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Hisense HR6AF351 / HR6AF351B

Hisense HR6AF351 / HR6AF351B

HR6AF351B, HR6AF351BS, HR6AF351, HR6AF351S
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6 reviews

    Chris.WGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

    • 5 reviews

    Excellent fridge only refrigerator


    I bought this new fridge only refrigerator 4 months ago and it has been a fantastic buy so far. The only problem I have had with it, is some ice that gathered at the drainage hole and leaked out from the bottom of the crisper area when I had it set at 2C. It was fixed easily enough by adjusting the cooling temperature to 4C and it now doesn't freeze up anymore. So far there have been no more problems and the space I have now in the new fridge is awesome!

    Mouldy & Wet


    The fridge has mould on shelves and crisper is always dripping water. Have had a fan replaced & then the new fan repaired but no solution to mould & dampness. no wonder it is discontinued now. Mould is so dangerous to our health, this is a real concern. I don't recommend anyone buy a Hisense Fridge.



    [censored word removed]


    I brought a fridge and the light didn't work so I called the store where I brought the fridge from and they tried to source a globe from the supplier but it would take five weeks. The store said this was [censored word removed] and so hisense said they would swap it with another fridge but I had to wait a couple of weeks .when the replacement fridge arrived the guys who delivered it removed it from the box and the back fell off because there were broken and missing screws, lucky the store I brought if from swapped it for a different brand.

    Hard to get light globe and damaged

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    scubasteveUlladulla, New South Wales

    Good Cheap fridge


    Brought this fridge 4 years ago. Have not had any problems with it. Would this recommend this fridge to anyone who would like a cheaper version. I am now using it as a second fridge just to hold drinks for parties. Keeps food cool and does have a boost for cooling if required.
    Hard to open door if you have just shut it. wait a minuite and not a problem. Helps keep the kids out.



    • 4 reviews

    No after sales services from this company - they are a joke




    Questions & Answers




    My fridge is humming and not getting cold,

    1 answer
    Jasmine F.Hisense

    Hi , we're sorry to hear you've experienced an issue with one of our products. If you give our friendly technical support team a call on 1800 447 367, they will be able to address your enquiry

    Cheryl S

    Cheryl Sasked


    Why is my all fridge freezing up near bottom shelf, vents etc are not blocked by anything hard against them and nothing touching the back?? Temp is set at 4

    1 answer

    This is literally happening to my fridge at the moment. These fridges are extra sensitive unfortunately.
    The back wall on mine has a layer of ice build up, and thinking back on recent events, I cleaned out all of the shelving and doors recently while leaving it turned on and door open for quite a while. Impatience on my own part. This has made the fridge work overtime to keep it cool, and over frosted it. Because these “babies” are so sensitive, the minute you forget to treat it like a baby, it plays up! Lol

    Also, sometimes in the hotter weather, continuous opening of the door and leaving it open for longer that necessary, (which my granddaughter does frequently!) does not help the situation either. Lol
    This would have most likely made a layer of ice build up along the back wall, which in turn, has interfered with its normal cooling system.
    So, to fix this, I would turn the fridge off at the power point, cleaning the ice off from the back of the fridge wall, and anywhere else it may be.
    Also, make sure that the drain hole is clear of debris while you’re at it.
    Dry the wall off with a hand towel or some paper towel as well.
    After that, put things back in place making sure nothing is touching the back wall, let it sit for about 1/2 hour, and turn it back on. Hopefully this will help the cooling system get back into it’s rhythm again.
    Find the best time to do this.
    I would do it when the fridge is at its emptiest. The day or night before you go shopping. If you can, leave the fridge turned off for a good 1/2 hour if you can. Put your items in those shopping freezer bags with ice cubes or an esky if you have one, to help keep the fridge items cool. Most of your fridge items would be fine in the freezer for 1/2 hour as well.
    Hopefully it’s a simple fix like this one.
    Best of luck

    Tarnee string

    Tarnee stringasked


    What do i do when the alarm light doesnt turn off and the super freeze want go off either?

    1 answer

    Hi Tarnee, I have had the same problem with my fridge, but I haven’t delved into solving the issue with it yet. I get by without the light and alarm working, which doesn’t bother me at all, so I’m being a bit slack on getting on with fixing it. The alarm and light will eventually just turn itself off after 5-10 minutes, then it should be fine after that. With fixing this problem and having it working, I haven’t reached that solution as yet, but now someone is asking, I should get back to having a look at my fridge again. It still works just fine without the light and alarm, and when the power has been disrupted and turned back on, it just beeps for 5-10 mins, then it’s quiet again. I’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as I check out my fridge and hope I can get you some answers.

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