Leakage Problem-Previously Loved!

Fridge & Freezer great for 10 yrs, great storage with large open area and great number of shelf and door space adjustments which make family visit times home so easy for food and drink storage. Easy to use and looks great too! Exclaimed over by all visitors (and we are wont to show it off) BUT now we have a problem with water leakage in fridge. 50-100ml a day. Advised by F&P to clear drainage line at back. After removing collection tray we put wire up line, about 1m. Seemed to help and leakage stopped for several weeks but ongoing problem as we have to do every 3-4 weeks. Nothing seems to get dislodged. Difficult as we are not young and you have to lay on your back to find rubber flange at entrance of drainage line tucked up underneath back plate. This is after emptying fridge, and bringing out of holding space in the kitchen. We suspect there is a primary collection point up top but can't get access. Trades persons for white goods as rare as blue whales, just not interested and we can't afford new fridge, and or freezer. Also this Model has been discontinued. We love this pair of white goods in its brushed stainless steel finish but may have to eventually give up, clearing blockage as well as the once loved F&P Pigeon Pair! Ray & Sass

Purchased in September 2008 for $1,322.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
Household Size 2 person(s)

Simple and cool

I previously bought a LG fridge and freezer with twin barn doors and bottom freezer I never had so many problems with that fridge In my life, the company was terrible to deal with and after the 4th time of breaking down in under 15 months and no real explanation from this very rude company I worked out what LG stood for (Life isn’t really that Good) I choose to buy a separate Fisher and Payless upright fridge and the same freezer units well that was about 5 years ago and I have never had any issues with either of these and cannot recommend this company enough for providing an excellent product, especially with my 6 kids in and out of them continuously every day.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Good sized refrigerator for large family

This fridge has been great for our family. Unfortunately due to living in a house that has built in fridge area we will need to upgrade soon as having the fridge and freezer in separate rooms of the house is not practical. Keeps temp great and is very easy to clean. Would be nice to have more draw areas and a pull out lever box for tall greens etc. The shelf at the top is not very adjustable but we have worked around this. But having been able to do more evenly spaced shelves would have been great. The door handle however is not very sturdy for something that gets opened on a regular basis. Overall pretty happy with it and feel the price is fairly well suited.

Date PurchasedSep 2015


Never had the slightest problem with it in all the time I have had it. You can get a bit of a gurgle sound when you close the door in humid weather because there is more water in the evaporation thing on the top of the compressor, but that just a quirk.

Date PurchasedJan 2005

Terrible fridge, would not recommend

We purchased the fridge in 2016. Within a few months there was lots of water pooling at the bottom of the fridge every day. We continued to wipe it out but then got a technician out and something was faulty with a part at the back of the fridge (can't remember the name). This was temporarily taped up by the technician but only a few weeks later the same problem happened so F&P replaced the part for us. Then just recently we noticed the fridge was not cold at all however the light was still on. Ice appeared to be forming at the back of the fridge and we had to get yet another technician out to have a look (took them three days to get back to us and then another two days to send someone out). Apparently the defrost element needs to be replaced so now we have to wait another two weeks until the part is ordered from New Zealand. It is very frustrating when you do not have a fridge for at least three weeks. We would never recommend this fridge to anyone as it has been nothing but trouble. Very disappointed as we look after all of our appliances.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Such a great fridge

Never need to change the temp as it maintains an even temp all year round. Very easy to clean and doesn’t make a lot of noise. Easy to open esp for kids. I like all the storage space especially for things like eggs and butter and drinks and other instidentals

Date PurchasedJan 2011

Good looking

The fridge is a good buy. It is very quiet and no noise at all. The temperature is maintained very well. Plenty of room inside to store all your food stuff. Quite economical to run. Very easy to keep clean. it looks good in my kitchen and doesn't take up too much room.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Very good fridge, our second time with same fridge

Very good all-fridge unit, we have the matching freezer unit. We used to have the pair in the smaller size but with our family growing we went and purchased the larger size. We didn't consider other models as we knew from experience the Fisher Paykel did the job very nicely. The only criticism I have is that in both sized models, I found the fridge shelves a bit flimsy. They're plastic (as most fridges are) and they crack or break easily. For both fridges I've had to buy replacement shelves - they aren't expensive but it's a pain. Still, this is an excellent family fridge.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Lots of room

Good fridge for space if you keep a lot of food, its quiet and keeps great temp. There is lots of room for big bottles and veggie storage is a good size. The door also has lots of room for sauces and jars makes things easy to find. I'd recommend it .

Date PurchasedDec 2015

perfect fridge!

I love this fridge! with a large family I couldn't live without this fridge! I had read reviews it was noisy. I can hear it more than the last fridge but it certainly doesn't keep me awake at night.
i was worried about the stainless steel but it's so easy to keep clean. just wipe it over with a damp cloth. had it for 9 months now and looks just as good as the day i bought it.
everything keeps well in it. drinks are cold and fruit and veg are crisp. the only thing that would better it was if it were to have 2 veg crispers.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Fisher Paykel the best

I have had this product for a while and we even forget it's there it's so quiet and efficient. I have often recommended Fisher Paykel to family and friends when they have been replacing their broken appliances. The temperature control is excellent through all compartments and it's so easy to clean the see through fronts on the drawers is a bonus, you don't have to open every drawer to find what you need.

Date PurchasedJun 1997

Perfect family size

This fridge is excellent for a medium family. It's quiet and has well organized storage space. The temperature control remains even and the glass shelves make for easy viewing of what is behind the front items. The doors have adjustable dividers which I like for separating wine from milk or juice.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Very good for price

Very good at keeping even temperature, needs better lighting for lower shelves, bottle shelves are great.Very quiet and seals well. Shelves are very strong and have lots of adjustment. Very easy to clean. Being all fridge is great for family functions heaps of room for larger items like platters etc

Date PurchasedJan 2017

A succession of failed refrigerators.

Purchased a F&P E450 from a Melbourne retail store that delivered and installed it. Door hinges failed in March 2016 - F&P diagnosed transport damage and replaced refrigerator. The replacement fridge failed in January 2017 and F&P technician diagnosed loss of gas and control system problems. The fridge was taken to the factory for repair and returned in February 2017-this repaired fridge lost it's gas within 4 days. Currently I've asked for a
another replacement fridge as the current one is a total lemon. A technician will come within a week to confirm the loss of gas (the symptom is no cooling with a small patch of ice in the top RH corner). I'd prefer to get my money back but I'll have to settle for a third attempt by F&P. Pity F&P had a reputation for quality products 20 years ago.

Date PurchasedOct 2015
To their credit, Fisher and Paykel inspected this fridge today and have agreed to replace it. I hope the third fridge is a good one.It's nearly two weeks since the replacement Fisher & Paykel fridge was delivered . It's working well. Its bigger than the original as the original size is no longer made. To their credit, Fisher & Paykel have stood by their original warranty.Six weeks after the final replacement fridge was installed and it's still working well. Hopefully Fisher and Paykel have got it right.

So far so good

Finding an all refrigerator is not easy. There were 2 different makes available at the time. We chose the FISHER & PAYKEL model E450.
This fridge is keeping excellent temperature. I find the only drawback is the fan that seems to be on most day and night. F/P suggest it takes very little power for it to be on. As stated "So far so good". It has adjustable shelving but seems to take less items than my last 450lt fridge. The door does need an extra little nudge to close otherwise it starts to beep to inform the door is open. A good feature but the door seems to have a spot where it hangs up, needing that extra push.
Easy clean and frost free. Plenty of spaces in the door. That is where it needs to be balanced to close.
On contacting F/P they were most helpfull in answering some questions we had regarding the fridge.
As for price, it was almost double to the cost of a Frige/Freezer. Why is that?

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Nothing but trouble

On taking out of the box after purchase, the handle was not screwed on properly - only the top. The door wouldn't close properly, even after re-adjustment by qualified fridge technician. Continually leaks water out through the bottom of the fridge despite checking drainage outlets on back of the fridge. The coating finish over the steel is deteriorating & peeling off - most unattractive! Has been a real disappointment. The matching freezer though has been trouble-free.

Date PurchasedJan 2002

Stay clear

This is my second one I have bought due to size requirements. First one died at about 5 years. Second one has started to fail after 18 mths. Door won't close properly and now incessant beeping. I will not buy Fisher and Parkyl again. My F&P chest freezer and front end loader also died on 5 years

Only Fit for Landfill

Fridge completely failed 6 times in 8.5 years in total (first failure @ 2 months old). It was repaired by F&P 5 times (3 repairs under warranty) but same problem persisted and fridge constantly froze entire contents without warning. On the 6th time, they told me it was not worth fixing any longer. I threw out so much lost food and wasted time off work. F&P refused a replacement and insisted I purchase a new one from them because this one not worth repairing any longer. Stay away from their fridges unless you have unlimited tolerance and endless time on your hands to waste.

Hello Karen, I would like to look into your concerns further. Can you please e-mail me with your details to customer.care@fp.com.au Attn : Denise. I look forward to hearing from you.Denise - I have already had Nancy look into this and I am not happy with the outcome. F&P are asking me for another $1000 to replace the fridge and I find this insulting. It has been nothing but trouble since the beginning - aside from the amount it has cost me during its lifetime. I paid the same as every other customer and I deserved a product of the same quality. I didn't get it and I am loathe to pay anymore money to try this whole experience again. Please feel free to check my file (happy to verify my details off line with you). Serial number of my fridge is RPQ780938. After 5 failed attempts to repair it - clearly there was something very wrong with it from the start..

Great fridge - no problems at all!

We've had this fridge for over a year now. We had read some reviews about F&P fridges being noisy, but we needed a fridge-only, and it had to fit a certain space. My mum has another F&P model and it behaves beautifully, so we went for this one. I must say we have been very happy with our purchase!

For a start the internal space is considerably more than our old Westinghouse which was only slightly shorter. The wine rack really helps with efficient use of space, and the door shelving is very practical. Can easily fit tall bottles and there is a rail on the lower door shelves to keep taller items stable.

Good lighting, no problems at all with condensation or freezing things. The glass shelves are easy to keep clean. Very quiet - occasional gurgling, but only for a few seconds and its not often. The door suction is firm - but we can easily open the door after a few seconds.

Really, I cannot fault this fridge. We are now looking to buy the companion freezer.

Do not buy. Customer service atrious.

I am the manager for a reasonably sized office (75 or so employees). We purchased two of these as staff fridges and although one has been faultless, the other has been a never ending trail of faults and errors.

To make matters worse, the customer service from Fisher and Paykel is beyond atriocious. Their "supervisors" vary from exceptionally rude and unprofessional to highly helpful but unaware of their own warranty terms (ie you can request a replacement directly from them under Australia law if it is a major fault yet they still try to dispute this).

The service techs are all fine and decent but the company and attitude to customers, in our case we've had a tech out 6 times in a month to fix one problem, I've had enough and asked for a new fridge and have basically be left with a faulty fridge for 2 weeks while they "decide" if they will actually replace it.

Sorry but never ever again will I deal with Fisher and Paykel. All other companies I've ever dealt with for such things have bent over backwards if there's a major fault to ensure the customer is happy and to ensure fairness prevails but not Fisher and Paykel, they'd rather have a broken fridge in an office of 75 while they muck around, in some cases lie about sending a manager out to make a decision on the spot that it will be replaced, only to then cancel and send a tech who comes out and says "yep still broken, needs to be taken away", and then around you go again while they argue that it's ok to take it away for an undisclosed period and return a refurbished machine - I paid for a new fridge not a factory refurbished model.

On the product itself, it is neither remarkable nor unremarkable, functional, doors are hard to open I agree, but it's just a fridge... go with Westinghouse and do yourself a favour, avoid Fisher and Paykel.

Edit: The fridge broke yet again and this time after another round of calls to customer service, they agreed to replace it, but I received a call on Monday advising of this, no call back about this during the week, I called again on Wed PM to ask what was going on, was put on hold for even more time while they came up with their spin, and told there was no record of the replacement, after to-ing and fro-ing I told I would be called on Fri pm, did not happen, so again I called, again on hold for more than 30 mins and finally told they don't know what is . Finally I received a call back and was told that I would have to wait till middle of May as they have no stock... in all of Australia, a major company like Fisher and Paykel has no stock - utter lies. I have this one in writing and when (not IF but WHEN) the fridge does not arrive I will go to consumer affairs. I am absolutely astounded by Fisher and Paykel - any other company would be so ashamed of their treatment of a customer and make it right but with Fisher and Paykel there's an attitude of rudeness/don't care/can't be bothered and although they do their jobs, there's no apologies, no responsibility taken, no follow up, I've had to push the whole way. I would categorically say I will never buy a Fisher and Paykel product again and am tempted to send an email around to all staff detailling exactly what has happened but then again an out of order sign on a "new fridge" in an office of 50+ people and with more than 2000+ stakeholder health professionals seeing it every day it speaks for itself. Never ever again.

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why is water under crispers and where is drain hole
1 answer
The moisture collected inside the cabinet should drain out & down the back of the fridge into the tray sitting at the base of the fridge, at the back. If the drainage line, which you can’t see blocks as it does over time with stagnant sediment then it should drain if you unblock. When the drain line blocks I think the water drips into the front of the fridge and down to settle under the crisper draw. If you look inside the fridge cabinet you can see the droplets making their way down. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to access behind the internal back wall to see what is happening. We have though found the hole up into the drain at the back. It is a tiny little rubber flange that is tucked up into the metal plate above the drip tray at the back. You need to practically stand on your head to find it with a torch! A piece of thin wire can be pushed through the flange, it is little slits in it, and threaded up. Again unfortunately this has only provided temporary relief from the slow but insidious gathering of water under the crisper. There must be a tray or collection point behind the internal back wall that flows into the drain and then down into base tray that is also probably needing cleaning but how to get to it, who knows? Hope this helps if not solves problem.

I like many others have water leaking constantly from this fridge. There is no drain hole in sight to unblock? Unless it is hiddden? It also freezes up sometimes if I dont keep constantly wiping it out. Im talking a good cup of water a day here. Can anyone tell me how to fix it other than either buy a new one or get a technician out? Surely it is something I should be able to do, or have I just got a dud?
No answers

Compressor stops fan constant except when open door, fridge stays at 20 degrees. Help?
No answers


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