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so far so Great

Good looking product, easy to find the stuff i wanted ...
Johnathon answered my email about, honestly 2 minutes after i sent it, He priced a package for me which i thought was fantastic. I called back to do the order and he was very open about an item not available but gave detail on when my gear would come in. He left his mobile in case i needed extra help or had problems..what a champ!! so far so good ..thanks..... Ill keep u posted

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Great company with great customer service

I bought the force USA G9, leg extension machine, and the force usa flat bench.
I found Gym and Fitness were great to deal with.
Their customer service was awesome and they were pleasant to deal with.
Delivery for the item was the next day.

I was very happy shopping with them, I will be buying most of my gym equipment from them in the future.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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Great range of quality products, fast shipping, prompt customer service

Ordered rubber gym mats, Force USA Ranger Barbell, weights. All products received within a week of ordering. Very happy with quality of equipment. Had couple questions which were answered promptly.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Terrible Customer Service and Machine quality (disappointed)

Was disappointed to receive the wrong mats, when I contacted about this they argued with me over a month of communication instead of resolving this for me. I was appalled by the customer service regarding this. The machine was missing crucial parts, had damaged parts and incorrect parts and has taken over a month for them to organise sending these out meaning I have had to delay clients using this for this amount of time which has cost me money, and it certainly is not the quality you see in the images and videos on the website. Not happy at all, especially as the customer service was shocking and no compensation was offered for the money lost in this situation both from the mats and the time it has been unsafe to use.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Great service & product (despite other peoples poor reviews)

I found the home gym floor matting I needed and at the best price.They are exactly as described and perfect for my needs under my home exercise equipment and allowing a soft exercise floor area. The ordering process was fast, simple with delivery quoted as 7-10 business days. I receive several notifications and updates of the delivery status my order and it arrived at my front door in 5 business days. Wow! Not only was it interstate delivery, but it also had to be delivered to a rural area. I did not expect to receive this order so promptly because of other reviews but I am 100% satisfied with the product and the service I have received. I am very happy to recommend Gym and Fitness.

Disappointed Children

So disappointed. Bought a trampoline for my children for Christmas, 3 emails, tried to chat on line and left a msg. Finally got a response and told it would be dispatched that day. Have called again today (24th Dec) no reply. Now 5.10pm on Christmas Eve still no trampoline and it's not going to be delivered now. Will have 3 very upset children tomorrow. Don't advertise you can deliver before Christmas if you can't and don't advertise fantastic customer service when you ignore your customers for days.


worst customer service. Two days past I purchased some items but no any information about despatch. No response from so called chat. if i don't get it delivered by 30th Nov 2018 I am going to claim refund.

Very good and excellent value

Before ordering through GymAndFitness I read the reviews here on this website and it gave me pause but then I realised that people were complaining about delays and giving 1 star. It seemed to me that everyone who paid, ended up receiving the goods or getting their money back. Nothing suggested, in these reviews, that the company was scamming people.

I therefore concluded that a fair amount of reviews were a bit harsh and decided to try them anyway for 2 reasons. First, they actually replied to my initial email and gave me good feedbacks. Second, they were significantly cheaper than anyone else I could find. Sure enough the company that did the delivery for them was not the best (Direct Freight Express) to the point that it was almost comical. The first time the parcel was loaded in error (whatever that means) then a guy came but did not ring the bell (it was pouring so he probably decided that someone else would handle this huge parcel in the rain) then the third guy messed up the address so the delivery had to go back to the base again and finally it arrived safely today and everything was in order. A small delay for sure but the delivery person was nice, tried his best to help out and therefore I cannot even complain about the delivery, which was very cheap for a parcel that weighted around 300kg.

What I also really want to report is that GymAndFitness assisted me all the way through. They called the delivery company at least twice (that I know of) and called me once to reassure me that it was going to happen while also responding twice by emails. My opinion is that GymAndFitness are excellent value for money and my experience is that they cared about me to the point that I decided to write a review (something I rarely do).

Item Never Sent - 3 Week Delivery of Half Order - Dishonest

Ordered numerous products for an office gym. Started off quite well with decent communication regarding products on back-order. These were swapped over for ‘in stock‘ product and all was good. It all went downhill from there. 3 weeks later I still don’t have my order. I spoke to two of their customer service staff who we’re less than helpful, blaming ‘miscommunication’ as the reason for not dispatching my order. I was told on three separate occasions that my order would be dispatched that day. Needless to say this did not occur. Worst part was I had to continuously chase them. They advertise 2 day dispatch which clearly is a lie and the two customer service agents I had dealings with are doing nothing for their brand. Three weeks later I have asked for a refund of my bench press. I will not be recommending Gym and Fitness to anyone and strongly advise seeking an alternate supplier.

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Gym And Fitness Official Hi Glenn, Thanks for the review. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience you had experienced with us. I’d love to be able to further discuss this with you over the phone if possible. Would you able to send me a message directly to provide the best contact number and time to contact you and see what I can do to ensure something like this does not happen again. You can reach me on 1800 614 491 and look for Elaine or via email elaine@gymandfitness.com.au.Kind regards,


Paid $1000 for my leg press but you can honestly tell it’s very cheap. Half the metal was marked and dinted and the courier did not look after the package at all it came all broken and buts and bolts falling out of the box everywhere. They also took a few days to even post it out.

I would honestly suggest DO NOT buy online, you honestly get what you pay for and this was a waste of $1000. Spend the money at your local dealer and get a good quality one.

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Hi Shan, thanks for providing a review We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience you have experienced with us If you could please reply with your email address or the best contact number and the best time to contact you to further discuss what happened in your order. Alternatively, you can reach me on 1800 614 491 and look for Elaine or via email info@gymandfitness.com.au.

Will Buy Again with Gym and Fitness

Recently purchased a Home Gym and Honestly couldn't be happier with the service, communication and the actual product.

I looked into Gym and Fitness and saw they fairly mixed reviews which concerned me. i decided to go ahead with the purchase and i made sure i followed them up with an Email query regarding my purchase to i guess see if they were as bad as the negative reviews stated.

To me delight i was responded too very promptly and the home gym arrived a hell of a lot earlier than i thought it would.

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Thank you so much for your great feedback. We're so happy to know that we were able to served you very well. If there is anything we can help for the items you've purchase please feel free to give us a buzz.Thank you for doing business with us and we hope to see you again soon! Best Regards, Gym and Fitness Team

Dishonest and Greed

I fill up a price match form in their website, for the safety Squat Barbell ($200 vs $299). in the next day I received a call with their attendant saying it would give me the price match and asked me to hold on the line as would transfer me to their sales department.

The transferred to a guy named [name removed] that said the couldn't give me the price match but the best he could do was $250.

I also said I would like to buy a Assault Air Bike. Him rushed to ask my credit card details. Of course I didn't give it to him and asked if I would be easier to buy online. He said no, that what he could do is send me a invoice to my email so I could pay by bank transfer.

Fear enough, until I saw how much he quoted me for the Assault Air Bike. $1299 on their website plus free shipping vs $1649 on his quote plus $159 for shipping. That is $552.25]

Nice one [name removed], you lost not just the sale but also a potential costumer.

Can't ask for better service

I was scouting out options to buy a power rack on their site on a Saturday night and added my details to get a quote from shipping. What I didn't expect was to get a personal email asking if there was any way they could help! Lachy from Gym and Fitness answered my questions very helpfully and rang the next day to process my payment. Order was sent the following day and turned up 3 days later without a scratch. I'm extremely satisfied with the price, quality and most of all the service they provide.

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Hi M B, thanks so much for your awesome feedback! :) We hope to see you again soon!

Terrible service

I purchased a rowing machine from "gym and fitness" after 2 days of no communication on a Thursday i rang them to find out they had not even sent the order to there supplier so i canceled the order with the promise of a refund in full,

On the Monday 2 days after i cancelled i was shocked to get a text message stating to expect delivery on the Tuesday for an order i cancelled, the order i though was canceled turned out they didn't cancel it at all luckily for me i kept all the evidence as when i rang them they claimed there was no record i ever cancelled.

And magically found the cancellation history after i told them who i was dealing with(and forwarded my evidence)

On Tuesday i was promised the refund in full only if i rejected the delivery, i rejected the package and rang them still no refund in my account only a receipt they sent it .....

As a side note when u order from "gym and fitness" they then send the order to there supplier(this will take a week) and they send the order out to you, so your not actually buying from "gym and fitness" this is somewhat misleading that you are "buying" from "gym and fitness".

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Hi Glenn, Thanks for the review. I sincerely apologies for the inconvenience you had experienced with us. I’d love to be able to further discuss this with you over the phone if possible. Would you able to send me a message directly to provide a best contact number and time to contact you and see what I can do to ensure something like this does not happen again.You can reach me on 1800 614 491 and look for Elaine or via email info@gymandfitness.com.au.

Awful customer service, no attempt at delivery at all.

These people are great, right until you actually buy the product. Organised quotes with them for delivery and they were very prompt but disappeared off the radar as soon as money was paid. Ordered on Sept 24th with the claim of 2-day dispatch and express shipping. 5 days passed with not a word from them. I sent an email, but no response. Only after I opened a PayPal case on 10th Oct did I get an email response, on the same day I opened the case. Claimed that they didn't know why it hadn't been dispatched and would contact their supplier. Claimed to offer $100 credit with no voucher code or anything - just empty words! No further communication at all until 27th October when PayPal refunded my money. Thank goodness I paid with PayPal. Do not deal with these people!

Force home rack - make me and offer

Had been looking at a force option rack for my home for months - i ended up get a great deal through gym and fitness - great equipment

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Hi Dan, thanks so much for your awesome feedback! :) We hope to see you again soon!

Equipment came with missing parts

Bought a gym bench that came with missing bolts and parts so now we can't put it together. Sales team can't seem to find our order number which should of been emailed to us in the first place. Called in regards to missing parts and was told we will need to lodge a warranty claim and will hear back in 48hrs. Are you kidding? Why would I want to wait all this time for something that should have come in the box in the first place. Should have been dealt with over the phone and sent immediately. Clearly once you've paid them, the don't care about you anymore. Not to mention the sales team member that sold us the items was so incompetent with collecting our details that we decided it would be best to go pick it up on the gold coast warehouse, because she kept repeating our shipping details back to us incorrectly. She even got our email wrong so now I can't quote the invoice number because we never received one via email. Absolute idiots.

Fantastic customer service

Issue with treadmill was addressed quickly with multiple proactive follow-ups from customer service to check repair status and ensure positive outcome. Very impressed with service and special thanks to Simon

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Hey Steve. Thanks for the positive feedback. Simon has recently started as our warranty manager and is (as you're probably aware) crushing the role! Happy we've been able to help and get everything sorted for you.

weight bench - fantastic customer service

super good customer service. didn't have the bench i ordered in stock so gave me the next model up for no extra cost and super responsive. Then problems with delivery the courier had a signed delivery order - don'task me who signed for it but not me and printed name and signature didn't match up. They were great and sent me out another one and followed up with courier. Customer service at this standard means I would definitely shop here again and recommend without hesitation.

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Hello Leonora, Thank you so much for your fantastic feedback. We love providing top notch customer service. We hope to see you again! :)

Assault bike

Ordered the Assault bike on the Sunday and was delivered to my house by the following Friday, very happy with the service and the quality of the equipment.

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Hey Seamus, thanks so much for your review. We are happy to hear you're happy with the Assault Bike and the service provided :)

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