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Gillette Fusion Power

Gillette Fusion Power

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    tjz25Sydney, NSW

    • 20 reviews

    Overpriced, blades blunt quickly, all hype and marketing


    I had one of these a few years ago, and ended up chucking it. They may give you more blades, but I'm pretty sure each blade they do give you is designed to blunt after about 1-2 uses.
    I tried upgrading to their "pro shield", that was a mistake I'll review later...
    I ended up switching brands and getting a schick hydro, it's cheaper and actually lasts longer ..



    • 3 reviews

    bad blades, wear out quickly


    bad blades wear out quickly, i dont recommend buying this. there are cheaper alternatives. Such a painful experience they are impossible to use and had to be thrown away.

    Never buy Gillette sensor 3 shaver


    Fusion compared to Mach3


    I’ve used a Mach3 for years, A excellent solid product. By mistake bought some Fusion blades. Had to then by razor. What a mistake. Fusion is rubbish. Difficulty. To connect blade to razor and blades are blunt in no time. Whoever in Gillette developed the Fusion is a fool. Gillette company should be embarrassed releasing such crap,

    Kogan typical of his type


    No service when I complained just ignored me sent me wrong product
    Sent several complaints
    No return
    Never again kogan
    Never again kogan
    I'm now in the market for HDTV tv
    Won't be shopping with kogan



    Gilette = the best


    I just bought a new gilette pro-glide razor. I usually have to replace my blade about once a fortnight as I have very thick facial growth. This razor however is great! I know longer cut my self when shaving, get beard rashes or an uneven shave. I definitely would recommend this product to other hairy-faced men



    • 273 reviews

    very good shaver


    It's a great shaver and does an excellent job though the blades wreck up a bit quicker than the old school shavers not to mention the new blades are expensive though in my opinion it's worth it

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    I usually use shaving gel with the Gillette fusion razors shaver though I don't bother with using the Duracell triple a battery Gillette has provided as it shakes for nothing and doesn't actually help with the shave


    Andrew1960McLaren Vale

    • 13 reviews

    Great Shaver


    I have owned one of these shavers for several years and have found it to be the best shaver I have ever used. Sure the blades are expensive but the results are terrific. I buy my blades from a supermarket when they are on special and have found them to be just fine. Perhaps your problem might be with Kogan not with the product.
    Nice shave easy to use
    Blades are expensive





    Do not buy this product. Blades feel blunt and pull rather than cut. Such a painful experience they are impossible to use and had to be thrown away. This product is not worthy of one star. I use to be a Kogan fan but these are a complete waste of money. I feel completely let down to the point that I will have a hard time trusting any Kogan product again.

    Blades feel blunt and too painful to use.

    Kogan blades are worthless


    I agree with everyone who has complained about these blades. I should have known better i havebeen involved in testing and selecting low cost razors for my business , and whilst these kogan blades certainly look the goods , they are totally useless.they are typical of most chinese blades, the steel is just not good enough and the sharpness is not there. , maybe also the pitch of the blades is wrong
    Gillette charge like wounded bulks but they can do so because as we all know their products are truly fantastic
    All that glitters in the kogan range is not gold

    Blunt and very rough shave

    Pretty Bad


    Stay away from this product, If I have an option to rate less then one star I would. Blade just Blunt and cause irritation to the skin. 14 days money back guarantee if your not happy is not applicable for this product and doesn't say in the Kogan site. I only found through Customer service


    Agreed bought these and regret it. They are blunt and pivot incorrectly resulting in a terrible shave. They are clearly poor imitations.


    Totally agree. TERRIBLE PRODUCT. Just one swipe across my cheek and it caught every hair and I was howling in pain, as if it was waxing job.

    KOGAN Gillette Fusion Power razor blades


    do not touch these, they are total rubbish, the pitch of the blades are wrong and drag worse than a blunt original, total waste of money, I have had to throw them away and Kogan were not interested in my complaint, they just sent me an email saying they can not honour the return due to health reason. Very poor customer service.
    drag on the beard creating a very uncomfortable shave, worst that a blunt blade


    Thanks MikeG for your review.


    How true! Now I wonder if I can trust ANY Kogan productt Shame on you Kogan You have ruined your good name! Ian Sheppard


    Stick with manual saving only. Motor fails.


    Have been using Gillette products since adam was a boy, back before the Gillette 195 adjustable was introduced. Generally very happy, BUT, these new battery fusion, SORRY, shave is good but the motor gives up even before the battery is finished. I have had two (2) bettery fusions in less than 12 months and both have crashed. New batteries still no go. Two other people in this same house-hold have similar experiences. I shall not recommend the battery version but still go with the manual version. Cheaper also
    Good blades, shaves close.
    Motor crashes after only short time



    • 70 reviews



    This razor is a good modern unit. It seems to shave quite closely and uses a AAA battery to give it some vibration and as to whether that really does much I'm not so sure about that. The blades seem to last a long time and the battery itself is lasting a long time. Overall I have been quite pleased with this shaver and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.
    Five blades for a close shave and also another razor on the back of it for the finer details such as trimming neat lines.
    The shaver and the blades are expensive.



    The "power" really is no more than a gimmick, its expensive to buy more razors and their $1 a week claim has no merit what-so-ever. I was very dissapointed and have resorted to disposable razors instead of this.
    The blades are sharp and do get a close shave, batteries last for ages.
    Caused massive irritation to my skin.

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