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EcoStore Laundry Liquid

EcoStore Laundry Liquid

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Perfect detergent for my washing!

This laundry liquid which is chemical free worked well for me. I loved it only because it reduced my work at my laundry. my clothes always have some or the other kitchen stains and i am relieved using this. i always got them on time frm this store. will order again...

Purchased in May 2019 for $44.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Great Product

I have chemical sensitivity and this product is great, it probably does not clean stains as well other top brands, but they are full of harmful chemicals. As I use non-toxic roll on deodorant and my clothes rarely have harsh stains and have never had to rewash anything. Am using fragrance-free which is excellent for sheets and bedding.

Not for sensitive skin

I had high hopes that this laundry detergent would work for me but sadly not. Even without the nasty chemicals that this product states, I still developed rashes on my skin.

No products arrived...

Just over two weeks ago I made quite a large order. After two phone calls and two emails, my products have still not arrived and customer service don't know if they'd been dispatched.
Don't buy products directly from Eco Store, purchase them through a reliable seller.

Not for me

As I have eczema and sensitive skin, I thought it would be better for me to switch to a fragrance free laundry detergent that's suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, this detergent is eco-friendly, which was a bonus. Unfortunately, it's causing me to flare up, which even regular, fragranced detergent didn't do. It does clean clothes pretty well and removes sweat stains though.

Laundry detergent that works and is enviroment friendly

I needed a laundry detergent that was environment friendly, washes completely every time, that is hypo-allergenic (It doesn't say its hypo allergenic but it does work for me.). Eco Store Laundry Detergent fills the bill. Available from Woolworths / Safeway stores, it is plant based, has no nasty chemicals, very lightly perfumed, washes well, is economical and the containers can go in the recycle bin. I have now tried the Eco Store Fabric Softener which I use for towels. It too works every time. I try to buy Australian where I can, but sometimes its not possible. These products are made in New Zealand. In my opinion, is worth a try.

about average

I bought the ecostore clothes washing liquid from Woolworths supermarket in fairy meadow and found that it works reasonable though not as good as I hoped on removing stains / I totally recommend this clothes washing liquid product for towels as it would not damage towels as I ended up using most of the container on washing towels

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I also recommend this ecostore washing liquid for those who have sensitive skin and don't get their clothes that dirty

Great eco & environmentally friendy alternative

I decided to try out this laundry liquid as we were worried about all the harsh chemicals in regular washing powder on our 10 week's old clothes and linen.

Have started using it for most of our clothes washing and am pretty satisfied with it so far. It's not as good as removing food stains, but has been fine with removing any wee and poo stains on our daughter's clothes and sheets (we usually put them in the wash straight away though). We have been using it on a cold water wash in our frontloader and like that you don't need much detergent either.

The smell is nice, just a nice refreshing eucalyptus scent that isn't overpowering once the clothes are washed. We don't use fabric softener anymore and the clothes still come out nice and soft.

I like that these eco & environmentally friendly options are available at our supermarkets and the price is quite reasonable.
Eco & environmentally friendly. Soft and sensitive and suitable for babies clothing
More expensive,but not that bad considering the quality


I had high hopes for this product. It promises so much with it's lovely packaging, it's environmentally friendly stance and lovely smell. Although it did clean the not-so-dirty things, my toddler's clothes were still dirty and had to be rewashed. I find that irritating. Having to add Napisan to the wash defies the whole point of buying environmentally friendly but was needed in order to have enough cleaning satisfaction. I couldn't trust the product in cold water so I used the recommended warm water which didn't do any justice to our hot water supply.
It's envornmentally friendly, it smells really nice, it suggests to use what I would feel is less liquid than normal brands for each wash, the packaging is very pretty.
It doesn't wash as well as other brands. Because of this, I have started adding Napisan to each wash to boost the cleaning power. Is quite expensive. Is recommended to use warm water (I like using cold)


This organic ultra concentrated washing liquid is great! Works well,cleans leaving a lovely fresh smell to the laundry.Kind to skin and to the environment! All ingredients safe,natural and biodegradable.No nasty chemicals to worry about,so it is great if you are like me and have sensitive skin and need to be careful about what you use.I also love it because it is grey water friendly and my laundry water can go straight out onto the garden.You get approx 14 washes per bottle using one cap per load, but I only use half this if my wash isn't really that dirty and it comes out clean and smelling fresh!
Love it! Safe natural ingredients,smells lovely


I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone considering trying something more natural and kind to their skin and the environment.
This product is good for the enviornment and gentle for our daughter's sensitive skin (suffers from excema). It cleans clothes well and I only need to use about 3/4 capsul for most washes in our front loader. The eucalyptus fragrance is refreshing while the clothes are washing and hung on the line, but is barely there when the clothes are dry, which suits us as we can't stand overpowering laundry fragrances. Good value for money if purchase from large supermarkets or on special - lasts for ages.
Can be pricy from some shops as in important from NZ, so shop around.

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