix it at your cost. no thanks. Got my own plumber out who couldn't figure out the reason so we just kept lighting it.

2.5 years later i smell burning plastic, the water is REALLY hot and then the next day the light goes out. Open it up to find the insulation has been on fire and is all burned!!! I'm assuming my water was extra hot from all the heat from the burning insulation. So incredibly dangerous!!!

I called my plumber who was horrified. We called dux who offered a protector plate that i could fit at my own cost. No thanks. This thing is too dangerous, i was worried my house would catch on fire.
I called our builder who sent someone out to have a look but in the end they said wasn't their problem as is 4 years old.

So tomorrow my plumber is installing a brand new hot water system that i can't afford and shouldn't need to be buying for a home that isn't even 4 years old!

What kind of warranty do dux have???

Never ever ever but a fix product. If i ever build again i will be choosing my hot water system and if i buy a house I'll be replacing it before i even nice in, if there is a dux installed.

I've made a complained to the product safety govt website. These units should be recalled and dux should be reimbursing customers.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

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Questions & Answers

Hi, My pilot light goes out continually. I've discovered that the flu damper might not be opening due to the orange low powered flame. Can the damper be jammed open and for how long. The damper is loose and appears not to be connected to the side mechanism. Can this be fixed? Cheers Clive
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Hi Clive.....Been away for a few days. Dux were not interested at all !!! I got a plumber today...he opened the top and showed me a flap that barely opened. He removed the flap and all seems to be working ok. he said the 5 star rated heaters have this flap....the 4 star rated dont have them....so now my heater works at 4 star level. I will have to take his word for it. Cost me $126. Cheers JackI have not had any issue at all with my new Dux. It was only installed in December 2018. If I did, I would contact Dux and insist on them fixing the problem. If your unit is out of warranty, I don't know if they have any obligation to rectify the problem. A plumber is probably the only option. Les DHi Clive, Sorry for any delays, we are back on deck after the Holiday break and will get back to you asap. Best Regards, The Dux Team

Bought my Dux prodigy 5 135 liter hot water system in May 2015. Now I find there is steam coming out from the top. Called a service technician, he changed the anode, and hot and cold water pressure taps. There was also water dripping from inside the unit. The dripping stopped for a while and there was no more steam until 24 hrs later I hear dripping and the pilot light keeps going out. Well the problem is the flue damper is stuffed and does not open. the flame for heating was as flat as a pancake, when I manually opened the flue the flame rounded the way it is supposed to be, the dripping was moisture build up because the flue would not open when the heater was heating. I am not happy for 3 years and its proving to be a problem. what make this worse is i lost my job in dec 2017 and I'm still unemployed and i wont be able to buy another heater. Dux water heater. How do i get rid of the steam?
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Hi, I Have a 135F unit which use to give me hot water , but lately it is getting colder and colder. What could be the problem ? Tom
4 answers
Hi Tom, Is there hot water coming from the PTR valve?Hi Tom, PTR valve, up top, to drain, should only release water from excessive temp or pressure. If no release then probably faulty or low adjusted thermostat. Turn off power to HWS at switchboard. Remove 2 screws on lower cover. Thermostat is upper, element below. Look at adjustable temperature setting on thermostat, turn up if necessary. If already above minimum and water is colder than setting (allow +/- 5-10*) most likely faulty. Possibly faulty heating element but they usually work or not at all if open circuit. if it heats up at all then its probably OK. Replacement thermostats are only around $25 on ebay, then get sparky to install. Just clip mounts on surface and no need to drain tank. Good luck.Sorry Tom if your HWS is gas. No idea about Dux model numbers and presumed it was electric.

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