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Hurricane Laundry Liquid

Hurricane Laundry Liquid

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Works pretty well

We recently bought a bottle of liquid Hurricane to try due to some of the comments here.
I must say most people’ Views are correct,?it does work pretty well, had cause to wash an old football jersey recently and Hurricane washed all the yellow marks on the collar out and most stains on the jersey were removed.
Mind you this was washed on a 2.5 hour cycle at 90 degrees.
You must be careful though if washing small loads at high temperatures, Hurricane will foam right up.
and you will get heaps of suds.
By and large though it’s pretty good.

Wish I found this years ago.

We had used Cold Power liquid in lemon scent for years until they changed the formula recently. The new Cold Power leaves clothes smelling like vomit and the clothes do not feel clean so we had to change. Unfortunately we have allergy issues in our house so finding an alternative was important.

Our whole family spent a long time at the supermarket smelling different brands, making sure we liked the smell and that no one sneezed in response, putting tiny amounts on our arms to check for rashes etc. We were about to give up when we found the Hurricane tucked far away from the popular brands.

It smelled amazing, no one sneezed or wheezed, no one got itchy from it and as a bonus it cost half the price of the other brands.
Two weeks and several loads of washing later we couldn't be happier. Our washing smells nice again, the quality of the product is excellent and we are saving money.

pretty good

I bought some hurricane clothes washing liquid from Woolworths supermarket fairy meadow and was surprised how much it whitened the yellow stained clothes / I was expecting a thin runny liquid that would barely do its job instead I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend the hurricane clothes washing liquid especially for the budget conscious

The bottle of hurricane clothes washing a yellow colour now and is great for washing almost anything that goes and fits safely into the washing machine / actually I might even buy some more containers Still buying the lemon scented hurricane clothes washing liquids after years I must say it's still very good and well pricedThe new batch of hurricane clothes washing liquid is leaving bleach like stains on the clothes so I would highly recommend to stay away from this product and find try other brands that are not owned by this particular company. Liquid going down the laundry tub

value for money

i use hurricane in my top loader and find it to be excellent. my husband is a carpenter and we also live on acreage so i need a product that is capable of handling tough jobs. hurricane has always been up to the job :)


Hurrican laundry liquid really works and it is an excellent price as well. The lemon laundry liquid gives off a wonderful aroma to the clothes and it makes them seem so fresh. The pacakaging of the lemon liquid is easily found on the supermarket shelf as it is yellow in colour and easily spotted. A very good washing detergent.
It's a great product.


As a liquid detergent it does a fairly good job. However when using the front loader version use much less than the recommended dosage, especially if you are doing smaller loads. If you forget you will end up with too much detergent residue on the clothes.
I have used the lemon front loader variety and found you only need a tiny amount in a front loader, which does make it last a very long time. It is quite a thick liquid so it is quite concentrated.
Even in the front loader variety, if you used their recommended dosage it would foam so much the washing machine has to do another 2 rinses! Use only half the recommended dose for best results in a water efficient washer.

Questions & Answers

Where to buy?
1 answer
Woollies, Foodland (in SA)

Has anyone noticed that the last few containers of hurricane clothes washing liquid has been made to look runny as if it's got too much water and the suds look different while washing as well?
2 answers
Actually - I think it might be because i sometimes used to shake the container before usingThe the new owners of hurricane have ruined a good product and now it's not worth using. The new batch will be chucked away somehow

It seems as if hurricane clothes washing liquid containers have dissappeared off the Woolworths supermarket shelves Is anyone aware what has happened?
2 answers
Hi Brian We mostly shop at Coles and the last time we bought it, the shelf was pretty full. We don’t very often go to Woolworths, so I can’t answer sorry.Ok - thanks


Hurricane Laundry Liquid
Release dateOct 2008

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