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Buy from Elite Fitness/Lifespan at your own risk - Lifespan SP-460

We bought an exercise bike from Elite Fitness made by Lifespan. Upon picking up the bike we brought it home to find the chassis already broken inside the box. Upon sending them pictures of the bike still untouched by us, they then referred us to the manufacturer for repair options, sending in a report. The store clerk also noted that this shouldn't have happened as the items have to be signed off before going into the box, which likely means that someone signed off on a damaged product, rather than go through the effort of dealing with the issue.
Lifespan rang us once (by which I mean, one ring then they hung up) then didn't answer the phone for several of our call backs. The man that answered the phone (eventually) could not have sounded less interested in helping us, calling our clear pictures of the chassis damage "not very helpful" and asked us to send another report, which we didn't get a response to.
Since little help was forthcoming, we asked for a refund, which they said they would only do if we brought the product back in within the next couple of days (setting a time limit to bring back something for a refund even though we contacted them on the day of purchase is illegal by the way, as far as we're aware from reading the consumer laws) and referred us again to the manufacturer for compensation for the 2 hour drive that had to be undertaken again to take the product back, rather than dealing with it themselves. We're sending in a complaint to Consumer Affairs Victoria, this has been a terrible shopping experience and I could not recommend more that you stay far away from this company.

Geeat service elite virginia

Great advise . Best service with great selection of products ,spent 2000 on a treadmill and will be back for a gym .

Run for the hills!!!! But not on one of their treadmills!!!

Besides the machine being made of cheap plastic, the screen on my treadmill dropped out just out of warranty. After dealing with a rude service person to book the job in, it took them 3 visits and still no joy. 5 Months without a treadmill. General Manager hard to get hold of, didn't seemed to care. Refund was the end result, but they took their time with that. I had to constantly ring them following up the refund. The store of purchased changed their tune and when I'd call to chase it up they either wouldn't return my call or tell me to "Get in line" and put me on hold. Then to top it off expected me to re-package the treadmill so it could be picked up by a courier. Overall a extremely unprofessional company from purchase, to service and to management. Appalling!!! Stay Away!!! You'll only be disappointed.


I purchased a Diamondback cross trainer and within the first year it as making a knocking noise. TFG ( The Fitness Generation) came out to service it and upon inspection the technician told me the frame was cracked and that he needed to order parts for it. Three months later I still didn"t hear from TFG, so I rang them up. They first offered me a different cross trainer that was more than half the cost of one I initially purchased. After negotiations with management and three weeks later I was upgraded to a better model from what they first offered me. After nearly four weeks, the new cross trainer which was another Diamondback was not operating properly. I rang TFG to send out another technician and I was told that their warranty covers the first twelve months from the date of purchase and because I have the extended warranty I needed to ring Elite guard. Elite guard claims that they don't recognise the warranty even though they deal with Elite fitness and that I need to contact the store I purchased it from. I Told them that I could fax the receipts and warranty papers to them, but I was told there was nothing they could do. After many attemps to contact the store I bought it from, I came to find out it had closed down. I rang other elite stores for assistance and was told that they could not help me because I didn't purchase it from their location. So now what? Here I am trying to stay fit and active, I am out a couple of thousand dollars and this is what Elite Fitness advertises on their website.

When it comes to warranty we believe that this is one of the most important services that we offer. The process begins with careful selection & monitoring of product to minimise the frequency of warranty issues. We closely monitor our warranty service providers to insure any issue are dealt with quickly & professionally.

There are many reasons why we are the best in the business. Why not visit your local store & see for yourself.

“You can’t beat Elite”

Absolutely Nothing
I was tricked into buying an extended warranty that no one will provide the services for.

Affordable Treadmills

After spending days deciding whether I should get a treadmill I took the plunge and
spent the bulk of weekend finding one I was happy with. Not having a lot of
knowledge with this type of thing and being a relative novice I was hoping to find
something suitable. After visiting Workout World I was very discouraged as I was
told I would need to spend $5000 and at A-Mart All Sports no one was interested in
helping me.

A friend had recommended Elite Fitness in Labrador and I am so glad she did as I was
skeptical at first but was made to full very welcome and I was not judged at all as
i am rather heavy and a treadmill was recommended for my purposes and I was not
pressured to spend $1000's and was offered a fantastic price and even with FREE

I will be telling friends and family of what a pleasurable experience it was and my
treadmill is running fantastically.

Thank you!


I bought an Elite treadmill less than 2 years ago. It broke down within a few months and was away for about 8 weeks being repaired. It has broken down again- about 6 months ago, and I can't get anyone associated with Elite to help get it fixed. It was bought through an Elite dealer who has gone into liquidation, but the frustrating thing is that I paid for an extended warranty which I can't get anyone to honour. If you are considering buying one of their products, I recommend that you turn around and walk out of the shop before you get stung.
Absolutley nothing
Absoulute rubbish service, treadmill broke down and can't get it fixed. No-one will provide any assistance at all.


Friendly staff until purchase of items. Be careful to make sure that the product you receieve is what you expect. If your not happy with the products let them know straight away!
Nice set up and demonstration of equipment.
Tried to pass off faulty equipment (obviously used) as new and told me if I wasn't happy they would give me a full refund but not exchange. As price was too good to pass up I fought this and product is being exchanged after checking my facts with Consumer Protection. I am still waiting on exchange.

A+ Service

After going to a few fitness stores I ended up at Elite Fitness Highpoint. The information and service supplied by [name removed] was fantastic. I purchased a Marquee MT70 treadmill which I am 110% happy with.
[name removed] knowledge of product was way above any of the other stores I had visited. There after sales support with delivery of the treadmill is great they ran through the machine to make sure you know how to use it.


Went in to the Elite Bundall store after doing some shopping around for a good quality treadmill. The staff were very helpful and answered all my questions, definately knew their product and were very patient with me.

They asked a lot of questions and then showed me a couple of treadmills for me to try.
I was very happy with both their customer service and there knowledge and even though I was prepared to pay for the more expensive of the treadmills, the staff memeber said that it wasn't necessary to spend that much for what I needed... that's a first, when they don't try to make you spend more, so I went with their suggestion, a Marquee 60 which I am very happy with.
I have had it for a couple of months now and everything it great.

Very happy with my overall experience with the Elite Bundall store, but more importantly I trust that they aren't going to try to rip me off, so will definately go back and have recommended them to all my friends.
Excellent Customer Service, took the time to explain the treadmill to me and answered all my questions, very helpful

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