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Plays up ALL the time, you can't even search TV series, you gotta go online and find the names of individual episodes on TV series to search on Foxtal Play!!


Crappy service that wont allow you to play directly from your tv anymore. What idiot thought of that? I think they would lose a lot more customers now. Stupid crap that changed it.

Trash fire. Poxtel is the worst thing about GOT ( including Ed Sheeran) ...Half a star.

Barely functional app. Menus and navigation are ludicrous, nonsensical and don't work with the hardware that they are installed on. Fast forward and rewind don't work properly and forget about scrubbing. Foxtel seem to have no regard for their customers other than being targets for their weird propaganda shows.

Foxtel Play is Crap!

Useless, hard to navigate iPhone app. Why no AppleTV app? Also no app that I can download to my smart tv from the Opera store. I also get constant buffering (even though I'm getting 12Mbps download speeds). Overall, it's useless!


Hardest app I've ever used. No option to navigate a season of a TV show, you have to search episode by episode. Doesn't even have a break down by category.

Disappointed with dodgy channel packages

My partner had Foxtel Play to watch F1 races and I selected the documentaries package. This was about $49 a month. We recently split up so I signed up for Foxtel Play but the packages have changed. I’m not a sports fan but I knew I’d have to get some kind of starter pack and then add docos. I thought I was just not looking properly when I was trying to add the documentaries package at sign up. I couldn’t find it but thought once I signed up it might be easier to add and remove packages. Ahhh no. It’s not. They’ve changed the packages so in order to had Kids or Documentaries, you must have the three premium packages: Sport, movies and drama. So.. all the channels for $104 per month. Are you serious Foxtel? You have Netflix, Stan to compete with, you have ads, the streaming service was a great plan but what on earth are you doing? I will be cancelling after first month.

HBO hurry up and move to Netflix

A relief to see other people saying much the same. No HD, seasons separated for no reason, hard to navigate, crashes. So bad.

Horrible system. Rubbish company

Horrible app that is hard to navigate one episode to another. Instead of a entire box set folder for a show they separate season after season. I ask any person to find Season 1 of Game of Thrones or Girls. And then find the season afterwards.
Horrible app. Terribly expensive. Not worth it

Absolutely garbage

Complete and utter trash.

Offers me the ability to stream on my xbox one, which is nice. But only allows me to stream certain recent episodes. It's an arbitrary limitation added for absolutely no reason. Signing in through a browser I can watch every single episode of Fear the Walking Dead. On this absolutely trash app, I can watch season 4. That's it.

Why in the absolute f is streaming limited on an app while perfectly fine through the box or through the laptop version? That's like if logging in to netflix on xbox meant you couldn't watch any of their originals for absolutely no reason. It's a nonsense limitation and warrants a 1-star rating on it. The complete lack of usability of the product warrants even less stars.

Stay far, far away from this garbage.

Thank goodness it was only a trial

Compared to Netflix and Stan, Foxtel play is utter crap! Keeps crashing, can’t fast forward to the part I was actually up to. Erode it crashed cause it keeps on crashing!

Doesn’t allow you to like shows or add them to a favourites list to make it easier to go back to what you were watching....

Need to really improve your service Foxtel! Won’t be signing up that is for sure!

So many things make this horrible

I have never written a proper review before but I felt it was 100% necessary to write about how horrible this is. The streams constantly drop for no reason, the frame rate is horrible, I use Foxtel go mainly to watch motorsport and it's almost unusable because everything is so jumpy with the terrible frame rate, it constantly glitches and tells me I have to deregister a device, but for some reason it registers the same device twice, the most frustrating thing is that it has been broken for so long and there is no aim to fix it, I have been using this service for over 2 years and it has not improved at all, if there was another service available to watch all my love motorsport I would swap over in a heartbeat, I pay for this service and we deserve better than this, fix your stupid service Foxtel.

Why no HD

Why can't watch AFL in HD in this day and age should not to put up with this sub standard display.
TELSTRA TV displays in HD so why can't FOX PLAY.

Crashes my Sony Bravia TV

Absolutely rubbish, crashes my Sony Bravia android TV every time I use the app.
Other apps work perfectly.
Good job it’s a free trial, I won’t be signing up.


This app never resumes correctly and most of the time it starts from the beginning when trying to resume. The resolution is crap even though I have a 4K TV with an average of 150mbps when connected to my hotspot. The menus are clunky and slow and for some reason they have video streaming in the background of the menu. I will be canceling my subscription shortly.

Absolute crap software platform

Foxtel play platform is so crap, especially on the samsung smart bluray player app. But foxtel play do not allow you to create personal profiles, this is really annoying, it doesn't keep or remember your previous viewing data, only the last program you watched, it does not allow you to set favourites, and the crappy live tv box in the menu drives you nuts while trying to select your next program, so you have to mute the tv so you can concentrate. Absolute crap basically, i cant wait until Australian licencing allows other services to have add ons like: starz, showtime, hbo, like in the usa with amazon and hulu.
Netflix and stan have a better software platform in australia. Unfortunately they have limited access to programs due to a greedy Murdoch monopoly.

Horrible. Why can’t we give no stars?

This is a horrible service and I would advise everyone to stay away. This review is based of the ps4 and Xbox apps.
I have nbn 100/40 and it still buffers like I’m on dial up. Picture quality goes from average which is the standard to poor constantly. Drops out completely and requires a restart or at least backing out to the main menu constantly. I watched the F1 practice session and it required three restarts in the 90 minutes of viewing.
Frequently get a something went wrong pop up and the app fails to start.
The apps are poorly designed and not easy to use. Often requiring you to log in and often not taking you where you select. I will select TV guide and it will take me to channels or settings randomly.
When Foxtel are notified of these problems I get no useful help regarding the problems. Simple troubleshooting which I’ve already performed 100s of times. Uninstall app, tester so, reset modem etc.. when questioned on picture quality they told me that is the quality is fine it must be my internet connection tried at other locations with the same results.

Absolutely horrible service. Disgrace that we have to pay such a high amount for sport and have such terrible service.


I had the free trial and I cancelled it within few hours. The constant buffering and the quality looks like an old VHS cassette! Utter disaster! Not to mention it’s way to pricey for a bad picture quality...all in all, worthless and a rip off, not worth the money!

Piece of crap

Biggest piece of crap. Slow and designed poorly. Restarts required often. Login required every use. Nothing good about it. Waste of time and money.

Foxtel Play

Foxtel have done nothing to improve the Foxtel Play app you get sucked in subscribe it works ok for a few weeks then the streaming process is total crap. Most TV's do not use chrome as their internet access to the app. So you end up hooking a pc to the TV and then you might actually get to watch the programme before it bombs out, the streaming picture quality is also rubbish. I am junking my subs as soon as the walking dead S8 completes, Not prepared to fork out a further $99 bucks to robber FOXTEL for their Foxtel Now puck box. I love Netflix and they just poop over Foxtel Play/Now as a streaming service. Wonder what CBS via Chanel 10 will play out like.

Online streaming is rubbish

Foxtel streaming, especially over the Play app is absolute rubbish, it is good when it works but it's plagued with so many errors that it is ridiculously hard to watch sometimes. It's also very disappointing that you pay for a service which still gives you ads, just a joke. Netflix, Stan, Bigpond movies, all others I've tried are better and don't have ads.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone ever had a satisfactory answer from Foxtel when complaining about the constant buffering and dropping out altogether on Foxtel Play? I’ve called, they say it’s my TV or internet speed despite having NO problems with Netflix, Stan, Amazon, ABC iView or SBS OnDemand.
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Foxtel are well & truly aware of their poor performance and have done NOTHING other than create the puck box at an additional cost of $99. According to a recent article in the news Foxtel lost many subscribers during 2017 and their profit was drastically reduced. The appointment of a new CEO for the combined Sport and Foxtel businesses may change their attitude because if they continue to overcharge for a product that does not deliver, they will eventually go out of business. Netflix has caught Foxtel with their pants around their ankles and is forcing them kicking and screaming to account for their poor past performance. The streaming service Foxtel Play has been rebadged as Foxtel Now (the new app is still not available on most Smart TVs). I cancelled my subscription at the end of Outlander and the Walking Dead S8 part 1. I was blunt in my assessment of their crap service - did I receive a follow up call. NO WAY that might have actually provided a customer with a remote possibility that Foxtel cares less about their customer base.

I'm interested in using the free Foxtel Play trial for the next two weeks to watch the french open, and then to deactivate my account so I am not charged anymore. I have read lots of reviews saying the quality is bad, but I was wondering how easy it is to deactivate an account. On the website they say it can be done through a simple link, but many people seem to need to call customer service which is never fun. How have everyone else's experiences cancelling been? Is it easy or does it take a lot of effort? Thanks :)
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I went a similar route with the free trial. Only through Telstra TV is the quality in HD, but still has buffering issues. All other devices is in SD and the quality is quite poor, especially if you are used to HD quality steaming with Netflix and Stan. It is a simple process to deactivate the account, you can even do it the next day and you can still access the content for two weeks. Unless something has changed, read the fine print.

Thought I would try Foxtel Play to access AFL footy. It had been working well enough until the first game last night which was on channel 550 Footy +. The picture was pixelated and unwatchable. All other channels appeared normal. Anyone else having same problem?
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Yesterday i found the signal was worse than usual early evening, lots of buffering. It seemed to get better later though. Its very hit and miss, its definately at thier end though cos stan was perfect. May just have to tollerate all the buffering if you want to watch the game? I used to have the Foxtel Platinum package but saved nearly $100 per month switching to Fetch TV and Netflix. Only thing I really miss is AFL & Game of Thrones. AFL Live Pass isn't too bad. Don't have streaming issues with Fetch or Netflix. Quality of Foxtel Play isn't too bad especially Anytime option. Hoping AFL streaming improves. Thanks for your thoughts.


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