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Ford F Series

Ford F Series

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The Tank

The Ford F250 Pick up dual cab comes with Air Con, Power steer, electric windows Cd Player and one big diesel engine a 7.3 litre turbo diesel V8. Ride wise this truck is harsh with in direct steering with lots of play. Bumpy roads can be scary as it jumps all over the place and you tend to feel its great size even after changing to better shock absorbers its still present. Build quality is below average with the interior cheaply fitted with hard plastics and tacky fit. Exterior wise these trucks tend to be solid but paint quality perishes with age. Vehicle I tested was a genuine 35,000km unit as I know the owner who purchased it new and it was falling apart on the interior with the paint starting to age already.
Good Power Massive Torque
Build quality and over priced as a used buy

Transmission4 Speed Auto


Bought exambo 2001 F350 SA Auctions 79021 klm on clock 7.3 litre. Use it for charity/church work flood relief. Done 11 trips average fuel with big load 13.7 litres per 100klms ave speed 80kmh. Drove Adelaide to Brisbane ave. 12 litre per 100klm at 80 kph. Plenty room, comfortable drive. Even wife likes the F350. Met female Gatton harvest contractor with F250 reckons best vehicle ever had for long distance towing/servicing of harvesters carrying all the gear. Love the V8 diesel. Staysafe.
Reliable, high up, easy to spot in big carpark.
Take it easy on the corners.

Shame they still aren't selling it.

These things are great, they're big, powerful, and demands presence on the road. No-one is going to tailgate you, cut you off or otherwise give you grief if you're in one of these. The crew cab can comfortably carry 5-6 adults and there is room to put your feet up and stretch out.

Yeah they're thirsty. But I don't think it's safe to compare these with other utes, it dwarfs them. They're comparable more to light trucks. Same load capacity, sometimes the same size, and similar fuel usage. But the Ford is safer (your knees aren't the crumple zone), more comfortable (because you aren't sitting right on top of the front suspension), less front-heavy while empty and actually has off-road capability.

Wish Ford were still selling it, the new model is more comfortable and luxurious inside, has more features to secure the load and is a tad more efficient. You only get it via imports and they'll ask 6 figures, minimum. Still, it's a great piece of machinery.
Big, durable, capable off-road, reliable, everything anyone like a tradie, a builder or a farmer would want, and then some.
Wish the horn Ford fitted gave it a bit more road prescence, mine sounded like a Corolla's horn, for some reason (nothing you can't fix thanks to aftermarket parts though), they don't sell it anymore and again, thirsty by ute standards.



if you want a great all purpose ute, a very large one that is, that seats 5 people with space to spare, that turns peoples heads and makes other tradies utes look like plastic toys.. get an f series!
great ute, one of the best cars i have ever bought, and i have had plenty! heaps of room inside and in the tray for all my work gear. tows anything. no- one cuts you off in traffic or gets upset when you take up 2 spaces when parking. bought a canopy for the back and spent 7 nights travelling around country towns with my wife and dog sleeping in it! i just love the size inside to stretch out when traveling or even eating a pizza, the center console lid is bigger than a pizza box. i am 6 ft 5 and its one of the cars i never feel crampt in. has touch screen dvd cd player subwoofer stereo installed, extremly dark window tint and its a nice place to spend a bit of time in..
ok, so it uses a bit of fuel, average is 20L/100km, but it weights 3.2 tons and has a big fuel tank so who cares! (sorry toyota prius owners)
would like the better luxury interior like the U.S versions get.

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