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Electrolux EHD68200P

Electrolux EHD68200P

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Best EVER cooktop - incredibly fast, simple to use

We bought this as part of a set of new appliances (cooktop, rangehood and 900mm oven). Cooking on this is amazing - it is SO FAST you have to re-adjust your prep and meal timing... seriously! It takes a number of pots and pans across the zones - as long as the crosshair is covered, it will sense where heat needs to go, so you can have 1 or 2 items cooking in 1 zone... amazing! You do need induction cookware, but we had a lot of cast iron already, and so only need to replace a few things. But, be ready to throw out some of your cookware. Even cast iron heats up very quickly! Slow cooking is easy and possible as there is so much control in the settings. It heats up and cools down in seconds. Everything cooks quicker and easier. Just make sure you follow the install instructions with airflow and you'll have no problems. We can now fit about 6 pans on the cooktop because of the way the zones work - it is amazing! We couldn't recommend this enough!
speed of cooking, control of heat - almost instant
a cover to use as a bench top would make this perfect (it beeps at you if you leave anything on it(

Brilliant Cooktop

We recently renovated our kitchen and replaced our solid hot plates with these Electrolux Induction Hotplates. These hotplates are so easy to use, heat on and off is virtually instantaneous. You do need saucepans that are magnetic, just try a magnet on the pans your already have before you go and buy new ones. The hotplates are easy to clean are cool enough to touch even after you have just taken the saucepan off it. Can't speak highly enough of these hot plates they are absolutely fantastic.
Fast boil, fast off the boil
If you place anything on the controls when you aren't using the hotplates it beeps at you.


This has been a revalation to me after the old solid plate cooktop. It is so quick to cook on, I think even quicker than gas. The ony thing I find a problem is the type of cookware you can use, whilst we needed a new set of pots it is sometimes limiting only being able to use certain types of pans. We ahev a great set of corning ware and ceramic cookware as well as a targine and they all don't work on this stove top. Whilst you can get targines that work on induction there is nothing like the original earthen type. The quality seems very goos and so far we have had no issues with it. The only thing that has happened is we ahve chipped the edge twice and both times it was done accidentially with the slightest knock, so if you have one or buy one don't store things too close to it that might be knocked over or against the edge, we are looking into getting a rubber edge strip put around it.
Very quick cooking, easy to use, nice flat easy to clean surface.
The edge is easily chipped. The limited cookware you can use on it.

Questions & Answers

How do I stop edge chipping of the ceramic cook top?
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It is actually glass - so like ceramic or glass, you need to look after it: no dropping heavy things, don't slide heavy items off the edge etc. We've never had a chip since we've owned it - you simply have to take 'better' care than a 'normal' gas / electric cooktop which you can bash about without much risk. Because you cook for so much less time with induction, the risk of damage is reduced as you're not at the cooktop as long, the pots and pans aren't on there as long... the biggest risk is kids (small and large) not understanding this top. Don't misunderstand me, it isn't fragile at all, but you can't bash it with a wok or a fying pan, either. Take care, and it will be fine. If you are super-paranoid about edge damage, silicon the edges as they get zero heat from the cooktop. True, you can touch the glass 2cm from where you're cooking - so I think it is much, much safer for little ones - you can lift off a pasta pan for draining by the handles and no mitts as only the base gets hotHi Nsenjov, Rumana from Electrolux here. Electrolux will be able to assist you with this query. Can you please email me your contact details at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Rumana We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Rumana


Electrolux EHD68200P
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