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Innovation Square iS Space

Latest review: I bought the Innovation Square iS Space massage chair in 2016, the chair initially is fine, but just after one year warranty expiry, the problems began, first the remote was not working properly, we

Innovation Square ULT-88

Latest review: I have been using this chair for over 2 years, 4 star for best performance but i ate one star due to the leather is getting wear-off and i dont know where i can get replacement cover. Emailing

inTouch Smart Glide

Latest review: I tried a lot of massage chairs and finally selected the INTOUCH massage chair, I was lucky enough to met Ms. Su Shi at the PARRAMATTA store. She patiently answered the massage chair. I have tried

Innovation Square iS Groove

Latest review: I owned a Human Touch HT 7250 ( twice the price- half the features). The first time i sat in the IS Groove i was blown away... This Chair delivers a great massage! The Gao Sha foot massage is

Medi Pro 2500

Latest review: We got it for our adult son who needs sensory input regularly to make himself calm and it works very well from the pressure applied to all his body parts. Reasonably priced for what it

I-medics Ambience

Latest review: I love the I-medics Ambience especialy after a long day. I can switch off and relex in a calm and safe invirament. It sends tingels down my spain. Its verry relexing. I also like the different

I-medics Chiro - Pro

Latest review: Helpins sick Aunt end of my day i was buggered she owned this one and i would buy one if i get the money thats how i came acrossthis sight searching for the price and exact one owe what luxury if it

CardioTech T-zone

Latest review: Bought a Appliance and had problems, since it had a 5 year warranty I wasn't too worried about it playing up. 5 years sounds like a lot of time. Not when you ring up, and they don't respond. After

Acupaedic 8600

Latest review: i have tried a number of times.I have tried many massage chairs but this is the Rolls Royce of Massage chairs. Its technology detects your muscles and body size and massages you to a tee! I cannot

OSIM uLove

Latest review: Very good after sell service as both staff at Box Hill Shop and Head Office Sydney are more than happy to

I-medics Freedom

Latest review: I purchased my imedics chair on 13/6/11 and it has stopped working. When it worked, it was a fantastic machine. But it has broken down after less than 2 years and it is an expensive purchase. I am

iYume A55

Latest review: I bought a massage chair and it is not as described on E-Bay. On E-Bay they go by the name loftysports and not iYume. The chair is also a health and safety issue and is very rough on the back - it

Ogawa Koibito

Latest review: I have contacted you guys mutiple times after purchased your faulty ogawa message chair, what am I to do with a 3000 dollar chair now! There is absolutely no service here in sydney Australia to

inTouch Ultra Feel

inTouch PowerPro

inTouch iSpace