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inTouch Smart Glide

inTouch Smart Glide

5.0 from 6 reviews

Excellent customer service and ultimate massage experience

I recently was treated to an excellent experience whilst purchasing my Smart Glide Massage Chair at InTouch, located at Box Hill Central. I was in the best hands of sales ladies; Queenie and Claire. Claire was very informative, professional and went above and beyond to guarantee I had the best shopping experience at the best price. I am a more than satisfied customer and will be one for life. Am in love with my Smart Glide chair and can’t live without it. My job is very physical and I find my massage chair relieves my aches and pains and tension in my lower back. I would highly recommend this company and their massage chairs to anyone who is looking for the ultimate massage experience.

Purchased in December 2018 at Box hill central.

I found the best massage chair in Australia

I tried a lot of massage chairs and finally selected the INTOUCH massage chair, I was lucky enough to met Ms. Su Shi at the PARRAMATTA store. She patiently answered the massage chair. I have tried various functions and made me really appreciate the benefits of the massage chair. I bought this massage chair happily. It has been used for 2 months and it feels very good. The daily massage has made me many years. My back is very good. My husband also likes this massage chair very much. he have to massage for 2 hours every day. He said this chair is worth the price.

Purchased in January 2019 at Sydney Wide Chiropractic for $5,290.00.

You don’t realise what you’ve been missing til you sit in this for 20 minutes

Who wants to go sit in a massage chair in a shopping centre for 20 minutes? A bit embarrassing? Don’t have the time?

I am so glad I did.

Once this chair ‘measured’ me and began it’s thing, only one question popped immediately into my mind...why hadn’t I tried this before? And since purchasing I can honestly say I’ve been living in massage bliss.

I had terrible back pain for a few years due to cricket. Three massages a day in this chair and the pain was gone within ten days. I would say I’ve used it now almost everyday for three years, most times tripling the massage in one sitting. I feel good...normal...like a person with no aches and pains. And I didn’t know this until a recent trip away for ten days, without my massage chair. Within four days on my vacation, small niggling pains surfaced over my body...just an age/sport thing I suppose (I’m a whisker away from my 50th and playing twice a week). I couldn’t believe how desperate I was to get home back to the chair.


OPERATIONAL NOISE: Reasonably quiet


EASE OF USE: Just press a button

COMPANY SUPPORT: Friendly, timely, extremely helpful

NEGATIVES: 1. It’s bulky. Make sure you have enough room. 2. If a part wears out, techs will promptly come fix it in your home but the call out fee is $190.

At the time I purchased this machine for just under $4000. I sincerely consider it money superbly spent. It has made a significant impact on my general well-being and I believe anyone purchasing it would think like I did...why the heck didn’t I invest in one of these earlier?

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Thank you so much for your wonderful and thorough review Nic. We love hearing how our chairs have improved our customers' wellbeing.

Better than expected.

Wife and I trialed the chair in a shopping centre and were very impressed. We didn't intend buying one just looking. We trialed the chair and it sells itself. Only problem living in the country it comes flat pack and has to be assembled.
Peter, sales rep was very helpful with our questions about the chair. Now we are learning what all the programs do !!

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Thank you so much for your lovely review - we know you will love your new massage chair! We will be sure to pass on your comments to Peter.

Beautiful Massage Chair

A beautiful chair, delivered, installed and demonstrated by friendly staff. Easy to use the relaxing and therapeutic programs to massage from head to toes. I love it and use it daily.

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Lovely feedback Anne, thank you so much. If there is anything further we can help you with, please just let us know.

Best Chair-Good Investment for Health

This massage chair is very good for blood circulation and helps a lot for muscle therapy.
I am very happy that I buy and I recommend to everyone to buy this chair.
Thank You
Branko Petrovic

Questions & Answers

How many Air bags for air compression are there, and how many valves, in smartglide? Is the call out fee for technician covered under warranty if there is a breakdown or issue within warranty period?
1 answer
Hi. Yes warranty would cover it for sure. I was out of warranty unfortunately. The bags, hmmm... the arms have them, the thighs, the calves and feet. They're awesome!

Do these chairs recline?
1 answer
Oh yes, they recline a loooong way back.

Hi My foot pads for my Smart glide massage chair started peeling of after 3 weeks. How often do we need to purchase new ones?
1 answer
Interesting. My foot pads have lasted for years and I haven't purchased new ones.

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