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Ripped off, exchange rate is 40% more

Even they don’t charge Commission and fee but rate is Incredible, I know the rate at Sunday air port won’t be good but 40% is too much, they give me 15% off, I did not think much about rate, I exchanged 88000 Taiwanese dollars, I only received 3320AUD, I should get 4000 AUD if I exchange from bank.


Ripped off in my home airport

I bought 28500 Vanuatu Vatu in melbourne airport - it cost AUD$500. In Vanuatu I cash advanced 30000 Vanuatu Vatu from an ATM. Cost ....AUD$391!! Over $100 more and I get less in exchange. I got my currency in an Australian airport expecting that I would at least get a reasonable rate. I bought local to avoid being done over in a foreign country but I have been horribly ripped off in my own airport. I looked around the airport before I went to GlobalExchange as I was used to Travelex or ANZ but they have a monopoly - I couldn’t find another provider.
I strongly suggest you get currency elsewhere.

I wish there was a zero star.

Highway robbery. Rates are about half of what they should be. Sydney airport is doing a huge disservice to travellers allowing this company to operate here. Please bring back Travelex or another reputable exchange company.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Airport Currency Exchange should go before the Banking Royal Commission for ripoffs

Currency Exchange at Sydney Airport gives the worst possible rates. Margins for most currencies exceeds 40% for each transaction, buy or sell. The Banking Royal Commission should look at this for how a monopoly will gouge the consumer as an example of appalling behaviour. I have never exchanged my money in Australia as I know rates are bad, but Sydney Airport just takes it to the next level. Matter of fact, I have never bought anything in Sydney Airport as I know that is the worst possible deal you can get. From Pharmacies to Duty Free, everything is dearer at Sydney airport than anywhere else.
Here are rates for some currencies and you can see they are buying at about half what they are selling the currencies for.

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