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Ikea Klippan

Ikea Klippan

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Best sofa

I have had my klippan sofa for 15 years sagging a bit now but used and abused ever day. Very comfortable once you get used to it covers can be a pain to change as I find it a two person job.will definitely be buying another one soon

Date PurchasedJun 2003

Bad product for a Great Brand !

It was time for upgrade my sofas and found the price to be very attractive for these. So I went ahead and ordered 2 units. Like every other Ikea product, the setup instructions were very user friendly. Got the sofas set up in no time. These do come with the option to change the covers.

What I was not impressed was with the covers. Once fixed the covers does not stay properly on the couch. Unlike the conventional sofas, this cover is a single piece. So it fixes like a glove. However every time you sit the cover does not stay in place and has to be reset every time. Also the padding on the armrests are not enough.

All in all, I am not impressed with this product. It lets a brand like Ikea down.

Will not recommend.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

I really like my two kilo pan sofas

They are very easy to look after, modern design. I love that you can change the covers I brought a set of covers the aren’t cheap for the covers but they are good quality and I like to change the look just by changing them, good value for money and great quality.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Don't buy it

Easily one of the most uncomfortable sofa's I have ever sat on. The arm rests are to high, the backrest to low or to high, just not right.
On top of that the cover comes off EVERY TIME you sit on it, unless you sit dead straight and don't move around at all. I tuck the covers back in several times a night because once it's come undone it's even more uncomfortable to sit on.
Not worth it at all.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

This couch makes me depressed

Probably more uncomfortable than sitting on the floor. I try to extend my stay outside of my home so I can avoid my neck aching and my back bent backward. This would serve better as a table than a seat. I'm hoping one day I can burn this monstrosity of a furniture.

it's alright

It did arrive on time but it's not what I expected. The green looks different when viewing online; online it looks darker and the material looks different . In real life it's lighter.

Value for money

I agree it will easily fit 3 people. cozy looks good.slightly difficult to put cover on but manageable. mine is 2.5 y old now filling has sunk in. it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

It may be OK for place where you dont use it often or for kids room! But otherwise expect comfortable use only for 2-3 yrs. ( we are all normal size people :-) )
red colour is vibrant.
one of bottom spring broke last year. and now filling has sunk in. his makes posture very bad

Great price but the cover is difficult to deal with!

Have had this couch for years now and I absolutely love it!! I believe it was marketed as a 2-seater couch but it can definitely fit 3-4 people on it, and I have had a few cosy naps on it before as well on lazy weekends.

The only issue I have with it is the cover! It's extremely difficult to put on, and I've never washed it again after the first time taking it off and on. Also it stains super easily and is difficult to clean without washing it in the machine.

And is it just me or does the corners that tuck into the sofa sides come out easily?? I keep having to use the 'hoses' to tuck it in again, but they just keep coming off!!! Tell me I'm not the only one with the problem.

After 4-5 years of owning this couch, one of the armrests has also collapsed a bit :(

But overall, such a great affordably priced sofa from Ikea.
Affordable, looks pretty good!
Cover is difficult to clean, difficult to remove

Bought this for the kids

This is a great cheap lounge. It's not something your neighbors will feel envious about, but it's one that works well and great for the kids, if you're after something that will keep well. It may develop some stains, but since it's a cheap lounge, no one really cares right?
Inexpensive and does the job
Can't show off with it


overall, a very good buy for the price. excellent idea with the washable covers. ensure you buy an extra 1 or 2 to in different colours to mix it up a bit every few months or so.
I bought the Klippan last year after moving into our new home. it has been used a lot since, and has shown no signs of wear. We bought an extra denim cover with is as we have kids, which has been great because you can't see the little marks left by little fingers. Covers can be taken off with little effort and are easy to wash. great for the family home. Definately big enough to seat 3 adults. very sturdy and with soft edges it it not liekyl to cause injury to stumbling toddlers!
not that comfortable as a high use couch in the main lounge room, but great as an extra option in the family room. especially for a family with kids


Definitely big enough to fit 3 people on it. Very good build quality and you can change the covers as well which is good too. Looks good and very pleasant to sit on.
Not expensive but good.


I bought one of these for my son's activity room. So far we have had it approx. 4 years and haven't had a problem. It is constantly used and has stood up well to it's sometimes harsh treatment. We've had the same sofa cover from day one and it hasn't broken or worn. This has been very good value for money and buying from Ikea was a smooth experience. This isn't the most beautiful sofa on the market but it does it's job and I would recommend this for kids or first home buyers on a budget.
Good price


Considering the price you pay for this couch, it really isn't too bad. It's a very nice look piece when the fabric is adjusted. Though the problem is, after sitting on it, you get creases. This means that every time you get up you have to fix the creases! So maybe I am a little obsessive compulsive, if you don't mind a slightly tardy look, then fine, but if your like me, know that you'll be adjusting it every time that you get up.

Washing the couch coverings is also a bit of a chore. They are quite large and difficult to wash. They also lose colour each time that you do wash them.

Overall, a very good couch, though not for the obsessive compulsive!
Fabric covering needs constant adjustment.

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Pray tell - how exactly can one have a tardy couch, it if it is a stationary, inanimate object? Most interested to hear...


I bought Klippan and klobo two of the best selling ikea products approx 18months ago. They still feel the same when you sit each time. With Klippan you can actually change the covers and suit according to the season. I personally like a sofa which does not sink the body inside and Klippan is just the opposite. Well cushioned and perfect look.Go for it !!!
I love this model. It is sold as two seater but 3 people can easily fit in. Great value for money.
Nothing. If you don't like fixing the sofa that may be one of the cons for you.

Questions & Answers

I want to buy ikea Klippan, but does it fit my Honda City, 2012? It will be very expensive for transportation fees to my place from Ikea.
1 answer
If you can fold the seats (incl. the front left seat) down, it should somehow fit. I don't want you to purchase a sofa and then not be able to bring it back home, so if it does not fit, try checking the other transport companies in the city, because the might have more affortable fees. Hope you don't mind answering 1,5 years late :D.

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