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Good for what it is

It has tough competition now from Tripadvisor and other comparison sites. Every now and then though it does show cheaper rates for a room. Price direct at Agoda $68 per night Price at Tripadvisor for Agoda $64 per night Price at hotelscombined for Agoda $62 per night. It's not much but it is a tad cheaper. Sometimes it goes the other way so just go to a range of sites and get the best price.
Just realise that the cheapest price may be sites that have poor custoner service that are outside the big 2 groups of booking/ agoda or hotels.com/expedia/wotif . Still may be worth supporting the cheaper sites. Or get one of the bigger sites to price match.

Customer Service
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Hello Fred, thank you for taking the time to review HotelsCombined! Did you know that we have a best price guarentee meaning that if you find a cheaper price on another site (excluding hotel official website and existing partners) within 24 hours we will refund you the difference. Thank you for using and trusting HotelsCombined, we look forward to seeing you online again soon.

Very upset by your advertising on Fox News on Foxtel

I watch a lot of Fox News daily and I have seen your ad hundreds of time and I am very offended by this repetitive continuous exposure to this to the point that, although I am a serious user of bookings on the internet I will not use your services for the above mentioned reason.

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Hello Bernie, thank you for this feedback we have informed our marketing team to look into this and try to speak with the advertising agancy to negotiate lower frequency. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and we hope you will use our product again to find the best prices online. Have a great week!


Booked a room for the afternoon they didn’t confirm it so we spent the afternoon sitting at home waiting to be allowed into the hotel, if we wanted a refund it would take 5-7 days. Do not book with them.

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Hello Tiffany, we are sorry to hear of your negative booking experience, please kindly note that we are simply a price comparison website and therefore do not manage an bookings or payments. When making bookings you are redirected to an online travel partners website who manage you booking. In order to resolve this quickly we recommend contacting the online travel agent directly to resolve the issue, however if you have any problems with this or further questions please email customerservice@hotelscombined.com and our team will be more than happy to assist you. Thanks and regards

Excellent back up and customer service

I was one of the Hotelquickly unlucky victims who lost my booking and money. But after much correspondence, Hotels combined management did resolve our problem quickly to our satisfaction and did restore my faith in this site. I would like to say a special thanks to ANDREA (customer service manager) and JANINE (customer service officer) without whose professional input and understanding as to why I used and trusted this site, I would be out of pocket. Was about to never book through this site again. But I am satisfied with the after care and responsibility they have showed.
Althea W

False advertising

Wasted my time on their website after watching an ad saying their prices are better than competitors but they’re actually not better what so ever and I compared more than 1 hotel just to be sure. The price difference is in the hundreds as well compared to booming.com or going directly on the hotels website. Don’t waste your time.

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Hello, thank you for your feedback. Please kindly note that we are a price comparison website therefore do not manage the prices, we simply offer you a free method to compare the top travel agents online. For example booking.com is a supplier of ours meaning we also compare their prices online so they wouldn't be cheaper as we display the same prices as their website displays. Direct deals with the hotel are out of our control however therefore we would recommend using our website to find the best hotel and deal for you then always checking the direct price with the hotel nbefore booking to ensure you book at the best price :) I hope this helps you understand a little better about how we work and what we do and hope you will give us a nother go in the future :)

Verify Multiple Times for No Reason

I used to love using Hotelscombined to compare hotels. It was so easy and had accurate information.

I am finding myself now having to verify myself at every click and sometimes multiple times. Its beyond annoying.

I will be using competitors from now on. Such a shame.

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Hello, we apologise for any inconvenience caused however normally when you are asked for this verification it means that something is not right with your browser, Add-ons or IP and that something is interfering with the website. If you are using a VPN, any add-ons or other browser modifications please try turning these off and you should not see any of these verification requests. For more assistance please email customerservice@hotelscombined.com. I hope you have a great day!

Outstanding customer service

I experienced a glitch in the system when I recently booked a hotel in Kathmandu - a different hotel than the one I booked was allocated to me. I drew the attention of this to Hotels combined and they organised a refund of the price paid and a cashback compensation for being inconvenienced. Thank you Hotels combined for promptly acting on the error when it was brought to your attention.

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Hello Lillian, thank you for taking the time to review Hotelscombined! We are happy to read your comments as it reinforces our efforts to give all Hotelscombined customers the best booking experience possible. Thank you for trusting and using Hotelscombined, we look forward to seeing you online again soon! :)


The advertised price is cheap and when you click the link that takes you to the providers website it is 4 times the amount. I contacted hotels combined and they pretended to call the supplier and get back to me. But all they did was take the deal off and said sorry the deal has ended. I checked 3 days later and that same deal was up and the same problem was occurring.

Hello Pok, I have asked our customer service team and they can´t find any communication from anyone under this name, could you please email us again at customerservice@hotelscombined.com and explain you are coming from here so as we can look into this for you again. The key point here is that HotelsCombined should show the same prices as the suppliers website, as that information is fed to us directly by the supplier. If it is still showing incorrect please let us know as we may have told the supplier it was wrong, they then took it down to fix it and have accidentally re-published the same incorrect offer. We look forward to your email with the details of the issue, please be sure to clean your cookies and cache before performing the search as this can sometimes cause this issue, and please include screenshots and URL links so as we can investigate it in detail for you. Thanks in advance!Speak to Ben he seems to be responding to many of these and Janine was looking into it. All the information was provided they even did a search on your computers with the same results.

Room Advertised one price, charged another!

Booked a room at Gold Star Motel Auckland in March 2018. Price was NZD$187- last room avail. When I arrived I was charged NZD$200 -was told at reception this was because I was paying in AUD? When contacting Hotels Combined, they tried 3 times to call motel and had the phone put down on them!! I was told to submit Credit card statement as proof of payment and they would credit the difference back to my card!! Didn't happen
Room was not to clean, no air con, and the wall mounted fan barely coped with the warm weather. Do not recommend.
And wont be using Hotels Combined again either!!!

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Hello, sorry for the late response I have been checking with all our teams and unfortunately there is no sign of your case and no records of your calls. Are you sure you haven't mistaken us for a different company, maybe Hotels.com which is commonly done. As a Hotel price comparison website, we do not deal with any payments or bookings therefore would not be able to credit any thing back to your card. In order to investigate this fully for you please can you send your booking confirmation email to our customer service team at customerservice@hotelscombined.com and they will investigate the matter for you immediately.

Fantastic customer service

HotelsCombined fantastic customer service for guests that experience terrible accommodation and service with hotel sites booked through their site. Can not recommend highly enough for all to make your bookings through these guys. 110% guaranteed satisfaction with resulting actions not just words. Will only use these guys to book all our travel accommodations

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to leave such a great review! We pride ourselves on doing the best we can to assist our customers with any issues they may have when booking through any of the suppliers or accommodation we work with, so hearing this kind of feedback reinforces our efforts! Thank you for trusting and using our services and we look forward to seeing you again online soon :)


Great website and love the branding very original! I have used this site a lot and will continue to do so as I am very satisfied with their service!


I was looking to find hotels for my upcoming holiday and saw Hotelscombined on TV so thought I would try them. I am extremely happy with the results! I love the design of the site and the prices are unbeatable!

Love this website

This is a good site. Like the name says, it combines a whole bunch of places and sites and gives you them ranked based on a certain criteria. We look for price and it lists them from lowest to highest. It's good that way.
This is definitely one of the first sites I always use each time I travel and it's always going to be one of the first sites I use in the future.

Makes finding accomodation so much easier

Has been an amazing site to be able to book my accomodation in advance and very informative. Made the decisions a lot easier to make. Very user friendly, would highly recommend this site to people

Makes life much easier!

I have been using the app lots recently for my summer holiday plans! I used to use Trivago until a mate recommended this site to me. It is much more user friendly and i much prefer the layout of the site and the simplicity. Would highly recommend!

Great service!

I Love this website! Everything you need when booking hotels in one easy to use place! I Highly recommend it!

Very useful hotel search

Thanks for the good, quick hotel reference which was simple to find and of good quality. This is indeed simplicity itself.

5 star service

Website works fast and accurately!
I always land up here for my bookings. Better prices than getting a hotel on line.

Great website to find best deal

I have used hotelscombined a few times now and every time I can find the best deal around.
Always a better deal than the more famous websited. Strongly reccomend it.

User friendly site & good suggestions

I have used this site to search for accomodation in Europe. It's definitely easy to navigate through the website and provides great options especially if you want to splurge a little on your holidays ;)

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Questions & Answers

Hello I want to shorten my stay at Hadley orient hotel, Hobart by one day the manager says its fine and won't charge for the day he says to go back to hotel combined but I have an email directly fm Hadley' confirming a direct booking. Help I just want to fix this problem! Urgent! Booking#665726891
1 answer
Hello Claudette, our customer service team has been made aware of your question and they have emailed you directly with an answer and more information on your request. If you have any further questions you can get back to them at customerservice@hotelscombined.com. Have a great day!

Hi i have a booking at the Mantra in April next year my confirmation num is 1439046859 i can't seem to find a phone num on your website i would like to cancel the Sunday night stay the 28/4/2019 the other nights are fine thank you for your help.
1 answer
Hello, please kindly note that HotelsCombined is simply a price comparison website, once you have chosen your deal on our site you are re-directed to one of our travel partners websites to finalise the deal. The best thing for you to do is to contact the company you booked with directly to cancel your booking. If you have any issues with this please feel free to contact us at customerservice@hotelscombined.com and we will assist you the best we can. If you are not sure who you booked with you can contact the hotel and ask.

Hi! I made a booking for the 23 to 29 of Sept 2018 via revato thru your site. Up until now, the hotel's front desk and reservation agent said that the name isn't in the list. My booking reference is 136867614. Please help me on this?
1 answer
Hello, sorry for the delay in response the person who manages this account has been away. I have checked with our customer service team and it would seem that they resolved the issue for you with the hotel already. I hope you enjoyed your stay, and we look forward to seeing you online again soon!