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Freestyle Optium Neo

Freestyle Optium Neo

2.7 from 3 reviews

Worst BG monitor!!

I get as many if not more error readings than BG readings on this unit. This is exceptionally annoying given the cost of BG strips and typically needing to use on average 3 strips to get a reading. It’s only positive is that you can test ketones. The machine prior (which I believe was taken off the market) was far superior. I was fortunate to get this from a diabetes educator, I’m so glad I didn’t outlay my own money.

Inferior to previous versions

My previous Freestyle Optium recently failed after about 5 years of reliable use.
The Optium Neo supercedes it, and was sent to me free, which was nice.
However, it is inferior to my previous meter in every way. I actually just saw these for sale at a chemist for $20, so clearly they're now made down to a price.

1. New version requires larger drop of blood, &
2. only gives you a few seconds to add more.
3. Buttons under the surface are less easy to use (must press quite firmly), and
4. More presses now required to get previous BGL readings to show.
5. Unit now takes 2 batteries, but no longer has backlight!
6. After 8 months use, Neo is giving me low battery indicator, but batteries tested fine (3.0Vea.). Fixed this by removing and putting back same batteries again (not fresh ones).
So a dodgy connection? Actually, I bought another brand cheap meter (BGStar, made by Sanofi-Aventis) while waiting for this replacement; and it did the exact same thing!...

Very Happy!!

This is an excellent little monitor. It can measure blood glucose and ketone. What I like the best is that you can connect a USB cable and print the results on a computer. You only have to download the software from Abbot's website. Handy when you see your doctor. This monitor was given free from my Chemist but the strips I had to pay for. If you are on insulin the strips would be at a reasonable price of even free for you. I really like it!

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