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Koala Sofa

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Bloody awesome

Comfortable, great size, easy to assemble. The sofa was delivered on time, customer service kept me up to date on my order and it all arrived as per the product description.

Purchased for $1,499.00.

Comfy stylish Sofa

I'm really happy with the sofa and ottoman I bought from Koala. Very comfy to sit on and have fallen asleep a few times on it. Delivered quickly and easy to put together. Highly recommend the company and their products.

Purchased for $1,450.00.

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Thanks for leaving a review, Zoe!

Great product. Great service. Just great!

Our Koala lounge and chase looks good and is very comfortable. Doubles as an extra single bed. Delivery was prompt. It was easy to put together - just watched the YouTube video and copied. While there were a few pulled threads, Koala have rectified this by supplying another set of covers! Very happy.
Our Koala queen mattress has also been a good purchase. We purchased after a recommendation from family who were also very happy.

Purchased for $1,150.00.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, Sandy!


We're really happy with our new bed and mattress! We loved how simple they were to put together, the quality of materials and the good causes Koala supports! We highly recommend Koala!

Purchased .

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Thank you, Will!

Four minutes? PFFFFFT - Otherwise a great sofa

Is it a great, comfy sofa? Yes! Was the customer service and delivery good? Yes! Did it take 4 minutes to assemble? Not on your life.

A couple small gripes...
#1 - When you order you're not informed that free delivery means that they will carry it up a maximum of three flights of stairs and are not permitted to enter your apartment / house. For HSE and insurance reasons apparently. This wasn't a huge issue for me but Koala have a duty of care to make customers aware of this more clearly.
#2 - Saying that it takes a single person to assemble the sofa in 4 minutes is the biggest lie told since the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. Especially when one of the arms has a bracket misaligned and takes four minutes to get onto the @#$% frame to begin with.

Overall I am happy - will see how well it ages but it was a good purchase.

Purchased for $1,500.00.

Hi Kara, Thanks for your feedback. We do have the 3 flights of stairs rule stated in the FAQ page. Sorry to hear you had trouble with one of the parts. Great to hear you are happy overall.Hi Koala, I did find it on your FAQ page but its very hard to find (multiple clicks to get there) and not ideal from a UX/CX perspective. I think it would be valuable to make this more obvious to customers. Just a suggestion.... use it / don't use it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Great! Convenient, comfortable, and easy to put together. Also amazing after-sale support!

After doing some research, the convenience of easy assembly and disassembly, given I still rent/move around, made this one of my top choices for a Sofa. I did end up ordering this earlier than I expected as my existing cheapo Ikea couch bit the bullet and Ikea refused a warranty despite being less than 2 years old and their 10 year guarantee but that's a review for another day... But suffice to say, apart from unavailability in the first instance (no stock for a week), the sofa arrived in the time stipulated, and was easy enough for me to put together by myself in around ~15 minutes. (Would've been 10, but I didn't check instructions and had the bases facing the wrong way initially :P). Less mobile people may definitely require 2 people.

The pillows/base seat are comfortable and soft, and we were worried about the centre join being an issue, but we essentially cannot feel it, and if you do it's not enough to annoy or bother us at all. Long enough for me (at 6') to lie down comfortably and nap stretched out. The metal frame feels solid and durable. Their long warranty (10 year frame, 5 year otherwise) is great peace of mind as well.

Ours did unfortunately come with a small hole in the mesh of one of the bases, however this is being dealt with currently and we're expecting the replacement/pickup of old parts this evening. I'm pre-writing this review however as after sales support has been great, responsive, understanding and willing to help. I even received a small 'surprise' care package as it were, which I had no idea what it was, until I picked it up this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely handwritten note with an apology for the issue along with a wish for me to rest well on the Sofa after an upcoming surgery I mentioned in passing (and some other lovely goodies!) How nice! I'd like to give a shout out to the person who took their time to send this out, and make it personalised. I picked it up this morning from the drop-off point so definitely made my day.

I have no regrets with this purchase, and even with a minor issue, after-sales support has been amazing and I cannot fault the process. I've purchased before from Koala (King Single Mattress) which was great, though I did personally find that too soft to sleep on for me personally and had to swap it eventually later (and upgrade to a Queen anyway), but again in terms of the process, support and service, I thus far cannot fault them. The courier on initial delivery was polite and helpful (brought to my door, though did not enter the premises as stipulated, ensure you have an able-bodied person for the last-leg of moving the boxes), so I guess I've been lucky on the support/courier side overall!

Thanks again to Koala and to the person who made the extra effort to bring a smile to my face.

Purchased .

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Just to add, delivery of the new parts arrived last night, and a pickup for the old parts occurred a while after this. So all good now warranty wise! If I had one piece of feedback for this particular process, it would be to provide a tracking code for the pickup driver too, as I had no idea when he was coming or where he was, or even if it was occurring apart from the initial email from Koala directly. Made it hard to plan out dinner! Luckily worked out in this instance :).

Comfy af

Very comfy, easy to put together. We have found that watching TV at night has become an issue because we keep falling asleep on the couch. Ottoman is great too.

Purchased .

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Thanks Martin!

Dissapointing service

We were very disappointed with our Koala couch which was delivered on Friday. We were so excited to have found a couch that would be delivered quickly on the day as we have had a very busy schedule, our sole reason for purchasing the couch was for it’s promised ease of assembly and quick delivery (we usually would have spent $1400 on this couch). We both took a day off work to be home for the delivery thinking everything should run smoothly, unfortunately as we were unboxing there were multiple defects with the couch which should have been avoided. We are surprised at the the quality control as the framing underneath was clearly not welded probperly and had already snapped. The front kicker does not even fit correctly and is about 50mm off.
What has surprised us the most is the lack of communication from Koala, as we have not yet been told when or if we will receive new pieces. It is very frustrating as it is is likely we will have to take another day off work to accomodate these mistakes. We’ve been told we have to wait 4 days to even be contacted about how this issue will be resolved. Really upsetting!

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Hi Lucille, I am sorry to hear that you have had this experience. My name is Genevieve and I am one of the managers here at Koala, are you able to email me with your order number g.rutherford@koala.com and I can get this sorted for you. We want to get you resting up in comfort ASAP

Very happy with my Koala Sofa

I ordered my sofa in the morning, it was delivered in the afternoon, and I was using it a short time later. Easy for one person to put together (although it took me a bit more than 4 minutes). Everything just slots into place. It's a good solid piece of furniture and could easily be used for a guest to sleep on if short on beds. It's comfortable and I think it will be hard wearing. All covers can be removed for washing.

Very happy with my purchase!

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Great to hear you are happy, Katrina! Thanks for sharing your review


Best thing my husband has ever purchased! The Ottomans are great. Sofa is easy to put together and we love using it. Delivery was excellent.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Thanks Lisa!

Loved my sofa so much I bought a second one

We recently bought a sofa from Koala via their website. My wife was dubious about buying a sofa she hadn’t tested in the shop but I persuaded her that we could make use of the 120 trial if we didn’t like it. It arrived within 2 business days and we loved it so much that we order a second sofa the next week. That one arrived the next day.
The 2 sofas have totally transformed our living room and we are very satisfied customers.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Thanks for leaving such a kind review Robert!

We love it

We love our couch- it is super sleek & very comfortable- perfect for napping. We fit 2 people and a dog all napping at 1 time!

Only room for improvement is to sell the covers for couch separately

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Thanks, Gerogia! We will eventually sell spare covers. In the meantime, you can remove and wash all of the covers!

Fails to be a comfortable couch

I've lived with this sofa for a while now (longer than the return policy :( my fault not addressing it sooner) and come to the conclusion that I don't like it. For the price being paid, there are many more options out there do a better job at the role of the main couch in your living room.

The cushion is too thin. I'm not a heavy person and it's thin to the point where I can easily feel the metal beam in the middle of the base - making it fairly uncomfortable experience. The cushion also slides out fairly easily with normal use and I find myself have to get up and fix it almost every day. It looks like there's a gap where the cushion should fit between the back plate and the base but it doesn't quite fit/isn't shown in the instructions that it should.

This brings me onto my next gripe that it's not a very deep couch (which I understand is a personal preference) that I feel makes it very hard to "lounge" on, especially if the cushion is indeed meant to fit between the gap mentioned above.

When I first got the sofa the welds keeping the feet on are very thin/small, one snapping within 30 minutes of putting it together. This required around a week of emails/calls to get it replaced. Having said that, service was very polite and helpful with the problem. All the other feet feel fairly flimsy and don't go well with any sort of sideways movement.

On top of all this, I've owned it for ~6 months now and the fabric is starting to pill. This has never been a problem I've encountered with other couches I've owned (including those at the same price point).

The one redeeming factor of the couch is that the design is fairly clever and assembly is indeed very quick.

Conclusion: This couch may have a place as a secondary couch that is rarely sat on, but not as the mainstay for your TV experiences.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

An easy process, but this sofa was not ideal.

We purchased this sofa for a recently renovated lounge/tv room at the front of our house. The price, ordering, delivery and assembly were all great. However, once assembled, when we sat right in the centre of the seat cushion we could feel the steel bars where the two halves of the steel-framed base come together. Over time we figure this would have gotten worse as the seat cushion softened due to regular use.

Sitting anywhere else on the sofa was fine, so if you don't need to sit dead-centre, then it would be great.

We have just begun the return process, which also seems painless so far.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Amazing Sofa

First off - the sofa is amazing. Super comfortable - my guests use it as a bed when they stay over - and a great length for me, since I'm taller. Very happy with it - a sit test between my Koala and my sister's West Elm sofa came out unanimously in favour of the Koala couch for comfort (from neutral parties, since I am shockingly biased).

My only issue was delivery and putting it together - the delivery took hours, as you are notified when the order leaves, not when they are headed to your location, plus the email makes a huge fuss over the delivery guy not bringing the boxes in - our guy was really nice, and brought the boxes inside (though, I live on the ground floor). As for set-up, the video makes it look simple, without practical advice. You NEED 2 people - it would be impossible to get together on your own - and on the brand new sofa, it was a lot harder to clip together than the demo showed. It took us at least an hour to get together (this may have also been because my apartment is tiny, and manoeuvring was an issue.)

Overall, I am really happy, and would return to Koala for other products. My only suggestion is some kind of recycling program for the packaging, as there was a lot. Oh, and different colours of replacement couch covers because sometimes a girl wants a pink or yellow or turquoise couch.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi Alexandra, Thank you for your review and constructive feedback! The plastic packaging we use can be recycled. You can find the nearest location to drop it off by clicking on the link below: https://www.redcycle.net.au/where-to-redcycle/

Amazing quality & service

So pleased with my sofa & ottoman purchase. Quick delivery, very easy to assemble. The quality of the fabric is beautiful and the fact that it can be removed for cleaning is a bonus. It’s perfect and exactly as described. The little personal touches and knowing our endangered wildlife has benefited by us getting quality furnishing for our new apartment, amazing.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Thanks so much Jody! We're really pleased you like it.

Not value for money

Order and delivery was a very straight forward process. Assembly wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but it was assembled in half an hour. Heaps of plastic and cardboard to discard. Hope the turtles won't eat any of that in the future. The couch looks and feel cheap. The material covering the foam is uncomfortable to sit or lay on and the foam inside is pretty thin. I had an IKEA sofa before I purchased this and it was way better and slightly cheaper than this one. I hope it grows on me but at the moment I feel pretty disappointed with the purchase.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Love this sofa! Not only does it look great, it is really comfy. I was hesitant to buy a sofa online without ever sitting on it but after going to a few retailer and having a look at similar product (some of which were going to take up to 6 weeks to arrive) I decided to take the plunge and give Koala a go - it was the best decision, it arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. Very happy customer!

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review, so glad you are enjoying your Koala.

Love, Love, Love my new sofa

Only had the sofa for a few weeks but looks fantastic and feels great, so hoping that continues. Putting it together was easy and delivered very quickly. Love my Koala mattress so felt I couldn't go wrong with the sofa!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Speedy & comfy. Exactly as promised!

Fantastic. Service was brilliant, sofa looks great and is very comfy. Only negative is you can feel the metal bar across the middle if you sit right on top of it, but if you sit either side its a non-issue

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Thanks, Matty! That should change once the foam is completely decompressed :)

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Questions & Answers

I live in Canberra and therefore can't return this if I buy it and don't like it - a huge risk if it's no good, or there's something wrong. If I get this and there's something wrong (like the reviews with misdelivered components) do I have to pay to return the wrong bits? Or is it like the comfort return, if you're not in Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne it's purchase at your own risk?
3 answers
Hi there! If you end up returning because the item doesn't suit, you are absolutely able to return it for a full refund within the 120 nights. However, due to your location, you would need to either drop it off to our Sydney warehouse or arrange for a courier to deliver it at your own expense. If we made a mistake and sent you the wrong part or if anything was wrong with the order we would absolutely rectify this right away and you wouldn't be charged anything in terms of return postage or delivery fees etc. I hope this helps!Thanks, that's the main thing that's putting me off buying it - it would cost $400 or so to return it by courier if we don't like it, so the no questions asked return policy isn't as much of a selling point for us a few hours down the highwayHi Chloe, I’m in the same boat, living in Canberra and unable to test it out at a store, risk buying it and then realising it’s not comfy. Did you end up buying another brand? I’m in the market for a 3-seater.

I am interested in buying a Sofa and Ottoman but just a bit hesitant with the fabric. (Polyester) I am in Far North Queensland and a bit worried it could be too hot to sit on. Also, is the seating bit very soft? It looks like in the photos? It would be great if somebody could give me some feedback on those aspects. Thank you
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I haven't found the cloth too hot so far, but NQ summers are extreme, so I'm not sure how it would fair. In SE Qld it's fine. The mattress is firmer than it looks and softens over time. The only downside is that when it softens in one area, you can't just flip or swivel the mattress/seat pad due to where the zip is. You have to also take it out of its cover and flip it around. Mine has a firm spot in the centre over the bar as no one sits there which means there will be uneven wear over time.thank you Anna

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