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Best Massage Chair

Masseuse Massage Chairs Physio+

At $7, 495, the Masseuse Massage Chair Physio+ pulls out all the stops to deliver a professional and deluxe full-body massage massage from the comfort of your home.

2nd Best Massage Chair
Masseuse Massage Chairs Ultimate Chiro

The $7, 800 Masseuse Massage Chairs Ultimate Chiro maps your body to provide a targeted massage experience, and uses 6 automatic programs and 28 air cushions that provide relief to all areas of the body.

3rd Best Massage Chair
inTouch Smart Glide Pro
4.5 from 32 reviews

Latest review: From the first point of contact to ongoing customer service, dealing with InTouch has been a pleasure. I wish I had made this investment 4 years ago when I first visited Alan at the Chermside

iRest A100
4.4 from 29 reviews

The $6, 290 iRest A100 uses innovative acupuncture pressure point sensors and various smart features to provide a relaxing whole body massage.

iRest SL-R168
4.8 from 21 reviews

The $2, 500 iRest SL-R168 uses 12 automatic massage programs and 3D massage hand rollers to help loosen tense muscles, ease sore muscles and help with fatigue.

Price (RRP) $6,000.00

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Clara V.
Masseuse Remedial Deluxe+ Massage Chair

Latest review: We are Super Happy with our decision to Purchase our Masseuse Remedial Deluxe + massage chair . It has helped immensely with my lower back and hip pain. Absolutely AMAZING. LOVE IT. Couldn't

Innovation Square ULT-88
3.6 from 35 reviews

Latest review: If I could give it a negative rating I would. Bought this massage chair new, 3 months later the massage wheel came through the back . Tried unsuccessful to have it repaired. The company and owner

Innovation Square iS Space
4.1 from 18 reviews

Latest review: They said this thing would be able to scan my body and do all sorts of you-beaut stuff. Sure it massages but there are some major issues with it. It is too rough on bony prominences, you cannot

iRest SL-A305-17
4.4 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Disappointed. It makes loud snapping noise when adjusting to the "zero gravity" position. Tried to contact customer service, the call was never answered. Initial e-mail resonse was relatively

Price (RRP) $3,999.00

Chi-Link Prestige Massage Chair

Latest review: First class service from this company and the product is great, relieves all the aches and pains associated with my hectic work schedule and being on my feet for long periods of

Price (RRP) $6,980.00

Health Centre Massage Chair
4.7 from 9 reviews

Latest review: Bought this for my wife who is in a wheelchair. She has found it really good to boost her circulation and notices her feet do not swell as much. Also the hip swing setting also assists with keeping

Medi Pro 2500
4.3 from 10 reviews

Latest review: This is the TajMahal in my very small lounge and money well spent...such luxury coming home from work to sit in my chair..Loving it and the envy of my

Elex Zenith 6D Dual Core
5.0 from 6 reviews

Latest review: I tried the Top of the Line Chair. Very impressed and can’t wait to get one. Chris at South Wharf DFO in Melbourne explained everything well. And they had some great deals g

Price (RRP) $19,990.00

CardioTech T-zone
3.4 from 13 reviews

This leather massage chair offers 10 automatic programs, a customisable manual massage mode, advanced deep tissue massage, heat therapy, and magnetic therapy to give you a full body massage of your preference.

Medi Pro Osteo Intelligent Voice

Latest review: To Andrew thank you for your professional first class customer service we are so glad we made the inquiry about this great exceptionally well made product that has been a life changing purchase. As a

Price (RRP) $2,795.00

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iRest SL-A309S
5.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: This is a new model I had tried last month. And yesterday we decided to buy it. We all love the colour and the strength of A309. But we love the way this company serves each customer, they have fast

Price (RRP) $9,699.00

Innovation Square iS Groove
5.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: I owned a Human Touch HT 7250 ( twice the price- half the features). The first time i sat in the IS Groove i was blown away... This Chair delivers a great massage! The Gao Sha foot massage is

Kogan S1 Zero-Gravity Heated Shiatsu Recliner

Latest review: I paid $799 with free delivery for my charcoal massage chair and I have no regrets.. except that I don't use it daily haha. This is great value, it comes with a heating function, bluetooth speaker

Price (RRP) $1,399.00

Acupaedic 8600
3.8 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Our Acupaedic model ME-9202 was bought from Haymarket for $4000 after my husband tried a few other brands & compared the price. He found that was the best & reasonable price given the many functions.

CardioTech Zero Gravity Leather

Latest review: I have epilepsy and my muscles cramp up so I was using therapy twice a week and it helps alot Now this char helps me at home instead of having to go out and spending hundreds of

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