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Gasmate Burner Stove

Gasmate Burner Stove

1095 and 1305
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Great stove at a great price

Just got my second one of these (the first one I believe was damaged while drunk - turned the knob too far in one direction and stuffed the valve).
The first one I had for about 7 years, and honestly it would have lasted at least another 7 before it was damaged.
I’ve had it operating in high winds without issue (the wind guards do an adequate job). The gas output absolutely trumps any of those cheap ‘canister’ stoves and is very similar to gas output of my kitchen stove (you can easily boil water and cook at very high temps with this).
You Can use ‘camper’ gas bottles from 2kg, or you can buy an adaptor (also available at Bunnings) to use with 8.5kg ‘Swap ‘n’ go’ bottles. I also bought the optional cast iron double hot plate, which gives it that proper BBQ feel.
My only criticism is the gas hose can be too short at 600mm, which generally means that you’ll have to sit your gas bottle on your table (or on a stand of some sort) as it’s not long enough to have the gas bottle on the ground.
For $43 from Bunnings it represents fantastic value, and I just don’t see any value in spending more for a 2 burner stove.

Purchased in March 2012 at Bunnings Warehouse for $43.00.

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Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Not working very well.

Bought mine at Cole's. Put a new gas in and the fire heat was so low that it doesn't even boil my water so I thought it must be faulty, got another one and it's the same. Disappointed.

Good classic stove

Brought it from bunnings for about 43 dollars and it works really well does what we need it to do and I can't really say anything bad about. It cooks food and boils water and works ok even in the wind I'm not sure if the more expensive brands do any better job but I know this one works well I use it for large family picnic's and day trips so far so good

Great camping accessory

This is a decent camp stove and works well even in wind, thanks to the windshields. The fold out stand is sturdy making it a suitable for heavier loads. Control of gas flow is accurate. The fact that it can folded closed is great, protecting the burners. The hose could be a bit longer. Also if you want to use a swap and go cylinder you will need an adaptor.

Basic but good

Not sure which model it is so don't go by the number. It is a two burner stove and does the job well enough. The fact that it has a wind break was the decider for us. It's one of the cheapest on the market and functions fine. No regrets so far. The burners are not recessed like the more expensive ones, but for the price, it matters little. We used it in a windy environment and we had no issues.


This has become a regular when we've been car camping or going for a day walk and know that there is no public BBQ's available or allowed. Not sure if you can get smaller gas bottles (using a 4.5kg which takes up a bit of space) or even a pump-up small camping bottle.
Its been a great addition when car camping - reasonably light weight and folds up neatly. Has its own wind shields when set up that give good protection. The casing is fairly durable and has taken a few knocks without any major damager (scratches only)
Nil - one control knob kept coming off but nothing a bit of superglue could fix


Overall this is a great compact little unit - there is also a Gasmate brand zip up case available at extra cost which I recommend.
I've never used or owned a 2 burner stove before so I am no authority but I found this to be very efficient and easy to use. The griller is a great added feature for cooking snacks such as grilled cheese on toast etc.
Nothing much except that the griller plate seemed wide enough to toast two pieces of bread at once but only did the corners - this problem was alleviated by instead toasting only one piece of bread at a time in the centre - a little annoying because it takes longer to toast bread for a group but still a handy feature.

Questions & Answers

L have a 2 burner gasmate model 1095D what type of hose doses it take and type of gas bottle ??? Thanks Ross.
No answers

What hose fits this cooker?, the one I bought just does not screw on. Shop doesn’t know, they looked blank.
No answers

can us use the with a regulator? is will it effect flow rate as i modified mini to fit larger gas bottles.. but flame is tiny and will not go very well?
1 answer
Bridget it’s not designed to work with a gas regulator. If you want to use a larger gas bottle, you just need the adaptor for the included hose (don’t use a regulator hose).

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