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Fisher & Paykel 451L Vertical

Latest review: I previously bought a LG fridge and freezer with twin barn doors and bottom freezer I never had so many problems with that fridge In my life, the company was terrible to deal with and after the 4th

Westinghouse WRB5004SA / WRB5004WA

Latest review: This is the worst fridge I’ve ever owned. I’m kicking myself that I’ve left it this long to write a review. Fridge was purchased 2 years ago literally and from the start it has been awful. You liter

Miele K 12820 SD

Latest review: I have owned a Miele K12820 for the last 3 years during this time the drip tray in the back of the fridge has blocked up so many times resulting in water leaking from the inside of the fridge on to

Hisense HR6AFF355D

Latest review: So we brought this fridge along with it's "pidgeon pair" freezer. Basically we were sick of having to dig into the separate freezer, having a pidgeon pair means we have versatility in the future if

Fisher & Paykel E373

Latest review: This fridge is awesome, a couple of years later its still going strong. Not fancy prancy apart from the buzzer letting you know that you left the door open. Apart from that I've had no problems with

Westinghouse WRM2400

Latest review: It is very difficult to maintain a constant temperature throughout the machine. Food at the front doesn't cool very well or stay cool. Food at the back freezes. Food at the bottom doesn't stay cool.

Beko RFNE290E23W

Latest review: It does everything we need. Its frost free and has drawers. It beeps if something is wrong and being narrow it fits in tight spaces. It was bought to replace our old F&P. The BEKO comes with a 5

Hisense HR6AF239

Latest review: 1 The fridge maintain perfectly the temperature with outside LED indicators of fridge and freezer temperature after the doors were opened. The motor is hardly audible, which is great in a combined

Electrolux EFE4227SA

Latest review: This is an excellent freezer - it was very easy to install and plumb in. The ice maker takes up barely any space in the top and (while slow to get started) it holds a lot of ice cubes in the tray. It

Euro Appliances EUF411SX

Latest review: i love that this can be used as a fridge OR freezer. I bought it to use as a freezer and it holds lots, with even more storage on the

Haier HRF328W2

Latest review: I bought this Haier fridge just before Christmas last year from Bing Lee Bennetts Green , and like its features of temp on front of door , flat shelves and door shelves and roomy , instead of those

EvaKool Platinum

Latest review: We have owned 2 Evakool DC210's and the first in 2015 was EXCELLENT... The latest unit is disappointing because they have changed the control system and it is totally erratic with temperature

Stirling (Aldi) 239L Upright Fridge STR-H239W

Latest review: Maintains good temperature even in hot weather after having a big dawoo fridge that broke down in the first 12 months and again after it got repaired this fridge is a godsend. Has a 3 year warranty.

Miele KS 37472 iD

Latest review: Ultra quiet intergrated fridge. Pretty tricky to install yourself so would recommend letting the professionals install it for you. Excellent temperature regulation, vegetable draws really deliver on

Changhong FSR269R02W

Latest review: The fridge maintains an even temperature and all shelves are adjustable, which makes it easy to fit in larger items by rearranging the configuration of the shelves. It is also very easy to clean. So

Miele K 1801 Vi

Latest review: We love the fridge but we had a lot of hassle initially with the installation and alarms etc. We felt the technician was rebuilding it from ground up. Multiple Problems which were fixed eventually

Liebherr SKes 4210

Latest review: This is an amazing fridge. I live in an apartment and needed a fridge that wasn't deep as my kitchen is narrow. This is the only reason I ended up with the Liebherr fridge and freezer side by side. I

Electrolux ERE5047SA

Latest review: I got this fridge last month while I was doing a Reno on my property and so far it has been great! It has maintained a consistent temperature in all compartments, has the perfect amount of space, 3

Esatto EUF172

Latest review: I did a bit of research before deciding on this model. With all the big brands out there come with big price tags. Then I found Esatto, it has the right size and the right price for me. It turns out

Electrolux ETE4607SA

Latest review: Electrolux is a quality and reliable brand and I have had no issues with this fridge. It maintains a cool temperature and is attractive to look at. It is easyto open and close, had adequate crisper

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