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EcoSleep Mulberry Silk

EcoSleep Mulberry Silk

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Cannot live without this!

I had done some research into Silk Quilts and came across this website and purchased a All year round Silk Quilt a few months ago.Now, I can tell you after being on holiday and sleeping under a feather quilt we will never change back.
The silk is so light to sleep under and we just drape it around ourselves. I am glad we got the All Year round weight as I am sure we will use it right up to Christmas as it seems to know when we are hot or cold.
If you like to sleep with a lighter weight then this is great.
Love it.
So light and soft

Most beautiful silk quilt

After purchasing from EcoSleep some bed linen I bought the Super King Silk Quilt and it is the best thing to sleep under. It is light and smooth on the bed but keeps me warm even my husband likes it and says he is warm but not hot.
So soft and snuggly we wont go back to our feather quilt I didn't know you could get a size larger than King so the Super King is great for our King bed
Light but warm and so soft

Questions & Answers

What is the safest method for washing a Mulberry raw silk filled pillow i.e. what detergent should I use, water temperature, etc and whether it should be hand washed or can be machine washed (normal or gentle cycle)?
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Hi Tina Raw filled silk pillows may be hard to wash. I would certainly take the cover off and wash as normal if possible. If the cover is attached then spot clean in warm lightly soapy water. Rinse well and dry lying flat preferably out of direct sun light and on a rack with holes as it will take awhile to dry. Keep gently squeezing out the extra water and then fluff to help with the drying. Do make sure it is fully dry before using. Hope this helps! Jane EcoSleep Australia


Mulberry Silk
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Release dateOct 2011

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