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Heinz Baby Basics Soft Tip First Feeding Spoons

Heinz Baby Basics Soft Tip First Feeding Spoons

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Good Little Spoon

I really like these spoons, especially as they are like a little scraper & get EVERY last bit of food off bowl. Have used them with both my kids. Soft for mishaps of hitting bubas teeth :) 4mth spoon did me till they were about 1yr old. They do stain badly & discolour regardless of the colour purchased, but it didn't worry me.
Works just like a scraper to get all the food out of the bowl.
Stains easily.

Glad I chose to start off using this spoon

Nice soft tip so know won't hurt baby when putting food in. Nice gripable handle. They come at different age groups but I never bought the next age up, just stayed with the six months and my son has been fine and still happy to use them at 12 months.
Nice soft tip, easy to feed baby, comes in handy pack of three
Can get strained but not really a problem for me

Makes scraping the bowl easy when bubs is screaming for more!

Bubs & I love these spoons! He loves to chew on the soft tips (may not be good but oh well!) and I like that they make it like scraping cake mix from a bowl with a spatula when getting the last bits out!

Could do with some bigger soup spoon shape ones for eating soup and sloppy food because they don't hold that much liquid and it drips off.

They do stain easily which is disappointing.

Am a bit concerned about them harbouring germs after reading another review below - hopefully they don't as I have quite a few of these and want to keep using them.
Easy for me to feed bubs with & he likes the soft tip
Stain very easily

Just what we needed

I found this spoons wonderful when my son started eating as they are soft and relatively flat- other spoons were often to deep for him to get the food out of. He loved/loves cheewing on them, mainly when he's teething and they won't cut his gums like metal or hard plastic will.

No that he is starting to try and feed himself they are perfect as these seem to be the only spoons he can get food onto and then in his mouth with still a little food on them.

I really like the rubbery, soft tips as it makes it easier to get all of the food from the bottom of the bowl.
easy to use for babies who are learning to eat and toddlers who are feeding themselves. rubbery tip spoons are soft on baby's gums, easy to find at supermarket, target and baby stores
spoons get stained easilt from the colours of the food


Didn't really like these much about these spoons. We picked them up cheap to try them out and didn't use them for long. They stain really really easily, doesn't really matter what you put on them, they will discolour. And because often what a baby eats at that age is mushed vegies this made the staining worse because of all of the pumpkin, carrots etc. The spoon was also too big for attempting to wean a baby from breastmilk onto solids. Also, the spoon was somewhat flimsy and would easy be caught in a mouth with new teeth
Nice colours
Spoons stained easily, not right size for weaning, big soft


I was sent one of these in a sample pack and although I use it occasionally, I wouldn't buy it. Because the spoon is deep, the food doesn't actually go into her mouth. I have to either pile it up super high (in which case I have difficulty if she doesn't open her mouth really wide) or I end up trying to put the spoon in upside down (and then the food usually falls off before I get to her mouth). I also dislike that the spoon stained and discoloured so quickly, I feel like it's never really clean.
I actually don't like much about it
Stained really easily. Because the bowl of the spoon is deeper, the food doesn't go into her mouth very well!


I this spoon is fine but there is nothing special about it and for me all of it's sell points are it's down sides. We liked it at first as I felt that the softness must be easy on his gums but I am feeding him gentle any way and if he is teething, as a lot of babies are when they are using their first spoon, their gums don't really want something that is gentle. We have another spoon that was hard and it works much better.
They do get the food into his mouth fine.
The softness is really a con. It gives my baby’s one tooth something to sink into so he gets hold of it when other spoons just slide out.
I have been using mine for less than two months and the rubber has been stained with pumpkin and this concerns me. If that can be absorbed by the spoon how confident can I be that germs are not harboured in the rubber as well.


These spoons were great for starting solids as they are soft and flexible of babys mouth and gums, but do not 'grow' with your child as other spoons do. My toddler started gripping the spoon as we were taking it out of his mouth which over time bent the spoon in an odd shape making it unusable.
Soft on babys gums and easy grip for first spoon
I found that the price was quite expensive for only 2 spoons, and as my toddler grew teeth and over time he ended up bending the spoon into an odd shape and the spoon became unusable.

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