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Humax HDR-3000T

Humax HDR-3000T

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2.2 from 22 reviews

Humax - a perfect example of 'do not buy' product

This is a product from hell. Whoever wrote software was lazy, incompetent or both. It is a source of endless frustration. It does what it wants when it wants, not what you want. Regrettably seems quite reliable and does not want to fail. We may have to throw it out without waiting for it to give up the ghost. Do not buy it!

Purchased in February 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

Don't Buy They don't support there product

I bought 3 humax pvr all failed just outside of warranty (6/8 months) called Humax Aus for out of warranty repairs they said they can't help as head office (UK) are not sending parts and only have refurbished units for warranty claims also 7 plus doesn't work as the unit is out dated and head office has not responded to a firmware update to fix the issue. I highly recommend not to buy humax pvr with out extra warranty cover plus keep in mind that 7 plus won't work even if you buy a brand new unit.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Returned Humax 3000T

Problems I encountered - if Humax powered off TV lost signal. Humax had to be on and running for TV to show a live picture. Supposed to record 4 channels - fail. If there were four programs set to record in an evening it might do one. Icons for programs recorded did not appear till some time later indicating a lag in processing in the background. Did not return to "home" screen after going through "delete recording", so lots of button pushing to navigate. Refused to respond to remote several times (and tried changing batteries) - only solution was to turn power off and reboot Humax then it responded, proving remote pairing was ok. Guide screen shows too little info to be able to program manually. Humax office suggested reset the machine to factory default, which was done, but this failed to fix problems. I felt I had no options but to return to retailer as it was not performing satisfactorily. Disappointing as it came with an extra bit of kit to stream to other TV. No stars.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Replacement 3000T now faulty

Had first Humax 3000T replaced after following the returns back and forth frustrating warranty process . That was over. 3 month period . Got replaced with new in May 2017 . The new lasted 6 months and is now locking up . Remote is rendered useless . Decides to turn itself on a few hours later . Now happening a couple of times a week and hoping the Goodguys will give me a store credit this time and I don’t end up with a 3rd lemon . Humax customer service virtually non existent also ... Steer well clear of this product and this brand !

Date PurchasedJan 2017

More trouble than it's worth.

Innumerable instances of the remote control failing to connect to the unit. Have had the unit retuned for repair and hours on the telephone trying to sort this out.
I will be returning the unit to Harvey Norman - who are sympathetic - for a credit on another brand.
Be careful about unknown brands.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Hard Drive failure

The unit I purchased had a major hard drive failure after two weeks. It had the problem from the start. Every time i would turn it on it had a message, "Sorry, the HDD has not been formatted properly. To record programmes, you need to format the HDD first. Press OK to go to storage menu". I would pres ok and it would just cycle through, re-start and the same message would come up. Do that again sometimes 5 or more times before it was stable. Now after only a few times of use it won't record. Major hard drive failure only after 3 or 4 times of use.
I'll be returning it to the store and getting my money back.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Don't touch it!

The unit is unreliable. After 2 months things started to go wrong. Despite updating software and returning to factory settings several times: IP EPG would not load. Failed to record programs. Recording schedule would disappear. Sound would drop out. EPG channel identifiers would lose colour 2 hours after factory reset and re-configuration. The human interface is not intuitive. The unit is very 'flaky' and needs a lot more development before being put on the market.

Date PurchasedMar 2007

I am about to throw it in the bin

After using 2 Topfield PVR's for around 8 years, I thought it was time for a change, I did plenty of research and decided to give the Humax HDR-300T a go. From day one it was a problem, only working intermittently, after persevering for 3 months I sent it back to Humax and demanded a replacement as my unit only worked when it wanted to, not when I wanted it to.
I received a replacement and the old problems continued on, it turns itself off, it changes channels when recording, it has a very unfriendly user interface. I have now had it with it and will look for something else.
Buy at your own risk

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Alternative PVR to Topfield

With the demise of Topfield PVR's especially the TRF-7160, I have found that the HUMAX HDR-3000T is an excellent alternative. It will record 4 channels at the same time in the same way that the 7160 did, (eg. two out of each group such as 7 and 7mate also 9 and 9 Gem). It also has the ability to turn a standard TV into a smart TV with its USB Wi-Fi connectivity. This enables you to access Catch-up TV, You-Tube, Netflix and many more. At a price of approximately $350 it is the best value for money.
Michael from Mandurah WA.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Started of great with no issues

On face value alone a great unit with great features with the odd occasion it would turn back while in standby mode but other than that wow what a machine a hot machine at that - is there even a fan in the unit? When not is use or needed leave to machine off or on standby mode with will kick in 6 hours of no use .

Recently I started having issues with the freeview catch-up services with Ch7 getting an error minutes into the program starting and on Ch10 to program cuts out at the first add break. Ch9s catch-up used to be my favourite until they updated it requiring to create an account and provide a password; since then nothing but trouble. As it isn't a certified freeview machine it made video playback non existent. Netflix has only never not worked for on one occasion but reboot sorted that out.

I use the basic EPG and the program times seem to update more regularly when shows run over time to allow for my recording to start on time or get the end of the program even with adding 10mins. The series record also record repeats within the season of the program you are recording and on the basic ep guide there is nowhere to turn that off as it is only available on the IP EPG once the season has ended you will need to update the recording schedule. I only used the IP EPG and the wasn't convinced it was updating regularly as the program times were updating due to overrunning. You have to be careful when deleting programs once watched as you may delete on accident the scheduled record for the program. Its a tip for new users.

The 90g software on the 500g hard drive is quite large but I deleted the apps to free some room up. If you are like me and record and watch before the next episode and delete as you watch then the hard drive space is never going to be an issue but if you store programs on bulk to watch later - then keep an eye on storage remaining.

I find the unit easy to us, it is no harder than any other machines I have used in the past and once you get used to it. It could with a 'I' for info button to have a easy to look at program description on the remote or to know the time without having to press the epg button. The remote is easy to get used to and compact and it is easy to see why there Is no 'I' for information button. What would have made the unit standout is having the ability change to swap location of the channels i.e made 10HD(13) be Ch10 instead of Ch13.

Not just this unit but other units the quality of the machine is on the decline probably due to the increase of smart tvs. Manufactures don't seem to pay much attention to issues with there STU. Humax customer service could be better but without knowing how big the department is it just could be there are more issues than they can deal with or just want to deal with. The lack of any update since October is an indication especially as I have app on my phone that seem to update weekly with bug fixes.

Reading other reviews on this machine it is hit and miss but less of the smart features you use the better and more reliable to machine ultimately is and only use the smart features if and when required. It is my believe that the smart features of the machine have been designed around a basic HDD PVR design rather than fancy smart features the being built around the HDD PVR.

Overall a good unit not the best but not the worst with some bug fixes experienced by other reviewers and myself could make this a great machine but I am not holding my breath on an update anytime soon.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Slow, CPU and EPG.....

Already having an old but Great, Humax Vast Satellite PVR, we thought we would get this HDR-3000, now we can receive a Digital freeview Signal in our area.
What a mistake we made,
The Good:
- Unit Completely powers down (Even the internal Hard Disk) in standby and uses less than .5 watts of power.
- Footprint is quite small compared to other PVR's.
- The unit looks good, IMO.

The Bad:
- Very Slow EPG even on Basic mode, An added humax feature: HDR-3000 can also reach out to the internet and download the EPG, if in enhanced EGP mode, tested, and this way is still slow.
- CPU functions on moving around the Humax's operating system is slow as well.
- System locks up/freezes and you have to turn it off at the wall, to force a reboot.
- top of the HDR-3000 unit gets very hot, due to the internal hard disk when power is on.
- USB Wireless LAN Stick gets hot as well. (yes the WIFI is not built in)
- The System Software is using a Whopping 90GB of the dismal 500GB hard disk.
- USB video playback is frustratingly slow.
- i found that some Video Codec's are not suppoted in USB Media playback.
- Hdr-3000 will not sit square on a flat surface, due to cheap manufacturing.
- Unable to delete/remove Netflix, even from the channel listing.
- last Firmware update was back in October 2016, no updates since, looks like Humax has given up.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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my 12mths warranty has expired, so I decided to pull it apart and see what’s going on in there, the HEAT issue i found it is not the hard drive but its due to a very cheap/poorly designed CPU and heat sink, (NO FAN), you cant even touch the heat sink, way too hot I am figuring this is what is causing the lockups we are getting, the device gets way too hot, freezes and shuts down. I contacted Humax support and got no help at all, not shocking, asked about updates and nothing again. Please avoid this brand I can only suggest.

Easy to use... but that's when it's working.

I found this unit very simple to set up, navigate around and use. So, initially, was very pleased with it.

However, after 2 months of lockups -the only remedy being to pull the cord from the wall and wait 5 minutes, it was starting to get on my nerves. The final straw being that it proceeded to not record programmes I had selected it to record. I had only used 40% of the disk space, and with no recording conflicts.

I'm running the latest software update, which should have remedied issues experienced by others. It doesn't.

Sorry, that makes it not fit for purpose. It's going back to the store this arvo.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Not a bad unit.

Didn't work at all at first, but when I unplugged it and then switched it back on, it seemed to fix the turning on malfunction. It has a tendency to cut off the end of recorded programs, so it pays to put in a 10 minute buffer at the end of a show you want to record. My only real concern with this set top box is that it gets very very hot. It makes strange sounds when its on, I don't know if it has a cooling fan or not, but it definitely needs one. For safety, we turn it off before we go to bed. This is annoying because occasionally we want to record something overnight, we have to play Russian roulette with this unit, because we worry it could burst into flames if left unattended. The You Tube feature is excellent.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Should have been good, but unreliable

My experience with the HDR-3000T seems to be exactly as quite a few others. I researched for a replacement for my Tivo which failed after years of excellent use and all the official reviews rated this humax as really good. Which initially it is. This is my second humax HDR-3000T after returning the first one because of system lockups.

1. Built in netflix
2. Pretty program guide
3. Easy set up (no matter what some say it's pretty self explanatory)
4. Comes with its Own plug in WI-FI dongle

1. Netflix won't exit half the time (I'm not exaggerating) TV sound will play in background but menus stay in Netflix and system lock up
2. Regular lookups of the system which often results in power out which means your shows don't get recorded. At no time am I at all confident that when I go to watch a recording whether it worked or not. So many recordings have been missed like this.
3. As someone else said quite regularly you have to pull the plug, wait reinsert and it starts again. (and I'm writing this after just having to do it again)
4. Searching looks easy and if the show is on in the next couple of days then it works.. But if not, you can't (as far as I have found) set keywords for a series and when it comes on the epg it'll record it. I.E. Tv advertises a show is coming or starting in 3 weeks, so you try to set it to record but it can't be found so you can't set it and have to keep checking until it's on - if you remember.. . Tivo did this soooo easily.
5. The epg is too local and specific. With the 20 or so channels here, the epg only shows about 7 channels per screen and only the current and next time slot..
6. It says you can save media to your computer - but haven't been able to and the instructions say that the pvr can only playback it's own format?? What use is that really?

My biggest issue is the system lockups, the epg you can live with and learn, but when you trust it to record something and it just hasn't for whatever reason then it's just not right.

Again, as someone else said, if they just copied Tivo (why on earth did Tivo stop? The product worked so well) it'd be great.

I'm going to take it back but will have to figure out what to replace it with?

Date PurchasedJan 2017

The 7500T was better!

We have just purchased the HDR-3000T as a replacement for our aging (hahaha only a few years old!) 7500T that was 'skipping' in playback mode. We ascertained this may be because of old programs not deleted but it still occurred. We believed that, like our old Tivo (bless its heart) the hard-drive had areas of corruption due to multiple recordings. Anyhow, we now have the 2 units running concurrently until we finish watching programs recorded on the 7500T. Frankly, the newer model is cumbersome to navigate, the remote is too small with the commonly used button dispersed randomly around the remote. The simple, easy to read and negotiate 'file name' type menus have been replaced with 'Netflix-like' thumbnails that take up far too much of the screen. The guide also is too large and cumbersome and slow to navigate, particularly now there are so many free-to-air channels (I assume there is a way to choose only favourites but haven't found it yet). Backing out of any menu is now a series of 'back button' clicks rather than just hitting one button to return to live TV as per the old unit. It is recording our programs and we haven't experienced any other problems mentioned on this forum. Accessing Netflix & catch-up is easier than with our old FetchTV box but I still find myself gravitating back to the old unit if I just want to easily and quickly find or watch something. Like so much stuff these days, it appears this unit is just trying to be clever of clever's sake without taking into consideration ease of use. Bring back Tivo - the best darn PVR ever!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Don't waste your money

At first glance the product seems fantastic.... until you try set it up. The design and look is great but the tuner is weak and it will not pick up particular channels. I have to unplug the antenna and connect it to the TV (connection is ~30cm away) to watch any of the channel 7's. Netflix will often simply not respond, there's no prompt or warning, it just will not open.

Customer support are not overly helpful. They recommended retuning (I had done this already), updating software (I had done this already) and resetting to factory defaults (I had done this already). None of the solutions worked. They recommended I purchase and try a signal attenuator, it made no difference. Their last solution was for me to get an antenna technician out to check our signal strength. We have three other antenna points in the house, all channels work fine when connected to a TV. My final contact to customer support simply went unanswered.

So, what could be a great product is a let down really. For the price, save up a bit longer and just buy a good smart TV.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Almost good, but...

The pros:
It has some good features, like updating the EPG everyday so you'll never have a blank channel listing (which happened a lot with our old Topfield).
You can easily copy files from it to your pc (don't know if they play, as I didn't get that far).
You can use Freeview EPG which is much better (in my opinion) than the built-in EPG.
The cons:
1. It sometimes didn't turn on and you'd have to unplug it and then try again. And due to this problem it wouldn't record shows because it was unable to 'wake up' from stand-by. This was a deal-breaker for me.
2. (as far as I could see) on the EPG you can't view additional details of a show (that's on NOW) without switching to that channel (very annoying), though you can view the additional details for shows that are on later or earlier (strange).
3. Out of the box, the '500GB' hard drive only has 375GB free. The operating system uses a whopping 90GB!!! I called the helpdesk and they said that the 'Netflix platform' uses a lot of space. I don't know why that would be the case. Nevertheless, it's disappointing, and it's false advertising.
4. The user manual isn't detailed enough (and it doesn't seem to be available online either).
5. The power LED wasn't consistent, perhaps due to point 1 above. Sometimes it was correctly red while in stand-by, and sometimes it was still red when it was turned on. Sometimes there was no light at all and sometimes it was correctly blue when turned on. And there's no display at the front to tell you when it's recording.
6. I was unable to play files from my pc, despite this being a supposed feature (maybe that was a Windows firewall issue), and I'm pretty tech savvy.

In summary, I could have lived with this device if it weren't for the power issues. I saw that others had the problem but hoped they were just unlucky with a defective device. Anyway, I'd had enough and I returned it after 3 days and bought a Panasonic. I wasn't prepared to take a chance with a replacement.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great PVR

The HDR-3000T 2Tune is an excellent unit. Following the setup steps was very easy (even including an immediate software upgrade) and the functions provide all I need. The Humax program guide does not align 100% with the actual program times but this is very easily overcome with a small buffer time added to the recording time. The ability to set the recording remotely is a brilliant addition for me.

Date PurchasedJan 2017


Often records wrongs shows on wrong date and times, several attempts to resolve with Humax unsuccessful
Smart phone application with remote recording good when it works - currently not.
Humax Live TV application and Humax Cast doesn't work on iphone
Contacting Humax for help very difficult.
Regret purchasing this device, would not recommend it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Avoid, avoid, avoid...

I was after a replacement for my TiVo. With lots of research and spec comparisons, the Humax 3000 promised to do the job. It promised so much and let me down even more. it worked OK for a while. Still not even close to the reliability of TiVo. Missed series episodes, wouldn't play the apps, can't playback without rebooting, again, and I could go on with the myriad of faults, but that's so depressing. Bottom line, give it a miss. I'm typing this as I look at another black screen unable to play something again. Really Humax. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. TiVo was perfect. Just reproduce what they did. Everybody happy.

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Questions & Answers

Is it worth getting my HMS-1000T repaired if possible that is ? And where /who
2 answers
No the main board has to come from Humax Aus they wont have any and will only try to sell you a refurbished unit. I tried buying a replacement board a few months ago they said the head office UK is not sending any parts , it wont be worth fixing the main board. just remove the hard drive and bin the rest.Your first port of call would naturally be your retailer depending on how old it is and if you bought extended warranty insurance on it. If not fixable and you remove the HD you could buy a HD Caddy for a modest price if you wanted to save anything off it. I returned a Humax purchase back to the retailer Harvey Norman within days as it played up too badly and they cheerfully refunded. I bought a Beyonwiz U4 from icetv.com.au instead, and I'm very happy with that. They do a great service at IceTV (been with them for years). They do sell Humax as well, and they might be a source of advice. Easier to program your PVR with IceTV service.

After copying recorded programs to a USB hard-drive, can I watch contents on another device (another brand of TV)? What file type is used?
No answers

My hdr3000t will not pick up channel 74 after auto tuning, does anyone have the same issue?
1 answer
Getting channel 74 here Bruiser


Price (RRP)$299
Internet ConnectivityWi-Fi and Ethernet
USB Ports2
Internal Storage500GB

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