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Hisense HR6CF146 / HR6CF206 / HR6CF307
Latest review: The only brand I know of which has a "fault" light which proved handy. You won't find it in the manual at all but it actually means that the refrigeration unit is struggling to keep the chest to the

Hisense HR6VFF280D / HR6VFF280SD
Latest review: Trouble with 3rd draw from bottom. Kept dropping off runners at front. Cut a peice of fibreglass rod 34.5 centremeters long and 10 millimeters in diameter has a grove it fits in now no problems. Hope

Haier HCF Chest Freezer
Latest review: good price not a bad energy rating and does freeze you products fast but unless u got somewhere to put it where the noise wont bother you i would look for a quieter option.the other problem is that

Westinghouse WCM1400WD / WCM2000WD / WCM2900WD
Latest review: Pros - Great size. I use it to store pre-made meals and it is fantastic for buying meat or other foods in bulk when on special. For a family of 5 it is a perfect size. Have had ours 8 months already

Miele FN 12827 S
Latest review: We bought our freezer August 2015 and are happy with the way the freezer works but like many others have had the handle snap off. I can't actually remember when it snapped off but it has been a

Hisense HR6VFF177A
Latest review: Never again, failed within a month,lost all our food, tried to contact hisense, surprise they are on a public holiday 28/09/18, checked online with other owners, and reset the defrost timer, hope it

Haier HVF-260
Latest review: I needed an upright freezer and this one was a great price for the size. The handle was a real pain as the plastic bits kept popping off. Worked pretty well - kept food frozen. Now after 4 years it

Westinghouse WFM0900WC
Latest review: Worthwhile extra freezer space to supplement the fridge. Keeps things frozen, and does get some ice buildup from time to time which needs manual defrosting. Small size is very

Latest review: When we were looking to replace our old upright Fisher and Paykel freezer we were looking at Hisense as we have a few of their products and like the brand, unfortunately they had sold out so we

Fisher & Paykel 358L Chest
Latest review: Purchased this chest freezer back in March 2001 and had no problems. Internal light needed replacing after 9yrs. Has a tendency to collect ice but has only needed defrosting every two or three

Haier HVF260WH2
Latest review: This replaced a "lemon" of the same type. this one has worked flawlessly (as its supposed to do). efficient. clear drawers/bins are great. but they do fog up when you open the door so its hard to see

Haier HCF101
Latest review: We only wanted a small chest freezer to supplement the freezer of our fridge/freezer that fitted into our compact laundry. The price was good, it fits exactly in the space we had available, it works

Westinghouse WCM5000WD / WCM7000WD
Latest review: This freezer is huge! I love how low profile it is so even shorties like me can reach the bottom without leaning and falling into it. Sliding baskets of two different sizes are a great idea.

Fisher & Paykel 143L Chest Freezer RC143W1
Latest review: Great simple, under-stated design well enough to be in and matching my kitchen. Needed some extra freezer storage. Perfect. We use the fridge freezer regularly. And, this one we open maybe once a

Miele F 1471 Vi
Latest review: I bought a Miele Freezer from Harvey Norman.. Its doing its job it is easy to use and I am very happy with the working and looking of the freezer i recommend the Freezer also it sells a matching

Beko FNE1074 94L
Latest review: I have had this for nearly a year now and it hasn't caused me any problems, it works really well, keeps the food cold and its frost free, it cleans easy and not noisy, I highly recommend this as its

Gorenje FN6192O
Latest review: Have had the unit since early January. Easily installed by delivery guys. easy temperature setting, frost free,with boost to freeze newly added fresh items. Drawers are great for 'filing' product

Bushman XD180
Latest review: I bought this chest freezer almost a year ago now, as an extra freezer for the farm. We keep it in the laundry and it works a treat. The guys from Bushman were really helpful and it was packed on a

Glacio PFN-MIH-60L-SS
Latest review: I bought this fridge 3months ago. Then I tested in my garage. It took from 24deg to 0deg in less then 30min. I left running on my second battery for 2 full days, and after that I still had 3 bars (

GVA G142CF15
Latest review: Got this new chest freezer to replace our old one it’s great it also has a compartment for your ice tray to put in and 142 l is good to store stuff in summer as well and it’s hard to open to

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