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FoodSaver VS4500

FoodSaver VS4500

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a piece of junk

I purchased this appliance at Myers boxing day sale I had, from the onset, problems to get it to operate sucessfully and took it back, where Myers promptly replaced it, but alas the replacement was no different, and does not work efficiently, I discovered that if you apply finger pressure to the lid that it will work well, but not all the time, it really is a matter of finding the right spot to apply finger pressure to, I bought a Sunbeam because of the brand reputation, but this quite frankly, is a piece of frustrating junk If you are in the market for a food saver stay clear of the Sunbeam VS4500 and save yourself disappointment

Purchased in January 2019 for $120.00.

Hi Brian , Thank you for contacting Sunbeam. The VS4500 should not need extra pressure applied to it to operate. Please call us on 1300 881 861 and we can sort this out for you. Kind Regards, Sunbeamthank you for taking the time to contact me ,I have tried several times to ring1300881861 but am continually asked to call back later you can if you wish contact me on 0408877303 regards Brian L

Amazing Food Saver

The Sunbeam Food Saver is exactly that. A food saver!. Very easy to use and sits nicely on my kitchen bench. Can prepare food in advance and then vacuum seal. Have used for home made pastas, salami, vegetables, fresh lettuce, vegetables. The list goes on. I also use it for storing things when we go camping. Affordable and excellent quality!!

Purchased in April 2019 at Betta Home Living for $110.00.

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Hi maria, thank you for the great review, happy to hear you are enjoying using the product!

Absolute rubbish. After loosing two hundreds of food it's back for a refund

It vacuums . It deals. But then if you store it in the cupboard that bag will let air in slowly over a day or so and you will loose seal

Purchased in December 2018 at The Good Guys for $119.00.

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Hi Simon C, Thank you for you feedback. If you have not already returned this to the store please call us on 1300 881 861 for us to trouble shoot with you.

My machine won't vacuum seal properly

Hi. My foodsaver wont vaccuum and seal. When I press the vaccuum seal button it vaccuums the air out then the machine releases prior to sealing and air reenters the bag. It wont seal at this point. I have to press the seal button to seal my food. I cannot return it to Target as I dont have the receipt. I am awaiting contact from Customer Service.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
Hi JC so sorry to see you are having issues with the sealing, are you able to PM your contact number please and the team will give you a quick call to assist. thanks heaps.How do I pm youPlease click on the private message tab which will be on the left of your screen.

Good Device

I wanted this to save money by vacuuming my food to last longer. The device is a good price, the bags are a little expensive. I got this model because of the size, but I kind of wish I got the other model that cuts the bags and stores the bags. I blanched some vegetables and the moisture in the bags stopped the bag from sealing and I found it very frustrating. There is only so much drying of blanched vegetables you can do. The instruction booklet said put in paper towel, but that did not work very well. Wasted bags because of this.

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Hi Diann, bags are a little on costly side but of best quality. Hope you have better luck with sealing but please contact us and we will only be too happy to help with any problems. Thanks for your review, we take all comments on board...

So far so good. Improvement over previous model.

I was disappointed when the previous model (VS4300) broke right at the end of the warranty period, but Sunbeam support sent me the upgraded model. And it seems to be completely overhauled and much better built. Pretty much all the complaints I had with the previous model have been resolved.

There are now independent seal and vacuum modes, there's an ergonomic latch to apply pressure rather than awkwardly doing it with the palms of your hands in just the right spot to activate the switches, and the bags seal right next to the edge rather than leaving a gap of wasted plastic.

We'll see how long this one lasts. It feels a bit more solid than the last one.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hsrjh82, yes this model does seem to tick the boxes and with a great price point. Very easy to use and yet compact. Happy sealing!!!!!!

Works Well

Have used this for some yeast, so had to make the bags smaller. Using just the heat seal first to make the right size worked well. The vacuum part worked well too. Made a small lasagna in a foil tray to freeze. Froze it first then vacuum sealed it. Stopped the vacuum bit early as the container started to crush a bit, but I expected that. Easy enough to use. Extra bags are expensive but easy enough to find and purchase. Had a sunbeam before that worked very well(used for freezing fish...no more freezer burn!), tho I think this one works even better. Gave that away to someone 5 years ago when my husband was killed....stupid me! So went out and bought another one! Travel a bit with frozen food and freezer bags just don't last with the vibrations in the freezer so this will be much better!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great unit

I bought this food sealer on sale in an effort to try and make my food last longer. As a single person it's very hard to grocery shop in a way that doesn't end up with wasted food.

The unit is easy to operate and the generous starter pack of rolls and bags will keep me going for sometime. I had no issue with making a good seal, although you do have to be careful to line it up properly on the line (I may just be over cautious on this as it is all new to me). I can see online that the bags can be re-used which should save me even more money.

Looking forward to the $ saved being able to buy in bulk!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Questions & Answers

Received my sunbeam vs4500 food saver as a gift in September 2018. Tried to vacuum and seal some meat. Power on pressed vacuum seal, on for about a minute then stopped. Did not vacuum or seal. Please advise?
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HI Alice, You need to make absolutely sure the bag is tucked into the sealing channel correctly. If not the machine will not vacuum and seal it. This is the most common reason for it not sealing. I would also suggest you go to our website www.sunbeam.com.au and download the instruction book if you don't already have. Hope this gets you going with it.

Hi. Is the hose able to be fitted to a foodsaver wide mouth vacuum lid sealer for ball mason jars? Thanks
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Sorry Jared, I have not used the hose, I only bought it for the bags. But if you take your jar into Harvey norman and try it. When I went looking they had all types open to look at and the sales person was very helpful :)Hi Jared, no the Foodsaver and Ball systems are totally separate and you won't be able to seal the jars with the VS4500 Thanks JaredThanks Diann. I ended up buying a mightyvac 3800 hand held brake bleeding kit which has correct hose fitting and coat me about 70 bucks and wide.mouth jar sealer( by sunbeam) to do the job..only wanted to seal mason jars anyway. Take care. Thanks for ur response sunbeam official though i think u could have upsold on a foodsaver vs4500 by suggesting after its purchase buying a kit from u guys( it would have had to be states admittedly) with hose and sealer.


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