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Ikea Smaklig

Ikea Smaklig

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Great customer service

Two elements on our Smaklig cooktop suddenly stopped working. Called Ikea on a sunday afternoon. Received confirmation from Electrolux on monday morning that a service request had been made. Serviceman came out on wednesday checked the cooktop ordered new elements and was back on friday to fit them. Really great service from start to finish Ikea/Electrolux kept us in the picture all the way. Servicemen were nice guys and turned up on time. Should also say the Smaklig induction cooktop is very good. Does everything right with a great five year warranty for a very competitive price.

Purchased in October 2016 at IKEA QLD, Logan for $699.00.

Good quality with a bargain price

Purchased in last year after my old Smeg ceramic cooktop died, it's working very efficient and quiet compare to ceramic cooktop and the price is very good with a 5 years warranty as other brand could be double the price. Only one thing, the cookware, some pots made by stainless steel are working fine on other induction cooktop but couldn't be recognized by this one.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Absolutely Brilliant!

I have been using this cooktop for about a year now, and I love it. I was used to cooking with gas, and when we moved house we had a ceramic cooktop which was just OK, so when it died, I decided to upgrade to induction. After LOTS of research, I realised the Ikea induction cooktops are a fraction of the price of other brands, and they have a longer warranty.

I can't overstate how much I love using this appliance. I would never willingly go back to gas cooking. Here are some of the advantages.

• It is so quick! I have a huge cauldron that I regularly use to cook a massive batch of food, and with gas or the ceramic cooktop, it took at least an hour to get this volume of food to the boil. With induction, it barely takes twenty minutes. Heating a pot of water or a standard volume of any food is quicker than I had thought was possible.

• Control is a dream, changing the temperature is quick, and the range of temperatures is excellent. Turning the heat off or down leads to an instant response. It is so much more precise than gas.

• The lowest setting is much gentler than anything possible with gas or ceramic. It is super low! You can gently melt chocolate without burning it, for example.

• There is little lost heat. Only the pan heats up, the surface of the cooktop doesn’t. This makes it incredibly efficient. This also means the kitchen doesn’t heat up to the degree I had been used to.

• The food cooks more evenly, and food at the bottom of the saucepan is far less likely to get burnt.

• The timer is really useful, and very simple to use.

• It is so easy to clean. Just a damp cloth is enough. No nooks and crannies like I had with gas, and food doesn’t get burnt onto the suface like it does with a ceramic cooktop, because with induction the surface does not heat up.

I have read that some people avoid induction cooking because saucepans need to be ferrous (ie. a magnet sticks to the surface). All my existing pots and pans were suitable, so I didn’t have the expense of buying new saucepans. This is something to bear in mind. However, if my saucepans had been unsuitable, I would definitely have been prepared to buy new ones for all the benefits induction cooking brings. Plus with the prices at Ikea, you would still be quids in compared with buying other brands of cooktops. Saucepans with a smooth bottom have the best performance.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Cooks well....then dies

My Smaklig induction hob died after a few short months after installation. The Electrolux technician deemed that the hob was not installed properly and thus overheated the circuits. The 5 year Warranty voided! The professional kitchen installer has since shown me that the install was, in fact, superior to the specs as shown in the IKEA manual. far superior venting and air flow than required by the installation manual. IKEA (&Electrolux) now insist that that having a 20mm bench top instead of 40mm is at fault. HOW???? Having less thermal mass surrounding the unit and thus more air is beneficial to cooling of electronics. Not rocket science. Having to go to the Fair Trading tribunal now because IKEA are sticking to the story of the technician's 15 minute visit.

Date PurchasedMay 2016
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Post script: IKEA contacted me some days after I made an application to have the matter heard in the Civil Claims Tribunal. They.....all of a sudden... wanted to resolve the matter.....and offered me a replacement Otrolig induction hob. ($300 more expensive). I took up the offer & am happy with the deal. First of all, it is NOT Electrolux. Having investigated the ventilation requirements of many induction hobs, I came to the conclusion that Electrolux's requirement to have only 1 vent, at the front, for both intake & exhaust air, is a recipe for disaster. Also, The new hob is much, much quieter than the defective Smaklig. Induction hobs work off using oscillating magnets and the Smaklig was very, very noisy. Bit like having noisy wheel bearings on a car which need to be replaced before they cause your car to break down & require towing. Verdict? Spend the extra $$$ and go the Otrolig. Avoid any Electrolux based hobs.

Fantastic - Better than gas!

This thing is simply brilliant. It's European made and has a 5 year warranty. Boils water in literally seconds. Almost instant heat control. Was only $599 with member discount. Have had no issues with it since I bought it some 5 months or so ago. I can have my coffee pot boiled in one minute. My wife is Chinese and uses a wok everyday. She thinks its great too. Much better then the old ceramic thing that we had before that and it is, I am sure as good as other models costing twice as much (or more!)

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Questions & Answers

Does anyone know what the "error code" E3 means on the IKEA Smaklig cooktop? The manual only makes note of the E4 message. My cooktop control panel lights up but the burners wont stay on. They light up for a few seconds and then shut themselves off and I get the E3 error code?
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As far as I know, it means that the voltage is incorrect, and you should check the power supply. Good luck, and keep us posted!


Ikea Smaklig
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Price (RRP)$699

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