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Bosisto's Euco Fresh Pre-Wash Stain Remover

Bosisto's Euco Fresh Pre-Wash Stain Remover

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Bosisto's Pre-wash Stain Remover

Excellent pre-wash stain remover - works well on old stains as well as newer. The best way to recommend it is to say I tossed out every other stain remover in the laundry.

Purchased in March 2019 for $5.95.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
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Wow, what a fantastic recommendation! Thanks so much for sharing. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Removes stubborn white tshirt stains !

White cotton tshirts look shabby very quickly with neck stains. Have tried many products & delighted to find Bosistos stain remover worked after many failed attempts & washes with other products. Am so disappointed not to be able to purchase it at my local WW. They stock laundry detergent which I have used a long time, why not this?

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Wonderful feedback thankyou Barbij. The prewash was removed from WW as it wasn't meeting their sales turnover expectations unfortunately. We do still produce this product for our online store, hopefully we can get it back on shelf eventually! Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Euco Pre-wash Stain Remover - Best Product

This is the best stain remover I've ever used - extremely effective for greasy or oily stains. My introduction to the product was when a friend gave me a bottle to clean up some very old stains which no other product had managed to remove + some very dated rubber tyre marks which allowed me to resurrect my favourite hiking pants (no, I wasn't run over by a vehicle, just leaned against a tyre in a camper van). It leaves no residue on the fabric + the applicator increases the effectiveness by gently working into the fabric without damaging the fibres. And the bonus is a lovely fresh smell through the whole wash.
I believe that Coles and Woolies are pretty mercenary to have ceased stocking this product and still expect us to believe that they genuinely support Australian-made? However, at least Bosistos are still making it -- and it's available online (takes an exceptional product to motivate me to fork out for freight).

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Hi Pamela It was wonderful to read your great review! We're so glad you have persisted in buying this great Aussie product, as we hope with strong online sales we can build a compelling case to the supermarkets to restock it. Your support means a lot, thankyou. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Bosisto's Euco Fresh Pre-Wash Stain Remover

Great product but can not get at local Woolies or Coles WHY don't they stock it !? they did but they have taken THAT off their selves as well as many other things that are very well liked -- I have rung both Woolies and Bosistos and it can only be bought at Bosistos

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Thankyou so much for your lovely review Platycat. We wish this product were more widely ranged also. We'll keep trying. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Prewash stain remover

Unhappy that I cannot buy at my local store. I think this is the best stain remover I have ever used. It will remove old stains, but brilliant if used immediately never leaves residue.

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Good Morning Fred, Thank you for your feedback. At the moment this fantastic product is only available for purchase through our website www.fgb.com.au Hopefully in the near future it will be available in some retailers. Kind Regards, Daniel @ FGB Natural Products

Love this product!

I absolutely swear by Bosisto’s pre wash stain remover. It would remove fruit juice marks from my kids clothes - including dark fruit (plums, strawberries etc). Absolutely devastated it has gone from the shelves of Woolworths. Wish I’d known as would have stocked up.

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Hi Lena Thankyou so much for your wonderful feedback - our Stain Remover is still available to purchase online at www.bosistos.com.au if you're really keen, and we are compiling all the comments of support in hopes the retailers will take note. Kind Regards, Bosisto's

Best stain remover I have ever used

This is a remarkable product that works very effectively. It removes stains where other products do nothing. It is the best stain remover I have ever used and I'm so disappointed that it is no longer being stocked in supermarkets.

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Hi Janet Thankyou so much for your lovely feedback on our Pre Wash Stain Remover. The more support we can gather for its reintroduction to stores, the better chance we'll have so thankyou for adding your voice to the cause! Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

I Post this Stain Remover to Mum in NZ!

Best product ever and sadly not available in WA anymore :(
....even my mum in NZ loves this product
....I will write to Woolworth's for sure and even IGA, who stocked it once before when Woolies took it off their shelves ....I know cos my daughter bought me 7 bottles as we were working up north and it was great on our soiled workwear!

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We know, it's so sad! We are taking note of all the feedback in a file (and our sales online continue to be strong) to hopefully build up a case for re-ranging in the supermarkets. Fingers crossed - and thank you for your support and wonderful feedback. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

The best product

I’m so disappointed that I can’t find your product in Adelaide supermarkets anymore, this was the best stain remover I ever used.

Bosisto's Euco Fresh Pre-Wash Stain Remover

I spend time in a Men's Shed in the outer west of Sydney the men get there shirts so dirty. I have about 6 men that now curse me for recommending this product which is now no longer available. We are all retired pensioners and really can't afford the $15 ish postage fees. I would have to buy 24 bottles to get FREE shipping. Us pensioners just don't have that much money available to us. So what can your company do to assist the aged?

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Hi Bayo We hear your frustration. That this product is no longer available in stores is a retailer decision and t's beyond our control. We'd love to see it on shelves, and we're fighting hard to get it back. Unfortunately with the online store we have to charge a flat fee postage for all deliveries as part of our agreement with our carrier. The only thing we could suggest is to team up as a collective and purchase together? In the meantime you could also write to the head office of Woolworths and express your frustration at their decision to take the product off shelf. Thankyou for your wonderful support of our Aussie company, we do really appreciate it. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Fantastic product

I am completely puzzled as to why the 4 local supermarkets I tried no longer stock this product but stock your wool-wash! Makes no sense whatsoever! Anywho, good to know I can buy online. I find it fascinating that retailers make these decision on behalf of consumers without actually consulting the consumer, then they get all bent out of shape because online purchases are eating into their margins! Well dah! Customer service obviously means different things to different people....

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Thankyou for your feedback BJ, we share your frustration! Online sales of the Pre-Wash have been so strong since it was taken off shelf in retailers, hopefully they'll come around eventually (we'll keep trying!). Thankyou for your support. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

The only stain remover that is safe on delicates and works,

I love this product but can no longer find in Adelaide. Good to know i can and will order online. This is a product that really works on stains even super stubborn ones which i may have to twice and because it is localised prewash you dont have to use much

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Hi Poppy, thankyou so much for your wonderful review! So glad you've found our Pre-Wash good for stubborn stains. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Fatty food spills on clothes, this is the product.

Its the best for removal of fatty stains on clothes.I Love this product. Wish it was more available in supermarkets. When cooking foods with oil, I go straight to the pre stain remover. Put it on, and you wouldn't know I had a problem.

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Thankyou for the wonderful review, Krinsy!

Best Stain remover on the market!

Without a doubt the best stain remover on the market. Fuss free, non toxic, Australian made, earth friendly. Have been using this stain remover for a number of years, nothing else compares.
But please where can i buy this? I live in Ballarat, Victoria. Not being stocked at local Coles. Woolworths, IGA or Maxifoods even though they do sell other Bosistos products. I would buy direct from the manufacturer but they are out of stock. Help!

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Hi gillee Thankyou so much for your wonderful review! We think it's pretty special too, and hopefully we can regain retail ranging at some stage (we're working on it). In the meantime, I've checked with our online store and the Prewash should be back in stock on Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thankyou for being such a wonderful supporter and ambassador for our brand. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Pre-wash stain remover

I always use the pre-wash stain remover and it is excellent but sadly the Foodland I shop at has deleted it. This stain remover is so good and gets out so many stubborn stains. I love the fact it is Australian made and owned.

Extremely effective

One sometimes has to search for this at supermarkets such as IGA and Woolworths - especially in the latter's stores, it can be almost out of sight on the top shelf.

Made by a long established Victorian company, it is a most effective stain remover.

I also like the eucalyptus scent but it's the way it rids my jeans and other clothes of stains that I best like.

yes great product indeed

I have used this on more than one occassion for removing "those real narsty greasy food stains & diasterest drink spills off of clothes",have also used there eucalyptus oils as well for same thing.

great for oil stains

I have beautiful denim shirt dress and had some greasy food stains on it and normally you cannot use sprays on denim. I tried the Bosisto's pre-was stain remover, that has a little brush at the end, I applied this to the stains on the denim, left it on for about an hour and then I hand washed the denim dress in eucalyptus wool mix. After it dried there was not a mark on it. I absolutely love this product, as you can apply it straight away on the stain, but can leave it till your next wash, ie. you don't have to wash it straight away. Can leave it up to 7 days....highly recommend it.

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Hi Kathy T, thankyou so much for stopping by to share your experience with Bosisto's Pre-Wash. It certainly is a great little product and we're glad it saved your favourite dress! We'll pass on your feedback to the team. All the best & kind regards, The Bosisto's Team.

Great product but will not shift some stains

Bought this stain remover as I dislike the chemical smell of others. Found it to be very good, better than I expected in fact, on the usual food stains. However my husband works in heavy engineering and comes home covered in grease and goodness knows what else and I did not find it so effective on these stains, had to go back to the fumy sprays.

Love the smell of eucalyptus and the little brush on the end of the bottle is a great idea. A little expensive but well worth the money. Would recommend this product but not for heavy mineral grease and oil stains.

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Hi sapphire, thanks very much for your comments - we appreciate you taking the time to leave your review of Bosisto's EucoFresh Pre-Wash.

Best product of its type!

Found this on the supermarket shelf and thought I would give it a try. I have used other Bosisto products and found them to be very good.
I have now tried this pre-wash stain remover on quite a variety of stains and they have all come out. There was a chocolate stain on a synthethic top that just would not budge with my other pre-wash so tried Bosisto and bingo!!! All gone.
Now recommending this to all my friends and bought a bottle for my daughter who usually brings me all her hard to shift stains!!
Very happy with this product.
It works!!!

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I am still using this product every wash day with fabulous results... please don't take it off the market Bosisto's!

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Questions & Answers

Have had trouble purchasing your stain remover. Have tried coles woolworths and foodland. Have been using it for a long time as it's brilliant. Wondered if you have stopped making it?
4 answers
Hi June, Unfortunately we have lost our retail distribution of Bosisto's Pre-Wash. Currently the product is only available at our online store - www.bosistos.com.au - you might consider stocking up on a few Bosisto's products to justify the postage? We're also very disappointed, and hope our retail partners will decide to support this excellent product again at some stage in future. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.I'm glad I found this Q and A. I'm just about to buy more as this pre wash stain remover is the best I have ever used. If I spot any in my local stores I'll stock up but otherwise good to know it can be bought directly online. The list of my supermarket 'favourites' (abandoned by Coles and Woolworths) that I now buy at our local IGA in Warrnambool keeps growing and growing!I also think it is the best stain remover on the market and don't know why the big supermarkets have dropped it

Can you still buy Bosisto's Euco Fresh, Pre was stain remover?
3 answers
Hi Barbara... yes you certainly can! Don't know where you live but here in Adelaide it is available at most Foodland supermarkets but not at all the Woolworths & Coles ones... they usually put it on the higher shelves and because it is in a small bottle it is easy to miss.... ask at the front counter if you can't find it... good luck, it is certainly worth looking for, had more great results using it today.Thankyou to Shiner for your helpful reply! Yes it's still available in selected retailers - you can check stockists on our website at www.fgb.com.au (scroll down to the stockists search engine at the bottom). If you're buying our laundry products in bulk it can be cheaper to do so online - visit the "Shop Now" tab and check out our laundry bundles, delivered to your door.It is available at my local Melbourne Woolworths and also I think at selected larger IGAs. A great product: I always buy this and it has never failed me. Let's hope it stays on the market. The best way to ensure this is to purchase it and spread its good reputation further by word of mouth.


Bosisto's Euco Fresh Pre-Wash Stain Remover
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