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Solid Camper with some basic issues, 6500kms travelled in less than 12 months no big issues/breaks

Still not many review for this model online so i decided to add my thoughts.

Bought this Camper mid 2017 from new dealership that just opened in NTH QLD. Had great service from the guy there. We were happy with the whole process, from coming in to view to pickup. He was very helpful with getting me electronic user manuals and he even called me in to the showroom when he got his first lincoln lx display model and let me watch him setup to give me an idea of how to do it.
I bought the newer version. (on the internet at the time the model shown had the spare on top and the rims were different). Got nice black rims and the spare tyre carrier mounted on the rear. Quite a long wait time for delivery but I got it with the colour I wanted, not white.

I did find some issues when we first setup at home. The LED lights in the front storage compartments hardly worked and I couldn't get the TV to work with the cables they provided. He offered to get me replacements for both issues but i just did it myself with better quality LEDs and a thick AV cable I had in the house.
The TV is very very cheap, I would guess less than a $20 item from china but once I got it working the picture was still as good as any and the sound from the campers speakers is really fantastic.

Very fast to do basic setup, starts to get fiddly when you want to do the awning. Due to the height of it we took a small step laddder (2steps) to aide us when we set up awning. Once the awning is setup its really sturdy, we didn't peg it down ever but if we did i believe it would have withstood very heavy winds easily.
The outside room is very easy to setup once the awning is up, just a very heavy duty zip and velcro and its done. really very fast and very good canvas. Downside to the canvas being so thick is the weight.

Once camper is fully loaded its very heavy and easy to over load, just with the amount of water, fuel, gas and fully loaded fridge you nearly pushing the limit without any other things in there so the roof rack it comes with it kind of useless. Removing it will give you a spare 100kg i think if i remember what they told me correctly.

Tows great, great suspension and good brakes. Lights are bright and easy to see for other traffic.

There really are so many positives i could keep listing, the tow hitch is amazing.. but here are some negatives to add on to the ones already mentioned..

Camping at your average camp grounds is really a breeze with this but we took it on a tour of cape york. just over 4000kms. Performed better than i expected but.. Stones absolutely destroyed the rubber stone guard. rubber coating was just too thin.
Dust eventually got in everywhere except for into the front tool/storage box where i kept fuel jerries. The inside of the camper remained mainly dust free EXCEPT for the storage boxes inside.. on one side where batteries are the hoses and wires go down through the floor outside, this was not sealed properly and was a major point where dust got sucked in (i should have picked up on this before we setoff). On the opposite side a crack formed between the join of the wheel arch and the floor letting in huge amounts of dust but it didnt leave the storage compartment. all this was fixed with some gap filler.. lots of gap filler.
Another very annoying this is its not 100% sealed from bugs entering.. it can remain closed up as much as you like but there are small holes where the canvas is on the corners of each folding end, you can fit your hand through if you want to and we found that's where a few small bugs came in when the lights where on. I dont see how they could have made it better as the canvas on folding ends need to have that part near the hinges detached so it folds. I just bought bug spray and sprayed on the outside of the canvas on those parts and it solved the problem.

No real big dramas, I really tested it on the trip, towing 100kmh on very harsh roads for 6hrs. Took it through water over the wheels. Nothing broke during the whole trip.
Still happy with this product and would recommend it but just be warned, some parts of it are cheap yes I will not argue there but others like the suspension, canvas and the hitch I found to be premium. Comfortable, we had family of 5 in it, great lighting inside, could really do with better lights on outside but we just bought a $100 LED strip and that was plenty to light up even the camp next to us.
Lots of power in the batteries and lots of water for really quite remote trips. On the second day i attached solar panels but could easily get 3 days, using TV, water pumps(shower and sink), fridge and lighting. While driving the car fully charged the camper easily moving from camp to camp. At some of the remote camps we really were easy to spot with loads of lighting and great surround sound movies being watched by the kids.

Not sure about the negative reviews on different dealers, ours was great but had little sales contact as I sorted the 2 small issues myself.
If you managed to read this all hope it helps. Was really no info about this product when I was researching it.

Terrible service, abusive sales representative in Canberra

I had read several bad bad reviews of Ezytrail, it’s products and particularly it’s after sales service. However the product still seemed a potential proposition so I went to the Canberra showroom. I was happy with the product presented, however asked a question on if they honour their warranties. The sales guy started being abusive, attacking me and customers who put a warranty claim in (it’s all their fault apparently) rather then engaging in a constructive conversation about their service level. Clearly their business model is to sell cheap products, not provide after sales support or honour warranties, and the when questioned attack the customer. This experiance unfortunately confirmed my fear I had. I was willing to give them th benefit of the doubt and try them out. Their response to my question, and treatment of me showed all the comments of their poor service are still true in 2018. They lost a sale that day. I will never go back.

Poor service even worse welding on chassis

I was really excited when I picked up my new camper but it only took one trip to put a dampener on that. We picked up our new Lincoln lx from ezytrail Adelaide and took it to Renmark caravan park for Easter. On the first set up the welds on the spare tyre stops snapped the tv had no sound and the stereo didn’t work so I rang ezytrail. And told them about the tv The response was we have never had this problem before but we will have it looked at so I dropped it off. After 3weeks with no response I rang again. I was told we we’re just about to ring you. And this was the stat of an ongoing saga of poor service. After this I decided to look over the trailer a bit closer we’re i found a cracked weld on the stabiliser leg so I climbed underneath to my shock the welds you can see are undercut with lack of fusion and excessive spatter. So I took photos and sent it off. I was then told the manager would be back in 2 weeks and he will look at it then. After 2 weeks I rang we’re I was told we were just about to ring you. You must have read our mind. What a load of crap. Any way the conclusion was there is no structural problems but they would patch 2 of the welds I was not happy with this approach so I picked the trailer up to have an independent weld report done they were disgusted at what they saw. Anyway the saga continues I would just like to let people know it’s buyer be ware and once they have you’re money there not interested.

Very dissatisfied and disappointed

This is our second ezytrail camper. Our first was basically the cheapest soft floor one you could buy and after getting a few initial issues corrected (like leaking canvas) it was fantastic and served our family very well. Roll on 2 years and we have decided to spend a whole lot of money and buy a hard floor one that can sleep everyone off the ground and be more easily set up.

We looked at all the brands that did this type of trailer and kept coming back to the ezytrail one. After all we had loved our first and had ended up getting good service from ezytrail so why not consider it again. Final decisions made and we had a brand new Lincoln LX. So off we went on our first camping trip. And sadly this is where all the excitement and enthusiasm ends. Set up was not what we were told it would be. It wasn't exactly fast, in actual fact it wasn't far off the old campers set up time. But it was easier if that counts for anything. The pantry cupboards and kitchen were great and easy to use. Sadly the fridge slide is not tall enough for our fridge so it can't go in the trailer, but we knew that when we bought it. And don't get me started on the beds. They have to be the worlds smallest double beds and they have the worlds hardest mattresses. I needed a massage after camping with it (and I have camped on a yoga type mat before). All in all though it wasn't bad.

Then we took it off road for a week. It coped and did go everywhere the car went. Overall it performed ok, but we found that even with solar panels we had problems with power and keeping the fridge cold and by the time we returned home there were a few things that needed repairing. Anyway after 14 weeks and 2 separate trips to ezytrail it is still no better and actually has more damage now then when it first went in.

We have tried to talk to ezytrail about this but have found ourselves getting nowhere. No-one wants to take any responsibility for the damage and they keep telling us we caused it. We have also been accused of not looking after it and that's why it is like it is. And the final insult was today being told by the state manager that 'you're a pain in the head'. His words not my interpretation of them. And then he added that he is banning us from contacting him or anyone in an ezytrail office.

To say we are very disappointed is an understatement. This trailer cost a lot of money and was a luxury for us and to have it perform the way it is has been disappointing. But worse has been the level of customer service we have received since taking possession of the trailer. They were very willing to assist us when we were looking and take our money, but back up is non existent and customer care does not seem to exist. I work in a profession where I deal with the public all day and it is not acceptable to say to someone they are a pain the head. As I mentioned before this trailer was a luxury and it has been looked after very well, getting cleaned out every time we return from a trip as well as getting cleaned and polished. So to have it returned with paint work damage and most recently a rip in the canvas is not great, especially when we are then blamed for it and get the phone hung up on us whilst trying to find out what they actually did. It is hard to believe what they tell us as a week ago we were told one thing about how they checked the batteries but today after contacting them about the rip we are now being told something totally different.

All in all the trailer isn't bad but the level of customer service is appalling and as a result I would not recommend ezytrail as a brand. They are seriously let down by their rude and unhelpful staff and considering there are a lot of similar trailers on the market for a similar price, I would highly recommend choosing another brand. We received poor customer service from all except one member of staff with our last trailer and it should have been a warning. But I think because of that one person our faith had been renewed, till we needed to deal with them again. Sadly the helpful person no longer works for them and we are back to dealing with rude people who only seem interested in what they can get from you and then they don't care.

Questions & Answers

Just reading these reviews, I'm out. i don't think i would even make the time to go to the show room cheers guys a big help, we are looking for a camper to travel around Australia and last more than a day...
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That's a bit narrow minded and quite a childish view. You are fooling yourself if you think there is a product out there that does not have the odd issues. Read reviews on the 100k lotus, not all sunshine there. Also if you pay attention to the 4wd shows that actually use campers/caravans none return in one piece one way or another. Even if you travel around Australia using sealed roads any equipment you use will feel the stresses. I racked up 4000kms in a few weeks in my Lincoln and had issues. Wasting time to post how you won't even enter a showroom isn't constructive. Don't go, either way anything you buy if you even do buy anything your going to have teething problems.

Is yours the Mk1?? If so do you have 2 poles for the tropical cover?? We just bought 2017 mk1 with the tyre on the back not top and only given 1 pole not 2 Thanks Lauren
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I have the one with the tyre on the back as well. As far as i know i have only one pole for the tropical cover. its a strange shape, not just a straight pole. Its more a long rectangle shape so hen its laying flat the tropical roof is flush with the campers canvas. When you stand it on its side then it tightens the tropical roof getting it to lift off the canvas. excuse my bad description. I never actually had to put the tropical cover on it myself, it was already on the camper when i picked it up and i never take it off. The strange shaped pole is always there. www.ezytrailcampertrailers.com.au/lincoln-lx-mk2.html#optional-extras-full Check this link out, there is a "tent setup diagram" on the downloads tab. download that file and it shows the exact pole i have for the tropical roof. Hope that helps.


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