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Insuranceline Funeral Insurance

Insuranceline Funeral Insurance

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Avoid at all costs.

Completely took my grandfather for a ride. Paid for over 15 years and they did nothing to help him. Service officer was extremely rude to me and him when we cancelled the poilcy. Do not use these thieves

Value for Money
Customer Service

Lost money

I was a member for 7 years and changed my policy to a no increase premium.So it does not go up each year.BUT they started me a new policy and I lost all of the money I had put into the previous account. Also is it right that they cancel your policy after you turn 69.I had a friend who was 79 and they cancelled his policy because he had only been a member for 2 years and they said he was too old to be a member.

Value for Money
Customer Service

Rapid payment with minimal fuss and documentation

Slightly overpriced but good service at the end when required made up for it. Checking others around and found close in comparison

Insurance claim madeYes


How dare they sending unrequested marketing emails to myself and my wife! Shut them down and hardcore regulate marketing! Advertise on TV, but stay away from emailing and letterboxes! Wish someone would sue all marketing companies for harassment!

Insurance claim madeNo

They took $450 out of my account without permission

Insuranceline are scammers! They took $450 out of my bank without my permission! That was money I was going to use over Christmas, the nab bank will not refund the money, this is crazy ! I have only ever agreed to a fortnight payment , this is outrageous!! Just before Christmas.

Insurance claim madeNo

Praying on Elderly

What our grandmother paid verse her claim payout was drastically different, she paid 3 times the amount of money she was entitled to upon death. Thought she was helping her family out. Disgraceful and immoral.

Insurance claim madeYes

Claim was easy and stress free

Lodging a claim with these guys after my mums passing was very quick easy and stress free very satisfied and highly recommended

Insurance claim madeYes

Taking two payments instead of one since start of policy

Insuranceline took two payments fortnightly from the start date of my funeral cover for what should have been one policy. I got a call from their call centre asking if I'd like extra cover etc... I said ok ... just by chance I got a printed bank statement which showed they had taken the original amount of 39.69 as well as what should have been the updated policy of 40.00 I called them today and they admitted it was a error and agreed to refund 119.07 but I said I do not trust them now and insisted they cancel the policy and refund the three payments of both policies...after 1 hour 20 minutes and speaking to three people the best they would offer me was they MIGHT process the refund by the 16th November.. I begged them to refund it today because I'm a pensioner this is in fact my food money for the month .... rude and aggressively delt with by the cancellation team leader , I hung up in despair. Their mistake.... my problem. I asked for a written apology and asked if as an act of goodwill would they give me three months free funeral insurance in order to keep my business....no way .I URGE YOU ALL TO CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENTS FORTNIGHTLY . HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE are being cheated by Insuranceline... I went with insuranceline for peace of mind but instead I ended up distressed and out of pocket and no funeral insurance... disgraceful...

Insurance claim madeYes

I was treated with understanding and respect.

Although there was an issue between my father (who held the policy) and InsuranceLine my review will be focused on their claim handling.

After notifying InsuranceLine of my father's passing I was informed of the claim process and the required documents to substantiate the claim.

Once I was able to obtain a "Cause of Death" certificate I submitted it along with proof of ID (mine and my fathers) and they promptly processed the claim. I was treated with understanding and respect.

Insurance claim madeYes

Making money out of the elderly

My mother since 2000 has had a policy and the amounts keep going up, when I calculated the amount she has paid and what the insurance will pay out upon death someone is making one hell of a lot of money. It would seem that these contracts lock in your money and if you cancel all is lost. I'll be taking this further.

Insurance claim madeNo

Total Rip Offs

They are happy to take a pensioners money for 10+ years on the promise that the small premium will never increase but then advise they are going to decrease the insuranced amount by $10,000 & then raise the premium on top of that, & then as soon as you turn 69 they cancel the policy.
When questioned the response was 'its cancelled because of your age & now you need to shop around for a new policy"
They then expect you to continue paying the premium for the next four weeks for a policy they have advised will be cancelled
Disgusting !!!
Absolutes rip offs !!!
Check your policy thoroughly...

Insurance claim madeNo

They won't leave you alone

I called to make an enquiry about insurance and even though I said I wasn't interested I have been receiving 10 calls per day from them (and spoken to them 2-3 times per day). Never leave your number with them

Insurance claim madeNo

Cannot fault these guys. Paid promptly.

Both my mother and father had the funeral insurance with these guys. My mother passed away two years ago and they paid out promptly within a few days and my father passed away only last week and again within 48 hours it was paid out. Also received flowers and condolence card which was a nice surprise.Relieved the huge expenses burden of a funeral from our family in a time of need.

Insurance claim madeYes

Ive been in with these guys for 4years now

Insuranceline started out great. It was $61.70 they say on the policie that it will never go up.
I have to seek out paper work. As its now jumped to $91.00 per month.
After stating the will never go up in price.
I had a phone conversation with one admin person and they rang to propose an increase.
I said yes$71. But i also stated that i do not want it to rise any higher nor do i want anyone ring stating its gone up.
But i recently recieved an email stating its raised to $91.
Also in the printing of the change it states everytime it goes up they start you of at the lowest level that you have to be alive for 12 months before it will pay out should one of us where to die.
So im not HAPPY about this.
Just git off the phone this morning from CLEARVIEW insurance who are having to pay me back from a mistake made on there part.
So if any one had insurance around 2005 with Clear view. I strongly suggest you google this. And check out dates.
This is the 4th time these types of companys have ripped me off.
1st was Colonial Mutual with one of there agents still have paper work for them and i did my own investigation and they said there was NO SUCH policy. So thats another one i need to fight for. And get legal advise for. Another was Commbank would pay out when i went to claim. I was diagnoised with an auto immune dease and could no longer Hairdress. Going in 41/2 years now. They sent a head hunter after me and i feel that she took advantage of my illness which is part of the dease brain fog not being able to answer quickly enough and lossing all the nessary info i needed at the time.
So she said we will pay you back what you have paid. So do your due dilligence people.

Insurance claim madeNo

Legalised Extortion

Reading these reviews and our own personal experience, is very upsetting. It is unrealistic for people to pay stepped premiums for over ten years and more for small amounts $5-7-10,000, when in effect you are paying up to double or triple the amount you are insured

Insurance claim madeNo

Peace of mind for Mum, great service for us.

When my Mum was diagnosed with cancer, she was worried about paying for her funeral, of all things. So my husband and I took out funeral cover, to give her the peace of mind that at least THAT was taken care of. When the time came to make a claim, they were wonderful. They told us what we needed to do, followed up with an email, because, let's face it, who can keep their head straight during that time? They processed the claim as soon as they had the paperwork and the money was in the bank the next day. The nice touch, the thing I didn't expect from an insurance company - the beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to our door.
Thank you for making this awful time a little easier.

Insurance claim madeYes

Rip off

Found out I’ve been paying since 2001 and I need to speak to someone as I found a glitch in there policy I’ve lost$7,000 as they said I cancelled but when you go to a higher amount they stop the one your on and as the guy on phone said it is not a bank so when you start new one you lose the money you’ve paid.

Insurance claim madeNo

Awesome service

I would like to say that we are so very pleased with the way insurance line handled our recent claim .
The lady was very helpful and totally supportive. We had the money for our mums funeral the next day.
We would totally recommend insurance line.

Insurance claim madeYes

Endless phone calls for 8 months

I don’t know where did they get my number. They’ve just keep on calling me every single day since last year!! Even when I told them I was not Interested in them and won’t consider to buy any insurance at all as I was only a student!!

What make they think that if a 25 year old international student will buy a funeral insurance overseas! Plz stop the call!

Insurance claim madeNo

Very happy with service

Have recently lost my mum.
Phoned and received a claim number.
Sent a copy of certificates as requested.
Payed instantly.
Would not hesitate in recommending insuranceline funeral insurance
Very happy with there service.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

I paid my funeral plan for 9 years nowi want to cancel can I get my money back
1 answer
Hi Marie.no way they will not refund you.but they will gladly cancel it and keep your money.l started a new policy recently so it would not increase every year.So l lost all the money l had put into my policy over the last 10 years.

I was a member for 7 years and changed my policy to a no increase premium.So it does not go up each year.BUT they started me a new policy and I lost all of the money I had put into the previous account. Also is it right that they cancel your policy after you turn 69. I had a friend who was 79 and they cancelled his policy because he had only been a member for 2 years and they said he was too old to be a member and returned 3 payments to him.
No answers

How much is funeral insurance for someone who is 76?
1 answer
At age 76 forget it. keep your money in your bank account. At least you will earn interest.

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