Be Aware They Have Changed This Fridge

We have owned 2 Evakool DC210's and the first in 2015 was EXCELLENT... The latest unit is disappointing because they have changed the control system and it is totally erratic with temperature variation that is unacceptable...I have contacted Evakool and they say this is normal... rubbish.
The fridge is quite capable but the fridge will run at 3 degrees then stick on 7 to 8 degrees then back to zero?!?!
We have lost food, particularly veggies, from freezing to to hot. It also ice's up too much where we Have to defrost far more often than the previous versions...
Good fridge but beware...

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Best fridge I have owned.

This is my third fridge in my caravan and beats the other two hands down ( Original Elecrtolux 3 way and the rubbish Waeco 135 litre) uses heaps less power and has thick insulation to stop it running non stop. Although only 12v I have also wired up the 240v/12v inverter so that I can hook it up to the 240v power at caravan parks. I am so happy with it I got rid of my waeco car fridge and also bought the dual zone 75 litre car fridge.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Frdge excells at what it is suppose to do

I originally bought a Chinese fridge with inbuilt condenser that worked fin until the temp got to about 34 deg then it just couldn't cope. So I replaced it for an Evakool 174 litre with the static exposed condenser and it has performed faultlessly from the Good Guys. The first fridge I received just wasn't as quiet as lead to believe it gurgled quite loudly. I contacted Evakool and they agreed to replace it which they did. The new one is perfect as far as performance goes. All they have to do is sort out the internals of fridge. Lack of adjustable shelves in the fridge is a pain, the door wont hold a 750 ml bottle and the freezer is just a single compartment. Evakool could learn a lot from the Chinese Biere fridge internals which has sliding drawers in the freezer and adjustable shelves in the fridge. But all in all IT DOES WORK WELL and is very quiet

Date PurchasedDec 2015

EvaKool Platinum 12 Volt Compressor Upright Fridge Freezer

Have now been travelling for three months with our brand new EvaKool Platinum 12 Volt Compressor Upright Fridge Freezer and it is performing well. The unit that was shipped to us we found we had trouble adjusting the temperature as it kept freezing the vegetables. We visited the EvaKool office in Caloundra Qld & was given the option to remove it & leave it with them to test & adjust (did not suit as we were living in the van) So instead they sent us away for three days while they pulled a new unit out of stock & conducted the complete tests on it (up ambient 47C!). Called us back, from camping on the Showground at Caboolture, to swap our unit for the new one & no charge! Very satisfied with the after sales service.

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October 2015 & the EvaKool Platinum is still performing well & our solar system is coping very easily with its operation. Jim T

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why has my EvaKool 210 litre upright Fridge/Freezer stopped working? There is power [12 volt] to fridge, it was bought on 27/2/2017.
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I purchased a Platinum 210L Fb 2018, twice I have taken it back to EvaKool Caloundra regarding what I would consider excessive noises and gurgling from the compressor, since then the noises have increased. How much noise and gurgling should the compressor make while running, very annoying!!!!!
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We have had two DC210 Evakools in our last two vans are are getting another installed right now because they are quiet and efficient. They do have a low level humm but never heard gurgling...sounds like a compressor or gasing issue. Have they evacuated and refilled the gas with the correct amount? Contact/Complain to Evakool directly.Thanks Rob, I will see them next week re noise issue


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