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Insinkerator Multitap 3N1

Insinkerator Multitap 3N1

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I looked forward to having a fully functioning tap. Unfortunately the concept appears flawed as the flow rate is dismal compared to my old hot/cold fawcett. The installer incorrectly plumbed it up so the only water that was filtered is the almost boiling part, and I have now been told that if I get that corrected the flow rate will further diminish. Had I know this aspect I would not have purchased one. As it is now, without the filter on the cold water, my flow rate has gone from 3.25 seconds per litre down to 8.4 seconds per litre. Filling the large sink to do dishes now takes ages.

Purchased in September 2019 at Appliance Central for A$1,850.00.

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The best part of my Kitchen Reno - I will never go back to a normal tap !!

Date PurchasedApr 2018
Eve G

Eve GMelbourne

Life Changing!


The Multitap3N1™ is super functional, stylishly designed and makes day to day life just that little bit easier by dispensing hot, steaming hot and cool water. It's super stylish and the perfect addition to your kitchen!

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Can't live without it!

Date PurchasedAug 2018


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Design. Convenience. Perfecto!


I have had my Multitap for almost 12 months now and it's probably the most used 'appliance' if you can call it that in my kitchen... i use it for hot drinks (kettle has gone to charity), instant steaming water for washing up, boiling water on the cooktop is instant after filling up your pot from the Multitap, even blanching vegies works straight from the tap. Moving house sometime in the next 12 months and definitely taking it with me! LOVE IT!

Date PurchasedNov 2017


The best tap i've ever used


The Multitap is the most amazing tap to have in your home or office. The instant hot water will change the way you cook, no more waiting for water to boil. It's one of those things that once you have it, you can't live without it.

Date PurchasedApr 2018


Amazing and oh so stylish


I could not be more obsessed with this tap. It is in constant use at Canvas House and both our guests and staff love it. The best thing is that it looks amazing.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Can't live without this now!


The boiling hot water tap is extremely safe as you have to push then pull down at the same time. It also flows slower so it’s not something little kids could accidentally hurt themselves on. But it is boiling (so still be cautious). The convenience of steaming hot water in the one kitchen mixer tap that saves precious kitchen bench space (reducing need for kettle) is excellent in my eyes. The tap only needs a small space under the sink for the tank and filter. You can see the tank mounted very neatly under my sink.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

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Multitap 3N1 J-Shape

Hi there,
I’d love to know how noisey the unit is when warming the water / if there’s a fan etc? Also what is the warranty and can any plumber do installation and maintenance or does it have to be someone registered with this product?

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The unit is extremely quiet. It is inside a closed cupboard anyway but with no other noise happening you can just hear it quietly. Normal kettles are very loud by comparison, I hate being in the same room as a freestanding kettle heating up.


Agreed - cannot hear a think, Love this product - 3 years since I installed it, it is still my favourite part of my Kitchen reno. Better than the great looking stainless steel cooker I put in. This product I used multiple times a day.


Thanks Billie and GWC for your comments, that’s great to know!
I assume from the lack of negative feedback that it’s also been reliable?
Cheers :-)

Patricia C.

Patricia C.asked

Insinkerator Multitap 3N1

What are the safety protections in place to stop a child from being severely scalded?

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Hi Patricia,

The boiling function on this tap is managed by a separate, spring loaded mixer/handle. So to send boiling water our, you first have to push the handle down and then pull it forward. Also, the flow of boiling water is slow - so it is not like it shoots boiling water out fast that could splash/burn. The flow is aimed at "cup of coffee" speed. Lastly, you can set the temperature to what you like.

I think these are strong safety features. Perhaps give Insinkerator a call - they would explain it better than I could.

Having an instant boiling tap is an AMAZING feature and I have had this product for 18 months and it is still a) working great - no issues and b) is still my favourite part of my kitchen reno.

I would strongly recommend this product and NO, I dont have any relationship with this company... just a big fan. :-)

Hope all the above helps.

Patricia C.
Patricia C.

That doesn't show on the advert on TV which was where I saw the product. Thank you for advising me of the safety measures of the product

Kerry D.

Kerry D.asked

Insinkerator Multitap 3N1

Hi. Is this designed a a replacement for you standard kitchen tap. If so, what is the flow like when filling you sunk for the dishes. Also, can you regulate the the temperature with the handle or is it fixed. Thanks.

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Yep - it replaces your main tap. Looks great.

The hot and cold are connected to your mains - so no difference in flow.

I personally paid an extra $200 and added a high flowing cold water filer. So when cold water comes through - it is filtered. That has NO impact on the flow rate.

As for the boiler - it has its own pipe. Cold water goes into the insulated boiler where the temperature can bet set at the boiling point of your choosing. The boiling watet flow is slower than the mains but you do not need high flow.

It is a year since i put mine in. STILL the favourite part of my kitchen reno. The product has not stopped working.

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