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Hisense HR6BF157O (Orange)

Hisense HR6BF157O (Orange)

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Good Little Fridge

This is mine and my husbands first fridge together. There hasn't been any problems and it's very convenient to fit in small spaces. Great for energy and that's a reason why we chose it. Go for it. :) we bought it in Melbourne and have it moved to Queensland, even though it was sitting in storage for a couple of months, it running just as well as it was before the move.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

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does this fridge replace a normal fridge?
2 answers
No. I had contacted the company and they informed me it was not a fridge, it is just a cooler. The shelves have all cracked on mine and the door to the freezer compartment has broken off and it's only 1 year old. The freezer compartment won't freeze anything properly and your food will go off. Don't waste your money.No, wouldn't recommend as a normal fridge replacement. I got one for mum as a 2nd fridge. She doesn't use it much, but I can see that it's not that robust. I've looked at a few sites online, and some call the top part an "ice-maker", but some call it a "freezer", which is incorrect. I also bought it thinking it was a freezer on top


HR6BF157O (Orange)
Price (RRP)499
Energy Rating3
Door OpeningRight
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