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Husky ALFC1840

Husky ALFC1840

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This fridge is very disappointing . Be careful!

This fridge is terrible. The fridge is noisy and runs continuously. Furthermore, it will not cool below 3 degrees and takes forever to get to that point. We have contacted Harvey Norman Commercial ( supplier) who did not help. They said “ we should have been aware we were buying a commercial product” ( funny about that, it’s advertised as domestic alfresco fridge ).We also connected the Husky rep. His only suggestions were “ only turn it on a day before you need to use it as it’s expensive to run” and “ try mounting it on a rubber pad” and “ why would you want it to run at lower than 3 degrees anyway?”

It’s very disappointing and feel the product is have it located in our BBQ alfresco area and while it’s on, it’s quite offputting when trying to hold a conversation.

The lack of support is equally annoying. There is possibly something wrong with it however Husky will not send a technician to look at it

Purchased in December 2018 for $1,200.00.

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Husky ALF C1 840 Al Fresco Bar Fridge

My unit ran continuously & made such a loud noise we had to turn it off
As delivered, all the outside metal areas were covered with a protective plastics film - it took 2 H-N men 2 hours on site to peel-off the film - incompletely!
Husky International service was very poor but Harvey-Norman refunded all when they heard of my troubles.
We now have (from H-N) a Hisense unit & are very happy with it - & it cost a fraction of the Husky
Don't buy a Husky

Date PurchasedDec 2015

dont buy this

Protective film on unit as delivered is impossible to remove without disassembling the whole unit into sub-assemblies
Extremely noisy - had to be turned off at night to enable sleep
The compressor runs continuously - no cycling 'on' & 'off'
Complicated electronic thermostat

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Price (RRP)1299

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