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EzyTrail Stirling

EzyTrail Stirling

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Great buy / Great Service

The family (Mum, Dad and 3 little people) purchased a Stirling GT (forward folding) camper from Ezytrail Campers in Kilsyth. The service was excellent, and the level of communication from the company was exceptional. Luke from the sales team had all the time in the world to show us around our new purchase.

Looking at several reviews prior to our decision and experiencing the service first hand, we are satisfied we have made the right choice.

We are off to Central Australia in a month, and looking forward to using our new camper..

Highly recommend, very helpful with purchase.

I have just purchased a Stirling LX camper from PMX in Geraldton. Extremely helpful and jumped through hoops to help me which was very reassuring because coming from the country, customer service means everything. It means that if it takes half a day to rearrange the showroom so a customer can be satisfied with a product, that's what you do.

Unfortunately that didn't happen in the PMX Canning Vale showroom.

I had researched campers and we were very interested in the forward fold with the rear slide, but they were the only dealer in WA who wouldn't let us have a play with opening and closing the camper.

We already own a hard floor camper so it was very important to us to be able to set up and pack away quicker so we were quite disheartened.

That's was until i met Fabian in Geraldton.

He did everything he could possibly do for me and I was more than happy to buy from him.

I am now waiting delivery and thanks to his help, the delivery date is also early to coincide with our next camping trip.

Once I have delivery and after our first weekend away I will add another review for the actual camper.

Unlike other people on here who have complained about what they didn't get etc, I have ensured that everything was in the purchase contract so I am covered under consumer law, because that's what you do! (My 2 cents). That said i am confident i will get what i paid for.

This was posted on the 29/4/16. Sorry, I thought I had put this previous update here, but I put it in the wrong place... Happy Camper Apr 29 - 00:09 AEST I have just done our first trip a couple of weeks ago to the Nullaboor Muster. It was a 760km return trip on rough road full of corrogation and ruts. The camper travelled really great, towed easy and very smooth. Brakes were excelent. Thats the good... Now for the bad but all fixable and they have been excelent in helping out. Cant fault the service ive had. DUST, this camper is NOT dustproof. I was told to tighten the latches but that didnt work so they are sending some larger seals and I am adding some extra high density foam to go against the rubber seals. The stone guard, because it is metal it defelect the stones but doesnt slow them down so they bounce around the bak of the car like a pinball machine. It also isnt wide enough so the sides have all been chipped really bad back to bare metal. I am discussing a fix about that with them now. Sunday 1-5-16 We depart for 4 weeks on the Gibb River Road in the kimberly so im rushing around to get it dust proof and ready.Quite a few people have since asked for an update on this review. I am in negotiations with PMX Perth regarding several major warranty issues and it wouldn't be appropriate to comment until it has been resolved.

Questions & Answers

Can you leave the bed made up in it and also leave the annex roof on when folding it up on the Easytrail Stirling GT MK2
No answers

Have your warranty issues been sorted out and what were they? Have a stirling lx on order and would like to know what to look out for.
3 answers
Troy I would advise you to have a look at the Ezytrail Owners Group on Facebook, as it gets more activity for actual owners than this page.There are 2 groups on facebook, the above one is very good and informative and friendly however all posts are vetted and deleted if slightly negative. A newer one which is called: Ezytrail owners club (uncensored) This is very informative about the campers also but no posts are deleted.No worries. I've joined both. Looking forward to receiving my Stirling lx. Just looking for real feedback so I know what to look out for so I can hopefully prevent issues before they happen. Cheers

Have you received your camper yet? Looking forward to your review :)
2 answers
I owned the same type of camper and I wouldn't recommend any of these types of campers to my worst enemy. The towball weight is ridiculous when loaded with normal things, like two full gas bottles, a full fridge, a full pantry. some bits and bobs in the other storage compartment. My towbar was creaking under the strain and sagging from the weight (Ford Ranger, new model 3500kg towing capacity 350kg towball weight max with a 500kg extra weight leaf spring upgrade) so you can see that you can't have a more capable tow vehicle other than a 200 series Landcruiser. These campers should be a tandem axle set up to distibute the load more. In my opinion they should be outlawed totally! Just look at the side profile and how much is forward of the axle. It's wrong and I dont know how its gotten away with or been approved for road use. The licensing laws obviously need to be reviewed and a practical assessment needs to be made on each design ie: loaded with a standard amount of gear in the storage compartments provided, not just the dry weight and then add a payload allowance??? That doesnt add up in real life... This comment is general in nature to this design not just ezytrail."I bought what I though is the best tow vehicle and it sags when there is tow-ball weight added, this trailer sux" Lol, Someone does not know how to load a camper trailer.....


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