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Ezi Dri Snackmaker Drier

Ezi Dri Snackmaker Drier

FD500, D09H and D10
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Ezidri FD1000 Digital

Dear Kathy29, I am disappointed that Ezidri FD1000 Digital has caused the loss of your home grown produce. We have received the unit back from the store you purchased from and have sent it back to the manufacturer for testing. The report has come back as operating normally and they are unable to find any glitches that may have caused the temperature control to not function correctly. If you would like to contact Ezidri Australia, Adelaide office, we would welcome the opportunity to come up with a solution to meet your future dehydrating needs

Purchased in March 2019.

FD1000 failure

Bought FD1000 and after 1 use the temp was stuck at 30 and the fan was operating non stop for 4 hours. We couldn't turn the unit off had to unplug from power source. I returned it for full refund but lost approximately 4 kilos of home grown grapes and 3 kilos of home grown figs as we prepared these as per the manual.

Purchased in February 2019 for $285.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Used for: Hard Fruit and Soft Fruit

Love This Dehydrator - More People Should Buy!!!

I am really happy with this product and I like their honesty - when my package arrived, it had the names of each plastic component openly declared on the carton it came in. So many companies do not do that! In fact, it had lots of helpful information. The tiers of trays you see in the picture are ABS Plastic (that is strong and stable according to what I have researched). The solid Inserts we can make fruit roll-ups etc in and the mesh Insets we can place lots of Fruit or Veggie pieces on are PP Polypropelene (which is considered to be the most stable non-toxic plastic you can use for something like this) which are much to be preferred to the likes of nasty Tephlon Trays and Sheets which are used in the manufacture of the square cabinate type of Dehydrators we see on the market. If you copy and paste Images for Food Dehydrators Using Teflon Trays into Google, you will see how common the use of Teflon is!

I've had my EziDri Snack Maker with an extra 5 trays plus Mesh and Solid Inserts for many years now and had many hours of enjoyment using it to dry fruits and fruit roll-ups in particular and also my own Natural Museli Bars with no sugar, synthetic sugar or preservatives because they have a 100% Fruit Juice Base (non concentrate). I use 1 Cup of Unsweetened Pineapple Juice with 2 Bananas blended as a base for flavor and sweetness, and to this fruit pulp, I add some Rolled Oats and Coconut as well as chopped Almonds or Cashews, Dates or Saltanas and sometimes a little Powdered Milk for extra taste. If you add a small amount of Buckwheat to this mix, it makes a nice crunchy effect. You can also add some Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds and/or Sesame Seeds for added nutrition and to make the recipe interesting. Pepitas go well in the mix too but use only a small amount. When your mixture is ready, you lightly spray the Solid Inserts with Macadamia Oil or lightly butter them, like a cake tin, so your mixture does not stick (this is much healthier than Tephlon). You spread and press the mixture evenly into the Inserts - not too thick - and you use a knife to cut lines where you want to break the bars (in small portion type segments) so the mixture does not result in big round slabs when dry - you can break them easily. My sister loved these and asked me to send some interstate for her. They will be a great winner with kids of all ages!

You can also make Yogurt Roll-Ups with Greek Yogurt and Mashed Strawberries or Blueberries if you like - they are delicious! A friend bought some plums on special at the market, when they're in season - she cut them and boiled a mixture and spread small amounts of it into the Inserts when the mixture cooled down and made tasty roll-ups for her kids - the mix made plenty for home-treats to take to school or when they were playing. When the mix has dried ready, you can have fun with the kids, peeling them off the Tray Solid Inserts and cut them with a pair of kitchen scissors into portions....roll them up and pack these tasty treats.


Date PurchasedAug 2008

Great Product!

I have owned this dehydrator for several years now and it has done many days of non-stop work.
It is easy to use and has proven to be very reliable. It is also easy to clean.
I have used it to dry a number of different things, including tomatoes,onions, mushrooms, chillies and various herbs, which it did very well.
Mine came with five trays and has three heat settings.
It also came with a fine plastic mesh insert, a solid flexible plastic insert, neither of which I have actually needed to use.
The instructions include a decent drying guide and recipe book.
The only downside, is extra trays are quite expensive to purchase, if you want to expand it's drying capabilities.
This is a product I would definitely recommend.

Date PurchasedDec 2012

Replacement after 18 years of use.

I bought our first Ezi Drier in 2000. It “died” earlier this year and I had no hesitation in replacing it with a new Ezi Drier as I had such success with the first one. I always get a good result. I mainly dry fruit and some vegetables. Before we went around Australia in our caravan, I dried apples, bananas, pears, pineapple, mangoes, pawpaw, rockmelon. I cut them up into small pieces and added some nuts. We snacked on this mix while travelling. Very healthy and delicious.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

very quiet and does what it claims

Very good , easy to use,very quiet and can be used inside but does make the house smell of whatever you are drying. Only improvement would be a fitted mesh cap to fit in the central venting hole to stop flies etc being attracted to the sweet fruit smell , we just put a small wire mesh food strainer upside down over the vent and it does the trick

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Great & easy to use.

I'm totally happy with my ezidry. I use it everyday in apricot & nectarine picking season. It is super quiet and I prep the trays & turn it on so it drys overnight - it is super quiet. I use it on my kitchen bench and have no problems with any thing.

excellent quality and great price!

I've been searching around for a while for a great value, good quality food dehydrator when I found one on Kogan.com

This is the first time I have purchased from Kogan and could not believet he quick shipping time and quality product that they delivere, not to mention the bargain price. I could not be happier with their service.

Definitely wouldr recommend them as the to-go-to place for a great deal.

One of my best purchases

This is an amazing tool for the home cook. Great for dehydrating anything. I make my own soy milk and almond milk and use the dehydrator to create almond meal (flour) and soy proten from the result. No waste. I dehydrate my tomatos, mushrooms, fruits, bread for bread crumbs. It is fantastic. Use in a ventilated room as it does give off a lot of heat.
No waste in the kitchen.
You do need a ventilated room

It was good when it worked.

This is the first brand I have tried. We did semi dried tomatoes, jerky, bananas and parsley. Worked great for for the first half dozen runs. But then the heating wire breaks and it becomes useless. Called up the supplier, and was able to get a replacement heater unit at a cost. But cheaper than a whole unit. Replaced the heater and then it worked for about the same amount of time.
Stackable to 15 Trays
Heating element keeps blowing

I use this machine every week for drying mostly fruits, I start it off on the lower speed and then increase it after about an hour. I have used the machine constantly since i got it in Feb 2013I would've have taken it back to the store you purchased it from and asked for a replacement or refund. This consumer right is law in Australia…it is the CUSTOMERS choice of replacement, refund or repair if item breaks down within unreasonable time (I would suggest that an item bought for $199 would be expected to last for a couple of years.) Check out consumer affairs.I've had mine a couple of years and use weekly and sometimes daily and have had no problems. Did you use it in an unventilated space that caused it to overheat?

Great for Business

I already had one dehydrator that was really noisy & with a broken lid things took longer to dry than I needed. I bought another from a company in NSW sorry cant remember the name will write it up when its found. I am a muesli maker and dehydrate seasonal fruit for my product, the choices of fruit are endless but do apples and pears throughout the year including oranges for those people that have a fructose problem. My cupboard is now chocker with fruit ready for the whole year
So quiet, can hardly hear it going grear bonus as I usually dehydrate at night.
nothing wrong with it but should have bought a larger size

One of the best purchases I've made in a while

I brought mine about 6 months ago and I use it to do a bulk dehydrating session about once a month. I have found it has saved me a lot of cash in terms of snack food and probably helped me loose a bit of weight too :). It is pretty big so you might want to make sure you have room for it.
Reliable, excellent customer service and support

Great product if you plan to use it

This is a great product but really think about if you are going to use it as much as you think. I bought mine under the intention of drying a lot of fruit but have used it maybe twice haha. It works great though but make sure you have a well ventilated place to put it as it lets off a lot of warmth and is a bit noisy, I leave mine in the laundry. Try to buy when from a stall when at a show or convention as they usually have show deals on the day and can save you some money.
Easy to use, Quality is great. Works the way it says.
A bit bulky so make sure you have space.

product OK service hopeless

The ezidri snackmaker has been ok but after 5 years the element burnt out .Probably not bad considering I use it a fair bit.Before replacing it with the same brand I thought I would check on the web if parts were available as it had cost $170 it was not a throw away item .The company web page said to contact their Australian agent which I did by e-mail.On further checking of the web page I found a Perth agent so I rang and left a message .After several days no reply so I sent an e-mail to the parent company with my request .Several days later no reply so I sent another e-mail to the parent company.next day a reply saying to e-mail a particular person in Australia, which I did and a message came back saying it could not be delivered .I e-mailed the parent company to tell them and that is the last I have heard. I have now bought another brand of machine.
The machine produces a reasonable product with some effort
impossible to contact manufacturer to check on availability of parts

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now on 2nd machine after 1st had element problems(terminal).guess what? its done same thing!!!!!! words fail me.looking for different type of dryer now.

Great dehydrator for the family

This is great..had a few disappointments at first but my fault, not he macine...wonderful beef jerky and fruit roll ups...you need to follow recipes pretty closely..the machine is light but well made. Comes with a very detailed recipe booklet. Wonderful aid in sticking to the raw diet...love it, will get more trays later.
No need to be too concerned with watching over the process..set and forget..inexpensive, reliable, did what it was designed to do...do not expect an industrial strength machine.
Quite noisy but have placed it in the laundry.

3 stars because it does what it's supposed to do... but...

This dehydrator works as it's supposed to and dries food. Perfect for someone who wants to dry fruit, make jerky, dry soaked nuts and things like that which is why I've given it 3 stars.

However, as someone who does alot of raw foods/meals it is a pain mainly because when making raw pizza or raw dessert bases the large hole in the middle prevents you from making a round item so having to make lots of little ones spoils the effect

Cleaning is a nightmare because the trays are so large and don't fit in the sink washing them up is a messy exercise because water goes everywhere. Food/liquid drips down into the gaps in the tray and of course it dries there making it really hard to get off,

The biggest issue I have with it is that there is no 'off' button and it must be switched off at the powerpoint which is really annoying when the powerpoint isn't easily accessible

Honestly: for the price it is a great item! and for the price range you won't get a better one so if you're planning on doing bits and pieces it is GREAT for you. BUT If you are really into making raw meals, plan to do alot of it and, if you have the budget, you may want to part with $300 and upwards to get an Excalibur or equivalent. I don't have that sort of cash so I'll be happy with the ezi-dry until it breaks and/or until I can afford to upgrade
Easy to use, reliable, does the job
The round shape with the central vent, pain to clean, extras like teflex sheets are expensive, lack of off button

Questions & Answers

I have inherited an Ezidri Snackmaker FD500 and I'm super excited to try it out... but I didn't get an instruction manual. Please help!!
1 answer
Hi Lee-Ann, please contact us at sales@ezidri.com.au and I can send you an electronic version of the instruction manual.

Ezidri FD500 keeps tripping back to low. Have being drying mangoes and going beautifully till now.
1 answer
I have never had this problem. I would get in touch with Ezi Dri in South Australia. I am sure they will be able to help you.

We have milking goats and sell goat milk bath and body and farm gate produce. Some recipes call for use of powdered milk not raw liquid. I am looking for a dehydrated than can make powdered milk? Has anyone tried this in this machine thanks?
1 answer
I've never dried milk in a dehydrator but I do know someone who has dried eggs successfully. Perhaps you should contact the company to see what they recommend.


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