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3.8 from 48 reviews

Aussie service support is woeful

Although the mower itself is quiet and convenient - albeit hard to handle, the back-up warranty service support is non existent. Our mower is still in warranty and the battery has already died. We have rung the Ego service people twice over two weeks and had to leave a message each time. We are still waiting for them to get back to us.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

OK for some grass, not for all.

Got a chance to use one of these over the weekend on my brother's lawn. It is OK, but for the price, I would expect more.
I was able to get better results with the petrol mower which has a new blade on it, that we got for free YEARS ago.
Let me explain the biggest problems with this mower, first of all.
1 - The chassis is huge but the cutting circle doesn't reach out to the edge, especially at the front. Leaving you lots of uncut grass around objects that might get in your way.
2 - The rear discharge chute is hopeless if the grass is remotely dense, long or damp. It clogs up and doesn't eject. I didn't get a chance to use the catcher but I would guess the same would happen as it's the same hole. Perhaps a better blade design is required here as it is a very flat blade which doesn't seem to clear out the mulch.
3 - That same rear discharge shut keeps coming off when you life the front wheels and do a 180 with the mower.

Things I do like.

1 - Starts straight away, nearly every time. I did have a moment where it wouldn't go and just flashed a light at me. Removed the battery and put it back in and all good again.
2 - Quiet! Don't need ear muffs but there is still a bit of noise as the blade cuts the grass and hits any sticks.
3 - Low ongoing running costs. Charging a battery costs cents so although a battery is expensive, you don't have ongoing costs of fuel and oil. Time will tell if this is going to work out though.

Ultimately, i think that if you have a smaller lawn, with thin grass that is often very dry, this will be OK. It's kind of bulky though for those really small lawns. There are newer, better versions out now, I think. Hopefully they address some of the shortcomings of this model. I have the ego brushless line trimmer which I love, so am not anti electric, just not in love with this mower itself.

NOTE: this is not MY mower, it's my brothers. I've only used it once.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

EGO Lawn Mower is Rubbish

Very very hard to handle and push because of the large area of the bottom plastic body that is touching on the ground is doing the friction. You must buy an extra battery because you will never know the power will give up than to wait hours to recharge the battery, another expense.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

A total dud on Sir Walter grass

Needs handle height adjustment. Current setting for a 2.5 metre basket ball player, but at 174 cms , the handle almost over my head. Does not cut close to the edge, well over 4 cms uncut and require the use of of a weed eater. My lawn was professionally laid and has been tendered regularly over the years. Normally cut on 3 during the cooler months, in the warmer times, I drop to level 2. Not with this machine and I am left wondering what criteria is used by Choice Magazine for their reviews. My contact with the customer support team was less than helpful. Purchased the mower based on personal recommendation and Choice awards. Dummy!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Base is too flexible.

I purchased a NEW EGO 56V Battery 52cm Lawn Mower, it stopped working after 5 minutes.
It was quickly replaced, but l find that the plastic base is too flexible.
If l push the mower the base bends and the blade digs in.
I have to use the self propelled function as this drives the back wheels and the base doesn't flex.
This is veru poor for a very expensive mower.
Wouldn't buy this type again.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Buy a petrol mower if you have Cooch grass

Have owned the mower since April 2017, and have to say that I should have bought a petrol mower. The blades do NOT throw the grass into the catcher very well at all. It won't look at damp or wet grass, no matter how short it is. My grass is a mixture of Blue Cooch and buffalo, and it is OK on the buffalo. Have to use a very high setting to get an even cut. The blades block up easily and I have to stop, upend the mower, clean it out and then pick up the pile of cut grass left on the lawn.
Charge and cutting time is adequate, I usually have to re-charge twice on my lawn, but I don't have a problem with that. If the grass is very dry (not lush or damp from rain or dew), then the cut quality is quite good. The height adjustment is easy to use, but the difference in the height from step to step is very large. Hard to find a happy medium.
Overall, I would not recommend this mower.

Date PurchasedApr 2007

Never go back to petrol

I bought this (and the trimmer + blower) at a greatly reduced price when Masters shut down. Not sure if I would pay the original price but for what I paid, I really like it. I have a small yard with several tiers so this mower is perfect and cuts through the grass like my old petrol mower, just not as heavy or noisy. It will be interesting to see how the long-term durability of the mower fairs as the plastic ages. Time will tell.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Good, but not great

I once owned an old Honda self propelled, then a corded Ozito (terrible) before buying this Ego mower. I went for the Ego after reading all of the reviews, most of which love it. I have the LM2000E with one battery. I only bought it in October 2017 and it now says it is discontinued, which is a little disappointing.

It feels like a quality product and has that well-made feel to it. It does fold up easily so it stores well in the garage. The battery performance is excellent in my experience, although the mower is only eight months old as I write this.
I don'd it as easy to use as some other reviewers. It's quite long, and difficult to push. It's also quite heavy. The wheels are not particularly wide and on my soft buffalo it seems to dig in a bit. It also needs to be cut high or it's much too hard to push around. I wouldn't say it's quiet. Better than a petrol mower but my wife is surprised how loud it is as a battery mower. If I had a larger place again, I would go for a Honda self propelled. However I'm hoping to at least get five years out of this Ego mower (the battery that is).

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Brilliant machine

Fast, quiet, easy to adjust and push, mulches well, and so far maintenance free. On occasions when it needs more than one battery charge it is only a 20 minute coffee break until it is ready to go again. No problems or complaints after two and a half years, and none expected.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

What a great Mulcher!

I am really enjoying my Ego mower; it is so easy to start - just press the starter button, pull up the bail switch, and off you go! SO EASY! Power doesn't seem to be a problem and raising and lowering is also quite easy. It manoeuvres similarly to my old 4 stroke mower; and my equal favourite to starting, is the Mulching action, which doesn't leave a path of clippings and no more grass catcher! I almost wish the grass could grow faster so I could get it out more often. My only negative comment is that it would be nice if it cut closer to the edges.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Meant to add, it's also much quieter than a petrol mower - NO earmuffs!

Good Mower, unless you have dense grass

Overall we have very happy with our lawn mower. Love the fact that the battery is inter changable with all of the other EGO line products. It's compact, easy to stow away for next time. Our only issue would be that I feel like the mower is not powerful enough if you have dense grass.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Looks like from another planet

This mower is something to be seen. I never thought that I would be taken by the look of something as mundane as a lawn mower. It looks a bit bulky but when you compare it with the motor mower, it is just the same length. But as the cutting diameter is a big 49 cm, it looks big.
It is ever so easy to operate. You just insert a battery, press the lever and off you go. It cuts beautifully, is reasonably quiet, no fumes, no petrol or oil. Good for the environment. It even have headlights so you can mow your lawn when it is dark. However, beware because switching on the headlights will deplete the battery earlier than the 45 minutes it usually lasts. Here I am talking about the 56 Volt 4.0AH battery. Incidentally, 56 Volt is the most powerful battery product you can currently get. The battery comes with a charger and it takes at least an hour to recharge it.
Everything is so easy to operate. The mower folds easily and can be thus stored away standing up. Of course, it has several height settings which are very easy to select. In my view this is equally as powerful as a petrol mower, and is very easy to maneuver Overall this is an excellent product. The same can be said about other EGO 56V products. As a matter of fact, I was so pleasantly surprised with this mower that I bought a blower, trim cutter and a chain saw. The customer service is likewise excellent.
So why did I give it 'only' four stars? First of all because of its price. This is by no means cheap mower. Expect to pay about $650 for it. The other issue and a big question mark is the durability. The mower is warranted for five years (the battery for 3). The body is made of tough plastic. I wonder how long that will last. Despite this, and contrary to what other people say, it is NOT exactly a light mower. It wights about 26 kilograms with the battery. And the other issue is that you CANNOT wash the underneath of the mower.The wet grass and stuff have to be brushed away with a stiff brush. Water is a definite no no!!
Otherwise, what a wonderful product. Highly recommended!!

Date PurchasedJan 2018
Well, after some seven months of ownership of this mower, I am slightly changing my opinion about it. First of all, it does NOT cut the grass as neatly as my previous petrol mower. Number one setting which would leave the lawn nice and tidy is useless as you practically cannot push the mower around. The engineers certainly need to pay attention to this problem. The cover for the battery looks and feels cheap and fragile. I am a bit reluctant to close it properly as I fear that it would break. The mower is indeed heavy nothwistanding what other reviewers might say. The plastic body already shows wear and tear. I fail to understand why the company went for a single blade instead of much better two or four little blades which move if one hits a solid object. Should you hit it with a single blade, I guess that you could damage the motor. My original review was raving about the looks. A bit silly, I must now confess. Obviously looks alone will not mow the lawn as well as the old fashioned petrol mower. Yes, a bit disappointed with this expensive product even though the battery is awesome. Three stars this time round.Only a day after posting my previous review I bit a bullet and traded the EGO mower for a petrol Masport. So back to the old fashioned petrol. The reasons are manyfold. EGO is heavy, it is a bulky mower with plastic chassis, cannot be washed with water, has only one blade, number one setting is useless and settings cannot be aletered by mechanics as against conventional mower, cannot imagine mowing wet and longer grass. Even the short and dry grass doesn't look neat after mowing. OK. You guessed it. A great disappointment. Which is a shame because I own other EGO products and they are great! On the positive side the mower lookes great ( so what!) the battery is quite incredible although I have never tested its performance in wet conditions.

Excellent Mower

I've had this mower for nearly 2 years. I love it! Light, easy to store, cuts well, battery lasts, comfortable to use and it even cuts crazy long grass! Much easier to handle than my old petrol mower. I can mow front and back lawn and whipper snip the front (which required a lot of snipping) on one battery. Oh, it's quiet too.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Very Happy

Easy to use, light and easy to store. Cuts as well as a petrol mower and mulches just as well on a standard lawn, haven't put it to the test on really long grass but that is not the purpose I bought it for. Battery lasts well, I use the same battery for mowing, whipper snipping and blowing, it lasts the whole session with power left over

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Still Great After 3 Years. No More Petrol Mowers for Me!

I was skeptical at first but was totally over petrol mowers. It's been 3 years now & it's still a pleasure to mow. I have an 800sqm block & it does it no problem. Probably slightly less power than a petrol but that's far outweighed by the fact that it just starts every time & it's nice & quiet (something my wife appreciates too). Having a lot of plastic it looks flimsy but it's actually very solid. The battery lasts about 40 minutes which is fine with me because I'm ready for a break by then anyway. If there was any downside it's that the catcher sometimes doesn't pick up all the grass but that's a small price to pay for something that just works & is a pleasure to use. Thanks EGO.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

so far so good

I borrowed the commercial self propelled version from my mower shop today to give it a try and was very impressed. They gave me the self propelled version with steel deck and the largest battery (7 amp hr I think?). It was awesome and cut through very long grass about 4 inches thick (my petrol mower would have struggled with this - not sure why others are having trouble with cutting long grass?). The machine is very sturdily built and folds up compactly. I mowed 2 large lawns with it today and battery is still going! The speed on the self propelled is highly adjustable unlike on a petrol mower. It seems to be a winner!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Death to petrol mowers

I was very very sceptical about buying this lawn mower, I was so nervous the first time I mowed with this. Anyhow it cut to perfection and now I’m full of confidence in lithium mowers.

No petrol, no fumes, no smells around or in the house. No storage of flammables.
It’s much quieter than traditional mowers, ears aren’t ringing afterwards.
There’s less vibrations as well, no more sore stiff hands after holding the tools.
Light weight, easy to push around.
Better for the environment.
Compact and easy for storage.

You have to mow your lawns at unusual times to avoid your neighbors, you don’t want them thinking any less of you.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Just ok

If you have a very thick and or plush yard the blade Will not pick up the grass left by the tires. The blade needs to be designed to accommodate.
Very easy to maneuver and maintain.
The battery is awesome, with plenty of power.
If I knew that the blade was not adequate I probably would have chosen something different.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

So good

I bought this at the time when battery mowers were just starting to become popular and there were a lot of questions over how good they actually were compared to petrol. Well, I still have friends that are convinced that battery mowers are useless, but anyone who has actually used this mower will tell you otherwise.

I have buffalo grass and it cuts it perfectly, with no cutting out or bogging down, even when the grass is a bit long. For anyone with a realistic amount of grass to mow (not acres), the battery lasts long enough - I have never run it flat mid-way through. I also have the fast charger, which charges such a massive battery in a super short time anyway.

My only minor criticisms are that the front of the mower could be a little shorter so that you can get closer to stuff, and the key pops out when you let go of the bar, making it easy to lose, but even if you do lose it, you can use a stick or a screwdriver to start it instead so it's not the end of the world (I 3D printed a new one when I lost it!).

Date PurchasedJul 2015

So Easy

I bought an Ego 56volt mower because I was tired of pulling cords on mowers that would not start. What a refreshing change! Just press the button and off you go full power immediately. Runs about an hour before recharging (about 40 minutes). Not cheap at $500 but high quality throughout and so easy to use, wish I had found it ten years ago.
Light weight and can be folded up and hung on the wall. Only negative I can think of is that it is a little too long and can be difficult to maneuver.

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Questions & Answers

I have a lawn which desperately requires top dressing to make a smoother mowing surface. It is quite rough. I have been told by my local mower store fixed bade mowers require a flat surface. He talked me out of a Toro at the time so I decided to keep my trusty Honda Buffalo. I now prefer battery so this is my initial research but still have that negative about fixed blades. Any thoughts?
2 answers
I use my Ego on height setting 2 and have no problems with my uneven lawn. Tried it on Height 1 but the blade shroud kept digging in. It is lower than the actual blade. Would love a setting 1½ as my manager (wife) tells me it leaves the grass too long. Had it 2 years now and the battery is still hanging in OK. I have the smaller battery from the whipper snipper which I use to finish off the lawn.I have a few uneven patches, up and down and a few angles. But then I don't try and cut my grass too low [I use the second highest setting] as the soil tends to dry out in sandy soil in southern summers and you have a healthier lawn if you give it a bit of length. Like all mowers, keep your blades sharp as it makes a big difference to how well it works. I don't really get this "fixed blade story" - I have helped out neighbours / friends with this mower and cut over really rough terrain and grass more like a jungle - with sharp blades and not attacking to hard, it just works. Battery life good, best with the largest battery you can afford as the less you discharge the battery the longer the life it will have.

Hi! I've read one review from an owner who wasn't overly impressed with how the EGO performed in mowing his Sapphire (soft leaf) buffalo turf. The general concern was that the mower's front wheels were considered to be too small to push through a soft leaf buffalo lawn. I too have this same lawn type (Sapphire buffalo) and would value hearing from any owners who have used the EGO mower on their Sapphire buffalo lawn.
3 answers
I am not connoisseur on lawns but I have Sir Walter which is also a buffalo. It does my lawns perfectly and I laugh seeing the neighbour hang around while I do my lawns so they can have a go and ask me questions.Thanks, Alf. Much appreciated!My main concern is the lowest setting is too low and won't push through the grass, the second setting is too high the lawn looks like it hasn't been mown. I am now finding if the clamps on the arms are not in place the mower won't go and one of my clamps is getting loose so the mower keeps stopping on me. This is an expensive mower needs a bit more work on it, I so wanted it to be as good as my old Enviro mower unfortunately they have never been as good since Victa took over.

Can anyone please advise me where else I can purchase one of these mowers? Masters seems to be the only supplier.
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Tradetools@ Ruby it might've helped if you had said which area (suburb) you live in then you won't be driving to a supplier further away