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EcoStore Laundry Powder

EcoStore Laundry Powder

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Dishwasher Tablets

We have used the Ecostore dishwasher tablets for about three months and have found no problems until the last box we purchased. We did a normal wash and six new glasses came out absolutely ruined. They were cloudy and deeply etched which could not be removed. I contacted the company with photos. They got back to me and requested I send the box and tablets to them. I eventually heard back from Adam to say they would refund the tablets price plus the value of the glasses. It is now a month on from then and nothing to show for my troubles. Great company.

Purchased in April 2019 at NZ Sale.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Natural solution to laundry

My daughter has allergies and often ended up with itchy skin with change of laundry powder. With Ecostore Laundry Powder never had a problem. Clothes are clean with decent clean laundry smell without strong artificial fragrance.

Purchased in January 2017 at Woolworths Physical store for $4.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Great safe choice that is low tox

I've been using this laundry powder for a few years now. I find it to work really well. Clothes are clean, don't smell toxic from synthetic fragrances and I know its safe for my family and I to use. Sometimes if I haven't rinsed a really dirty item from our baby straight away, the stain won't come out after washing, but this would be the only negative that I have. We also use the sensitive powder with equal success.

Product build up in the machine and on clothes

I used the EcoStore Laundry Powder for a month or two, but had to stop. It was okay for the first couple of weeks but the product started to build up and was leaving residue in the washing machine after continued use. It was also building up on our clothes and the whole household was itching and breaking out in rashes (no one in the house has sensitive skin or allergies!). I have since changed to a different laundry powder and no longer have these issues. I like EcoStore and still use their other products but will not purchase their laundry powder again.

New packaging no good.

I've used this powder for six years and it's great. However, since the packaging was changed it has big hard lumps in it that I can't break up with my hands and the lumps don't always dissolve in the wash cycle. Black garments with barely dissolved powder on them is not good.
Please go back to the old way of packaging that had no problems.

Great Gentle Washing Powder

Fantastic product that does its job well without irritating skin and noses. I use the Ultra Sensitive powder and it has no smell which is great as perfumes irritate my grandson's and my skin and the smell give me migraines. None of that with this powder and the clothes still come out clean.

Favourite to use. Fix the packaging please

Used product for 5 years and recommend it. I am disappointed in recent change to packaging unopened box and already one solid brick from humidity in Queensland. Fix packaging please!!

Builds up and leaves gunk and residue in machine

The powder works well and definitely leaves clothes with less chemical smell, but it builds up in my machine and leaves a nasty residue all over the surfaces. It must be really bad for the machine.

OMG! best product ever

I was using other brands like OMO, Cold Power and many more and they all had fillers in them which makes your washing machine life span shorter and makes your clothes come out dirtier so I thought to my self because it was on A current Affair and swapped to eco store products all of their range and never changed back great product.

Best naturally based / green washing detergent

I've used so many brands of the more naturally based/green laundry detergents, and found that most of them don't get the body odour and deodorant smell out of the clothes, or even all of the dirt. This one, however, works really well. Clothes come out clean and fresh smelling. I also have very sensitive skin (the main reason behind my use of these types of detergents) and this doesn't upset my skin.
Effective, naturally based, ecologically safer than normal detergents, great for sensitive skin.
Way more expensive than other laundry detergents.


Oh my god this is a wonderful laundry powder! I use this to wash my toddler daughters clothes, she has severe ezcema and this wash doesnt irritate her at all. The price is a bit expensive but its worth it for the sake of my daughter and her delicate skin. Also a little bit of powder goes a long way so your not using as much as other brands need. Its also safer for the enviroment :) I will definatly keep buying this.
Removes stubborn stains but is gentle enough on babies skin. A little bit goes a long way. Kind on the enviroment.
Its a bit expensive but its definatly worth it.

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I have used this product now for 12 months and the stain remover, so imagine my disappointment when I went to buy more, only to find woolworths have stopped stocking it, I cant think why as it one of,if not the best washing powder on the market, safe for the family's skin safe for the gardens, and much better results all round. would safely recommend it to anyone


I have long used EcoStore's laundry powder but recently during an incredibly busy period, kept forgetting to buy dishwasher powder and out of desperation (or ingenuity) I tried the laundry powder and was amazed at a Much Better result than the expensive brand I ran out of. I thought my dishwasher was a bit tired but now it sparkles again and without all the chemicals.
Green Clean


I really like this product as it is gentle on all my families skin. It is natural products, so I know it's both kind to my family and the environment. It is also not a problem for grey water as I like to reuse my washing water on the garden. It is a really good cleaner and gets the dirt out of our clothing, which is great when you have a very active grubby toddler running around. Don't need to use a great deal for it to work, so it goes a bit further than what it looks like when you buy the package. Overall, I really like this product, but there are some weeks I have to look for a cheaper alternative. I would recommend it to anyone who can afford it.
I like products which will have limited effect on the environment, not hold hazardous chemicals for my children clothes, and are sensitive enough for my husbands temperamental skin, I was pleased to find it in EcoStore Laundry Powder
It is fairly pricy at approx $12Aus/kg.


I am really careful about the products I use around my home, people don't realize how toxic laundry detergents can be and how bad they are for your skin. This one is great for washing babies' clothes, there are no chemicals to worry about. And it works so well! I have used Dynamo, Omo sensitive, and Earth Choice and none of them compare. I don't have to use any sort of stain remover, I just use a bit of vinegar as fabric softner. There are 32 washes in a box and I think its around $8, so well worth the price. Highly recommended!
This works BETTER than the big brands with big promises, I will never be switching back! No toxic chemicals, fine for your garden, and really cost effective.
Nothing! Its great! Unless they could make a 10kg box of it!

Questions & Answers

Does this product contain bleach or whiteners?
1 answer
I have used the eco store liquid and haven't seen any mention of any dies or perfume as it's natural based ingredients though; you can call up the company in new Zealand and double check if you like

Where do you buy this?
3 answers
Try www.organicsonabudget.com.au or another of several online retailers - at the time I bought, organicsonabudget on a budget was the best price. Or try your local health food shop :)http://shop.ecostore.com.au/ on-line store.I sometimes buy the ecostore liquids from Woolworths supermarkets though, you can double check with the company in new Zealand the ecostore washing powder if you like

is this product suitable for front loaders?
1 answer
I have used it with a front loader, but there is also a specific Ecostore laundry powder for front loaders.


EcoStore Laundry Powder
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