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Ecosleep Coshee Quilt Cover

Ecosleep Coshee Quilt Cover

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Wonderful, great idea and good quality!

My tall husband always kicked the sheet out at the end of the bed, this made for more work bed-making in the morning - now it tales me less than 5 mins to make our super king bed! I agree woth the previous reviewer that the doona cover is a bit fiddly to change at first, but i now have it down to a fine art! With our lovely silk doona, we are always warm and cosy, even though its very light,and have done awway with our electric blanket. We are so happy with these products bought at Ecosleep!


I've had my Coshee set for about 2 weeks, and my husband and I love it.
Looks great, feels great. It's extremely easy to make the bed in the morning and we're very happy see to see it look so nice with so little effort.

The fabric seems to be very great quality, nice and soft, well made, and should last very well.

It's a little fiddly when you wash the sheet and put it back together. I think though that this is something we'll get much faster at once we've done it a couple of times. In any case, for how easy it makes everything once you're done, it's effort well spent.

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11 months later, still love it.Still looks new.

Great idea

My partner and I moved house and wanted new things and my parents had one of these Coshee sets and bought us one in the Bamboo.
It is so soft to sleep under and I dont have to tuck the sheet in as it is attached to the quilt cover. So easy to unclip and wash the sheet once you have done it. Gorgeous in the Blue.
Easy to use, no sheet hanging over the side of the bed

I also bought this product and the designed sheet set to go with it and it is fantastic!I got the black and white set with the bamboo sheets which I adore - only bamboo for me from now on - they are the best sheets I have ever slept on.

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