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Fisher & Paykel 373L Vertical

Fisher & Paykel 373L Vertical

RF373 Series and E373 Series
2.8 from 13 reviews

Awesome Skux As

This fridge is awesome, a couple of years later its still going strong. Not fancy prancy apart from the buzzer letting you know that you left the door open. Apart from that I've had no problems with it whatsoever. Really happy. I would've gotten the left side freezer just to complete the set, buts its discontinued.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Not replaceable

Purchased separate fridge and freezer five/six years ago. no problems with freezer. however within two months had water leaking at base of fridge compartment, replaced drain trough heater kit under warranty. similar problem occurred just at conclusion of warranty period once again was replaced. On Christmas Eve this year, fridge was not keeping temperature (granted was very hot weather) , turned up thermostat, nothing changed. Motor sounded noisy for a few days before this but then noise stopped. Repairman said had a slow gas leak and would need to go to workshop and costs would be $500 + and in his opinion not worth repairing. As cannot get another fridge to fit the size of opening and 373 has been discontinued have had to buy a new combined fridge/freezer and remodel kitchen. PS did get a second opinion from another repairman who concurred that fridge was not worth repairing.

Date PurchasedNov 2009

Wouldn't go past it.

I am just about to replace mine with the same one. It is just under 10 years old and it has been fabulous as has the freezer.I love the way it's compact, fits into my area and just looks great. Very easy to clean and reasonably quiet. The only time it hasn't performed is last week when it burnt out.

Never touch Fisher & Paykel again

Needs repairing for the 3rd time - same problem. Already cost over $1,000 in repairs. I'm not going to bother this time - going to buy a new fridge but definitely not a Fisher & Paykel - even though it's twin the freezer has been and still is good I'm cutting my losses!

Inferior Product

The evaporator tray is totally inadequate during warm weather with water dripping on the floor.
The plastic "thingy" is totally el cheapo design. I will never buy another F&P product. Possibly many others have the same opinion and therefore F&P had some severe financial hiccups not so long a

never failed

I've had this fridge for a few years and I've never once had a problem. I find with these review sites people only leave reviews if they have bad experiences. Don't be turned off by the unlucky few, this is a good, reliable and efficient fridge!

Never Again

Complete loss of gas at 4 years of age. Uneconomic to repair so off to the tip it goes.
This is the second one of these we've owned, as it's an unusual size to fit out kitchen,and both failed at similar age. Now altering joinery so can buy a different brand. Will never touch F&P again.
Terrible customer service also.

Not Happy!

Only bought fridge, not freezer, from Harvey Norman Launceston. Already had an awesome F&P chest freezer. Had to return immediately after first fridge arrived damaged in delivery. Should of saw this as an omen! Fridge broke down only a couple months after delivery. Repairer came and took nearly 2 months to repair as he said different problems kept arising. I Should of returned it, but I got it back just when I needed a larger fridge, so I kept it hoping the problems were over. The water trap had to be emptied often. Just after 2 years old it stopped cooling food completely, and although it may just be the thermostat, a repairer will charge me almost $100 just to quote, and given the fridges' history, am not willing to repair it. Its still sitting in a spare room, looking brand new. May just be the one I got, but I am keeping away from F&P where fridges are concerned.

A good source of water damage

Normally an ok fridge but the horrible quality of the evaporator tray brings it undone. Had the fridge for about a year and a half and it developed a leak. After some poking around found the water dropping from the front of the catchment tray that is suppose to allow the water to heat and evaporate out. As it turns out cheap plastic tray developed a crack in the tray right near where it is mounted allowing the tray to lean forward so the water just leaks out. Would not be a major issue except it has caused water damage to the surrounding kitchen cupboards it sits next to.

Must of got a dud!

We had to purchase this fridge as it was the only fridge short enough to fit under low hanging cabinets in kitchen. Within a couple of months the interior side of the cabinet started cracking, door seals never remain attached and have to constantly push and realine them back into the door, vegetable draw plastic thingy under the bottom shelf snapped tab off and doesn't stay up properly.
Still under warranty and will be seeking repair.
Low hight for capacity, easy to clean and has very good energy rating.
Poor build quality.

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Did they replace your fridge & what is your opinion of the after sales care of Fisher & Paykel? I am looking to purchase the E450 fridge to go with my E388LW Freezer so I am very interested to hear how you were treated when you had a problem with their product & how quickly it was resolved for you. Cheers


Easy to clean adjustable glass shelves are great.Plenty of room for just about any size dish.Keeps food nice and cold and never gets a smell.The door ajar alarm is handy to have.
Large family size with adjustable height shelves
Sometimes we find water leaking from the back reservor.Sometimes makes wiered noises.

Great appearance and function

This (E373R) was one of the only decent-sized refrigerators I could find that was without a freezer section and low enough in height to keep a microwave on top (1425mm high). It is a smart looking fridge with stable glass shelves that are easily height-adjustable and able to hold heavy dishes. I do think it could use one more shelf in order to make maximum use of the available space, though.
It's noise level is mostly very low, with only occasional louder moments. This fridge has a very good door seal and has a better energy rating than most other similar fridges (2 stars). The door alarm is set at the perfect volume - a gentle warning, not at all too loud or annoying. I've noticed that vegetables keep much better in this fridge than they did in my old one, especially when stored in the vegetable crisper. All in all I'm very happy with this refrigerator.
Perfect size, energy efficient, food keeps well, stable adjustable shelves, good door seal
Would benefit from an extra shelf


Reliable fast cooling fridge with plenty of space. Low noise, door alarm is great to know when the kids are browsing. Have the pigeon pair freezer too. It also is great.
Died just after warranty ran out but Fisher & Paykel still happily agreed to replace. heaps of room and fast cool down. Not to noisy. Bottles stay upright on flat glass shelves.
Can't put hot/warm things on glass shelves. If door self closes, have to wait to re-open due to suction.

Questions & Answers

I have F & P vertical freezer Model N388 Serial No MLF 296892R Product 12018 Series D. It is leaking water ( which freezes) on the right side of the unit which leaks out and door then does not close, This has happened twice in 3 months. We have had the unit for several years. Is it past its use-by date or should we look to have it repaired? Many thanks for your assistance. :)
No answers

I have a F & P upright fridge model e373 it is leaking water into the bottom of the fridge, every day. I have been told that it might be a blocked drain. how do I get to the internal drain, how do the panels come off?
1 answer
Hi Martin, They should just pop out - there is a space for your fingers in the centre between the two panels - from memory, these are attached by velcro. Water leaking into the bottom of the fridge was the beginning of the problem with my fridge - there was a problem with the thermostat, so I had it fixed and within three months ....leaking water again and then it became very noisy as a result of ice building up, that's when it was taken away for 2 weeks for investigation and repair - very expensive exercise only to have to go through the whole process again. The fridge was clearly a lemon! Hopefully your fridge isn't and it is only a blocked drain. I wish you all the best with it.

Great Fridge size wise, vegetables keep well in the bottom storage drawer BUT we keep getting puddles on the floor/bottom of the fridge which turn into floods on the kitchen floor, We have to place a towel at the bottom of fridge to catch the water. Have tried adjusting the temperature but nothing seems to stop it. We moved into this house and the fridge was here and we dont have a manual. Maybe someone here has a simple solution or maybe we have to get it serviced.
4 answers
Getting it serviced isn't the answer. We periodically have the same problem. Have tried cleaning defrosting and servicing. Turns out that you can't overload the fridge with food. Either that or the serviceman had no idea either. Still happens to us now and then but only when the fridge is very full. Good luck.Thank You Gustave, Yes ours seem to be ok for awhile and we think it has fixed itself but then we get another flood. We tried turning the temperature down in the winter time and this seemed to work for awhile at least. Its hard to work out why it happens. Will try not overloading although I wouldnt have thought ours was ever over loaded :) Thanks again for your advice and post, Best from VickiI was having the flood problem again so I cleaned out the fridge, left it off and open for 4 hours then re-stacked it. problem gone. Must have been ice build up in the back. Hope this will help you. Worst thing that can happen is you just get a clean fridge lol.


Fisher & Paykel RF373SRDW1 (White, Right Door)Fisher & Paykel RF373SLDW1 (White, Left Door)Fisher & Paykel 373L Vertical E373LT (373L, Left Door)Fisher & Paykel 373L Vertical E373LWW (373L, Left Door)Fisher & Paykel 373L Vertical E373RT (373L, Right Door)Fisher & Paykel 373L Vertical E373RW1 (373L, Right Door)Fisher & Paykel 373L Vertical E373RWW (373L, Right Door)
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Price (RRP) $1,449$1,449
Dimensions 1425 x 635 x 715 mm1425 x 635 x 715 mm
Energy Rating2 star(s)2 star(s)
Household Size 2-3 people2-3 people
Colour / Finish WhiteWhite
Handle Type External External
Smart Fridge NoNo
Shelf MaterialGlassGlass
Number of Shelves44
Number of Fruit & Vegetable Bins 11
Door Hinge RightLeft
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)
Total Capacity 373 L373 L
Fridge Capacity 373 L373 L
Freezer Capacity 0 L0 L
Replaced byFisher & Paykel 373L Vertical E373LWW (373L, Left Door)Fisher & Paykel 373L Vertical E373RWW (373L, Right Door)Fisher & Paykel 373L Vertical E373RW1 (373L, Right Door)

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