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Innovation Square ULT-88

Innovation Square ULT-88

3.7 from 32 reviews

Best massage chair you can get

I have been using this chair for over 2 years, 4 star for best performance but i ate one star due to the leather is getting wear-off and i dont know where i can get replacement cover. Emailing innovation square has as usual no response

Worst Service

I sent 8 email and left 9 voice messages no one gets back to me. I bought massage chair year and half back. I have 5 years warranty noone is picking up phone directly going to voice message. I already complaint to Fairtrading. I am living in next suburb from where I bought (Riverstone). I paid A$600 for 5 years warranty. Very crap service. Please do not buy anything from them.

Warranty problems.

I am just about to ring fair trading as they continue to not reply about my problems.I have 1 year left of warranty and I have not any faith in there customer service.They hope I just go away before warranty expires,They say they need to know the problem first but I am not a massage mechanic ,I paid 4.500$ and it only takes them to come for a day to fix it.Thanks Innovation square for showing me your lack of care and I would not recommend anyone to have dealings with you again.

Reliable, fantastic chair even after 5 years !

Literally the best massage chair I have ever owned. Never had a issue at all, love the stretch function, and the night time massage puts me to sleep!! I would defiantly recommend to others. I have had 3 friends buy the same after they tried my chair ! It's probably the best out there!

This Chair is a piece of crap!

We have had the chair just for over a year (and paid $470 for an extra 5 years extended warranty), it is good when it is working but when it did stop working/completed dead, we rang the company and tried to get the to fix it (rightly it is still under warranty) but they told us to fix it ourselves over the phone and refused to send a technician out to fix it for us. The Company 'Innovation Square' is a fraud. They do not have work ethic and honesty. Please do not trust them. As Katie Kent said, the customer service is very bad and unhelpful. They are crooks, because they do not even comply to fix it under warranty. We went through Fair Trading etc. But it did not get us anywhere. Now we are stuck with a useless Chair that we have paid for lots of money for (over $3000). It is terrible. I am not sure how they are still allowed to operate as a business when they are selling a product with high profit and it does not even last more than a year?
I hope everyone read this and learn about my horrible experience.

Worst customer service EVER

I bought this chair and while it was great when it was working, the automatic settings now have stopped working and just massages the lower back. I rang them and they said without a invoice number they won't help me. I said I only want advice on what can be wrong with it but they won't even give me that answer. So good luck if you ever have a problem with your chair as you are on your own.

I love it!

I have had an ULT-88 for a few months now and it is simply wonderful. It massages everything I need and I use it every day. I have to fight the rest of my family for time on it!

excellent. .... best investment

Love coming from work and hopping in the chair. All the aches and pains go away and I'm completely relaxed. All my family enjoy it too. The best investment ever.

shocking service

Beware My chair is less than 6 months old broke down twice contacted them on both occasions they asked me to get the part and fix it first time reluctant to send anyone and second time has been 3 weeks they wont send anyone to take a look at a fault even though l have 5 years extended warranty shocking service machine is good when working though to be fair


I have had my chair for nearly 12 months. I wanted to test before writing a review. I bought this chair as I was spending so much time between the chiro and massage. I have a bad back as well as painful rheumatoid. This chair is wonderful. It is fantastic. After trying out the chair my eight-year-old granddaughter said "When I grow up, I want to marry that chair." You will not be disappointed if you purchase. One very slight dislike is it is definitely designed and made for people bigger than 5 ft 2 in and 57kg.

Birthday Present

I bought the Innovation Square ULT-88 as a surprise 60th birthday present for my husband. We both love it and have a massage before going to bed. Wonderfully relaxing after a hard days work. I phoned Customer Service because I needed it delivered quickly. They were very helpful and chair was delivered by required date.

Pretty good chair

I've bought the chair because of spinal problems. Believe it or not but it had helped a lot with the back muscles.
Also I've looked around and I couldn't find a better chair for similar value, so that's another plus.
I never had a problem with the chair. I had it for over 2 years now.

innovation square ULT88

chair failed in full recline (weightless) position with my Mrs in it , unable to get out herself , it was like trying to get out of your car via the window with your seatbelt still on,,,,contacted innovation square , not help what so ever , have now e mailed them 15 times and called them , still have an ultra expensive inoperative piece of dogs do do , only because of their customer service ,I have had better service from a chip shop

My wife call "him" Tony Stark!

Buying a massage chair was never on my to-buy list. But my wife really wished to have the convenience of a massage in our home. After researching online for the best chair for our needs, we came across ULT-88 from Innovative Square. It's tailored to all we wanted from head to toe. The best feature being the back detector. With this chair's rollers detects your spine & with the combination of airbags, it gives a intense yet relaxing full body massage. As there are many functions to the ULT-88, the selections are endless. It is truly an amazing chair that we enjoy daily.

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we're happy that you and your wife are loving the chair! do let us know if you need anything.

Innovation Square ULT-88 excellent massage chair

Purchased a ULT-88 in 2014 and have used the chair every day after coming home from a hard day at work; great for relaxation and stress relief. The chair did have an issue approx 4 months after the purchase; however, contacted the support help desk and the support to resolve the problem was good. They were quick to reply and fix the issue. I would recommend the ULT-88 to anyone looking for a massage chair that you want to use every day.

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Hi Frank, thanks for your business and we appreciate the vote of confidence in our product!

Absolutely Love It !!!

We have had our ULT-88 a few months now and it is the best thing we have ever bought. It is great for relieving our stiffness, injuries and aches and pains. We look forward to using it every day. We have had no problems with it at all and we just love it. Well done Innovation Square!

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Thanks for the kind review David, we're happy to know that it is relieving your pain and injuries!

Service after warranty

Innovation Square provided excellent services even after the warranty which I'm enjoying everyday after work. Responding email request within 24 hours and sometimes within couple of hours. Love this massage chair and love the services

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Hi James, Thanks for your kind review and we hope you continue enjoying the chair!

Any spare time is spent in this amazing chair

I purchased this chair in April 2014 and except for a minor interruption I have used it every day sometimes twice a day. It is the best way to unwind at the end of the day and a great relax if you need it in the early afternoon. I love it. other than a minor problem with the sensor it has been faultless. Even when I had the fault the staff and technicians were prompt and efficient. I would highly recommend Innovation Square as a business to deal with.

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Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your business and your vote of confidence!

Fantastic Massage Chair

I have had this chair for three years and it's still performing like it did the day we got it. There were a few minor issues after two years but the service team had the problem solved within days. All round great purchase that you will not regret + the manual functions are exceptional.

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Hi Oliver, Thank you for your fantastic feedback and we're glad our customer service team are able to help you out.

Innovation Square ULT-88

amazing chair, it is awesome and dose almost every part of your body. products are great and the service and help was awesome

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Hey B.Webb, thank you for your kind words!

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Hi guys, I am in the market for a new massage chair and like the look of your product. Although, I am conserved about the negative comments regarding warranty service. Strangely the names on each of the positive comments seem quite different from the names of the negative people (just an observation) and the positive comments seem a little over the top. Apart from that can you explain how you actually handle service issues. Cheers, Chris R
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It was a good massage chair ( that why we tested and bought it very expensive) until it broke down for no reason within one year warranty, I contacted the company Innovation Square they did not want to have anything to do with us ( even we bought the 3 years extended warranty), there is no Service at all! They had this answering machine that filter your calls unless you call for sale they pick up the phone straight away but if for Service, they would not return your call! we would not recommend their products, it is such a cheap quality, the ‘ fake leather interior ‘ peeled off around the head rest area within months of using .... very disappointing and frustrating for us, we still have this piece of junk sitting in our lounge room upstairs ( weight around100kg) that we can not remove, it is eyesore for us everyday! we could not even find anyone to fix it for us because most the company selling this Sort of product are in Sydney (or Melbourne) we live in Newcastle they would not want to bother to drive up here for 4 hours returned trip !

need someone to relocate my chair, please help,a reasonable price please..
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What do you mean by relocate?


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