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Esatto EUF172

Esatto EUF172

EUF172S and EUF172W
3.4 from 7 reviews

Great freezer for the price

I did a bit of research before deciding on this model. With all the big brands out there come with big price tags. Then I found Esatto, it has the right size and the right price for me. It turns out to be much better than expected. It is so quiet, so quiet that I have to open the door to make sure it is still working. It also is one of the most lowest energy consume freezers out there. I don't really follow the stars, I look at how much KWh it consumers p.a.
No issue so far but will come back and update later if there's one.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Not as Advertised & TERRIBLE Customer Service

I ordered this freezer because of the size specs. I would have felt more comfortable with a 'name' brand but they were all 35mm taller & would not fit in our small opening.
To start, the freezer came with no door handle or top shelf. When we complained we were told to put food directly onto the freezing element & not to fit a shelf or basket into the provided slots or 'it will cause it to overheat'. RUBBISH.

After 13 emails & 5 phone calls they still refused to supply missing shelf, saying (boasting) that people complain all the time & they have never supplied 1 yet!
A previous reviewer had the same problem & had a shelf supplied - his experience was invaluable, his details were sent to disprove their lies (as well as the promise of a Fair Trading complaint).
The missing shelf was received within 3 days.

The advertising states 2 year warranty but the packing box & warranty manual state 12 month only.
It took 3 emails & a very stern phone call to obtain a statement of 2 years warranty in writing.

Apparently my experience is common. Don't let them bully you & demand what you have paid for.
If you are in the same position as I was regarding the shelf, quote my experience (Appliances Online invoice S102667381) as I definately received it after complaining & promising not to stop.
I hope this review is helpful to others.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great fridge great price

Very happy with it! Took a punt on the cheapest fridge by more than two hundred dollars in its class and do not regret it. They buy in generic products from china and rebadge them to the Esatto brand. Not a bad strategy if you ask me. Go for it.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Perfect for a second or drinks fridge

Very quiet plenty of space for drinks..
Very light fridge with a great door seal actually froze cans above the middle setting ..
The only fault I can find is the shelves seem a bit thin and there was concerns after putting 24 cans of drink on a shelf .
A great second fridge served us well over Christmas/ new year period

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Rubbish quality

On the surface this upright freezer looks like good value, but once you get it home and load up the draws you can see the problems. The draws are made out of light weight plastic, that become brittle in the low temperature environment. The top compartment cover broke in the first couple of weeks, to start with. Also, the draws aren't a good fit in the side rails. They are too loose. So when the draws are loaded up and you pull it more than 1/3 of the way out, they jam. If you try to push it back in, the brittle plastic breaks. You have to lift up the draw with two hands (one on either side) in order to slide it back in. So we now have a number of draws that are cracked and/or broken and no cover on the top compartment. Bad tolerances in the plastic molding and bad choice of materials.The rest of the freezer my be fine, but it won't be long before it's just one big compartment because all of the draws are broken. And thus useless.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

A very good buy

I didn't know Esatto make & the Esatto website did not list the 366 litre fridge freezer for me to make a decision, but liked the price & the simple clean look making it easy to clean, it is quiet & I am very impressed & glad I chose the 366 litre fridge freezer.

Great Freezer

I'm writing this review now as we have had this freezer for 6 months rather than some reviews that bought it yesterday. Great freezer - it looks small but holds heaps - 5 clear drawers and absolutely no noise! I can fit things in it like the square pastry you buy at the supermarket - a lot of freezers won't fit this. Price was just under $400 - I did research other brands but this did the trick. It does not defrost itself but that is an excuse to clean out the freezer every now and then (haven't needed to do it yet). Sorry to hear about Masters and hope the new buyer keeps this brand.

Questions & Answers

How do you open the top and bottom Drawers in the Esatto EUF172W
2 answers
Please can you tell me if you have found the answer to this question as I have the same problemPull them from the top, holding each corner so you don't bend the plastic, or just pull out and down from the middle.


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