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Gasmate CS170

Gasmate CS170

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Downright Dangerous DO NOT BUY

Brought this from KMart about 2 weeks ago. I had change the butane container over to a new one. On my 2nd cook the flame from the cook top was burning about 2 feet into the air. I could smell gas as well. This product needs to be banned now. It appears the recall of the product from last time hasn't worked

Purchased in February 2019 at Kmart Retail Stores for $20.00.

Worst stove ever

Bought one and only used it twice and the cartridge broke, stupidly bought a second one and it melted. Don't ever buy this stove, waste of money, we ended up having no food to eat at the camp.

Cartridge keep rejecting, cannot be loaded

I used this stove for 3 times, first two temp were around 10, works fine. Another time temp was 17, the cartridge keep rejecting, tried another new cartridge, same problem. This stove should be named cold winter stove.


I've used 2 now for 3 years. BBQ's on weekends as I don't trust public BBQ's being clean. We use one for BBQ and one for kettle.
Used on camping trips too - no problems

You get what you paid for!

Do not purchase this product. Flame does not light up as strong as it used to. Does not cook food as good as it used to. Only lasted for a month. Be careful investing your money on this item.

These are not your mates!

I bought two and both failed the first time I used them - the first one leaked gas which caught alight and melted the stove. Thought it was just bad luck and stupidly bought another which was problematic to ignite and then took half an hour to even warm up a kettle. Put it straight in the bin when I got home. Looks like the Gasmate canisters don't fit them properly. Avoid them - they're dangerous!

Load of rubbish. I'd give it no stars if I could

Took 25 minutes to boil 300 mills of water to make a cup of tea.Useless. I also tried a Primus model. Basically the same result. Useless. I gave them away as raffle prizes.

Same Problems as other Reviews

Flame too high and cannot regulate, them flames goes too low. There must be a leak somewhere as it uses cylindersl far too fast. Bin it and get another make !

Cheap crap

Bought from Bunning. Item does not work. Straight out of the box, inserted the gas can pressed the button down with the slit of the can on top and the button bent. Cheap crap . Will return back to Bunnings up to 6 times to get one that works once to prove a point.

Waste of money

It lasted three weeks. The regulator valve is faulty giving a very low flame. I purchased one from BCF and another from Bunnings. I thought I was just unlucky but BOTH failed within a month or so with the same fault.
unfortunately I cant get my money back as I didnt keep my docket.
Another problem with this type of unit is that the gas bottle freezes up and stops flow of gas....so you have to take the gas bottle out ...warm it ...put it back...repeat.
The Spinifex brand is much much better.

Absolute rubbish stove, buy something else

My Gasmate stove worked OK - once only. Since then it wont boil 500 mills of water in less than 25 minutes. Total crap. Im going back to boiling my bush tea on small wood fires here in the Australian desert. This stove is going in the bin. Waste of money.

Poor safety. Low gas pressure.

This product is one which has been released for sale and supposedly deemed safe, after the widespread portable cooker recall. We bought one to replace the cooker model which was part of the recall.
There are three problems with this model.
First, the locking mechanism which interfaces with the gas canisters has been modified, but in such a way that it is now possible for the cannister to rotate in the housing when unlocked. This means that if you then lock the cannister back in, without checking it is in place properly, the valve is depressed and gas freely escapes into the housing instead -- although the lock cannot be fully engaged. This makes it obviously less safe than the original design.
Second, the gas pressure seems to have been regulated down markedly. Now, even with the control knob on high, the gas is only flowing at the equivalent of 'medium'.
Third, the plate on which you put pans or pots is now fixed in place. It no longer can be removed to invert it for stowing away, so the cooker is less compact when packed away. The case is now around an inch thicker as a result.

Save yourself a hassle.

Bought 2 portable stoves in early 2017 (incl. a replacement), but none held flame beyond startup. Obtained refund (retained receipt). Bought Primus portable stove elsewhere; still use Gasmate canisters. No further problems.

Very Dangerous

I also bought this item from Bunnings. Did not use it for 3 months. worked ok once then the lever would not go down. When I tried a little harder, it just leaked. On inspection all the rivets were hanging off.
Useless load of cr*p. I also have no receipt

Two months old and gas is leaking

Bought this stove on Jan 20, 2016 from Bunnings. Used it everyday except for the last two weeks. Went to use it today and now gas is leaking from it. Tried different gas cannisters and the problem stays. You can see and hear it escaping! I agree with bennyarn about the the poor heat output problem too.
This, obviously, is a very dangerous situation.

Poor results

Bought this stove from Bunnings just after butane stoves had just been released again. The problem I have with this stove is poor heat output. All it will do is reheat food it will not cook and it will not boil water. I have tried everything and the only way to improve it is to hold the dial to the point of ignition which is no good and probably dangerous. I have lost the receipt and am stuck with this dud.

Questions & Answers

Why is my new gasmate stove is burning with a yellow flame and depositing spot on the cooking pans?
No answers

Is the CS170 safe?
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I'm answering my own question but the Department of Commerce site Western Australia states that this model is the only single burner butane model that has been classified as safe. The others were withdrawn after a recall. The butane cartridges are another matter. Also be aware that pans that are too big will force the flame down onto the the cartridge, causing it to overheat. Stay safe people.From my experience with this stove, I say it is not safe. The gas escaping was highly visible.Thanks for your answer. There are faults and there are design faults. Your stove may have been faulty, even though it was made in the last two years when the modified ones were allowed to go on sale. The other complication is that the stove might be the problem or the can of gas. The stoves were recalled but the cans weren't. It seems that a safety mechanism was added to some cans so that they let gas escape if they get too hot. Some cans are clearly marked with this feature. If you have a stove older than 2 years I would chuck it out.... i did

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