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Frontline Plus Plus for Medium Dog (10 to 20kg)

Frontline Plus Plus for Medium Dog (10 to 20kg)

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Get rid of this product. Useless!

I treated my medium size dog with this product 4 days ago.. today i found on him 6 large adult ticks and small ones.. whàt is this? Water? Please get rid of your product from the shelf! I've been using this brand and its USELESS! What a shame... and its too expensive! 6 vials for $66.00.


This rotten product had brought my 5 year old malshi out in raised itchy bumps
along his back...they, in turn, turned into black scab-like crustaceans that would break open. It has taken me many, many months and wasted monies, until I found out the cause of these bumps is this bloody Frontline product! A few short weeks after stopping it all the bumps and scabbylooking things had disappeared. I now just give my gorgeous little companion a quick tiny rub-over with apple-cider vinegar if I happen to see him scratch anywhere. No more fleas....a happy little doggy once again......more money back in my purse...........Why are these products allowed to go on harming our animals.

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