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I-medics Relaxa

I-medics Relaxa

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Can anyone help me I need to get in touch with the supplier as i need a new mother board for the main remote control. I have tried calling and emailing but have not had a response.
I called Harvey Norman and they put me onto a repair guy that no longer does these types of repairs but after talking to him he informed me i need a new board.

The chair has power but the controller does not light up or turn on.

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Hi Phil, I have the same problem with mine, how did you get on ?

Retraction of my 15th January review

Following the publication of my 15th Jan review I was still unable to make contact with imedics but did established that their web listed tel No & email address are no longer current.

However, Harvey Normans were able to give me the Tel. No. of the supplier of their massage chairs which I rang & spoke to a very charming Indian sounding gentleman who was genuinely concerned that the massaging function of my Relaxa chair was no longer working.

He led me through a series of checks & lo & behold my chair is now operating perfectly again. I am truly indebted to him for his patience & understanding during our telephone conversation. What did he suggest I try? Why switching it on of course!
Yours, "yes with one foot in the grave", & my sincere apologies, Ronald Keen

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Hi Phil we have a chair at our parents in NZ and they need some technical support for their chair. Have you got the phone number for the Indian sounding gentleman

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My machine are not fold back up I need some one to repair or help me.
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Hi, I live in Perth Western Australia and have a Imedics Relaxa message chair and is looking for someone that can do a service on it for me?
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Hi Annie, did you manage to find someone to service yours? I've got one and due for servicing too. and I'm in Perth too.Hi there, no not as yet :-( sorry

How do I get a us power cord? chair was bought in New Zealand
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Question doesn't say where chair is to be used, I imagine US power cords are intended for 110v electricity supply which is the norm in the USA so can only suggest to enquire over there. Sorry I cannot be more helpful. Ron Keen

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