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Frontline Plus for Dogs

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I have a visiting dog from out of the area and is larger than mine can I use 2 5kg spotons for him
1 answer
I am not sure what size your dog or the visiting dog is? You don't say.

What is the best flea and tick control medicine for dogs?
1 answer
Frontline Plus worked great for about 5 years with both of our dogs..... but something happened.... maybe the fleas became immune to it? Excellent product to start with.

Why would it be my dogs still have fleas after using frontline plus?
1 answer
Fleas have become immune to the main ingredient in frontline plus recently, so they can still live even though they're exposed to it

Is it safe to use Frontline Plus on my dogs when the product is past its use by date?
2 answers
I'm not sure it's unsafe - but chances are it won't be as effective. Best bet is to check with the manufacturers - merial. They probably have a customer service hotline you can call.Frontline plus didn't work on my dog before the use by date so good luck after it!!!

How does this company Merial keep getting away with selling this product?
3 answers
Because not enough people complain and hold them accountable, and it doesn't help that certain Vets endorse it for money, it would be great if they actually told the truth!thankyou I agree!!Wow, Snack King thought this was a trusted brand but after reading all the experiences of other people not so sure. Can only hope the company puts some effort into R&D to make a product that is not toxic and actually works.

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